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November 1, 2012



I can love you more than this (One Direction love story)

41 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Romance
5 best-friends fall in love with 5 superstars♥
♥ 10    24    638 reads by 100 readers

A Thousand Miles

5 pages · Romance · Realistic
*original story by Lillian Angelina Payne* Darcy-Mae Eliose Aldrine is 13, which means she has to learn to- unfortunately- grow up. But now she has to deal with things she has never dealt with before, like boys with crushes on her, being more responsible, and learning to do things on her own. Will she make it to her 14th year after all this?
♥ 4    116 reads by 71 readers

Mahomie Forever (An Austin Mahone Love Story)

7 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Realistic
When Alex's love of his life is gone, what happens to Austin's life? And what happens when Austin is sent to PUBLIC SCHOOL? Then he meets Casey, an average high schooler in L.A, who doesn't seem to like him... or does she? And what will ahppen to Alex? Will him and Sarah be good and fine from now on, or will things go the wrong way...
♥ 18    2    1,136 reads by 458 readers

Queen of Diamonds*

6 pages · Romance · Realistic
When Annabelle Presley Luther is told she can't play ball, what does she do? She shows them what she's made of, of course! But what happens when teenage life comes in the way of her dreams of playing baseball in the 1940's? What happens when she's told it can't be done? ~It's a story of LOVE, COMPASSION, BASEBALL, AND A LOT OF TEENAGE DRAMA~
♥ 7    100 reads by 85 readers

Best friends

1 page · Romance
"Elli what happened you've completely changed"I yelled at her "No I haven't please just trust me!"she yelled a tear rolling down her flawless face "I can't"I said and walked out
♥ 6    1    113 reads by 39 readers