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Jeff The Killer

September 17, 2012


April 7, 2013



So I went to this weird place known as Freddy Fazbear's Pizzera, or something like that. I was told to stay there for a whole week. What's the point? It's boring. And these stupid animatronics seem like they are moving closer and closer to me. I need to stop taking dares....


Creepypasta Stories

232 pages · Horror
I share with you the legend and tales that have been passed from time to time in not only your world, but the creepypasta world as well. Enjoy! Oh and're in for a scare!
♥ 1,298    539    273,062 reads by 51,972 readers

The Creepy Pasta Adventures

2 pages · Humor
The Pasta gang has left the realm of Creepypasta, and stumbled into various worlds Enjoy!
♥ 18    12    353 reads by 162 readers

Jeff The Killer

18 pages · Horror
Read the damn title, you already know what this is about...
♥ 27    5    679 reads by 375 readers

The Tales of the Slendermen

45 pages · Horror
I decided to share with you some stories about us Slender beings. Be warned...They are true >:}. Just joking, or am I?
♥ 85    61    5,799 reads by 1,488 readers

Slenderpony: The Reaper of Ponyvile

12 pages · Horror
Stalking, watching, waiting...The Reaper of Ponyvile has returned to cause death and havoc. None of these ponies are prepared for the slender monster that stalks throughout ponyvile. He has returned, and no pony is safe anymore...
♥ 29    22    651 reads by 242 readers

Crab or Mashed Potatoes and Chicken?

Because Im hungry and bored and I have both siiting in front of me. I can only eat one, what's better?
♥ 3    1    114

Ask The Holder of Darkness anything

1 page · Horror · Fan Fiction
So you know of the Holder series in the creepypasta stories right? Well guess what, Im the Holder of Darkness. Darkness can be horrifying and brutal to you, or it can be beautiful, and show a side that none have ever seen before. So go, and take my trials, but if you have any questions for me, I shall answer them.
♥ 3    11    91 reads by 50 readers

Ask Der Jäger(A slenderman) anything

2 pages · Horror · Fan Fiction
Go ahead and ask me anything you want, and i will answer your questions.
♥ 9    21    272 reads by 94 readers

Which Creepypasta Monster are you?

· Scary
Determine which creepypasta monster you are the most similar to. It could be that brat Jeff, Or maybe the infamous Smile dog, Or maybe The Rake. You Could be BEN, or Eyeless Jack, or Jane. Hell, You might even be similar to a Slenderman.
♥ 55    246    2,674

Could you Escape a slender being?

· Scary
First things first, there are more than one SlenderMan. This be the truth. But each and every SlenderMan has one similar trait when it comes to stalking thier prey. Can you escape a Slenderman?
♥ 25    130    2,432