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Skyler Victoria Daumantimia

In Tony Perry's Bed ;)
October 27, 2012
57 minutes ago



Mistakes (A Ricky Horror Fan Fiction) by Just Another BVB and MIW Fan

119 pages · Horror · Romance
Skylarr Daily was the outcast , living in her cousins shadow .You see Skylarr's real name is Skylarr Cerulli . Yup you guessed it her cousin is Chris "Motionless&...

So Wrong But So Right by Jazzy Cat

Just read it will ya ? It's about Andley =3 (Not good at descriptions)

Villain or Hero? (BXB) by redninetailedlion

77 pages · Vampires · Fantasy · Romance
This is a story about a boy named Lucifur, a neko. He was abused a his previous slave house but is kidnapped minutes after he escaped. Chase is a vampire who is more rebe...

Lone Wolf by Ginga Ninja

77 pages · Fantasy · Romance
Some wolves aren't rogues, some actually want to be alone. That's me, Farrah Rimes. I'd much rather be alone then some domesticated house pet to an Alpha. Liv...

Create A Mythical Boyfriend

Includes: Nekos (Cat/Person), Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Demons, Wizards, and Demigods.

What mythical creature are you? by yui

Results include neko, demon, vampire, and angel.

Find Me *bxb* by θυελλώδης

47 pages · Vampires · Fantasy · Romance
After Miles goes missing, Samuel's life falls to pieces right before his very eyes. Will Miles be found?

The Fallen Angel is Mine. by Kerstian

12 pages · Thriller · Fan Fiction
Sequel to The Love for an Angel.

The Most Fragile Angel~editing by 50 shades of Andley

36 pages ~ Completed
Andy loves no one. he can't love anyone. Its completely forbidden. So what will happen when he falls for a breather? ~ Andley (all edits in here are mine, no nicking ...

Hallow by Preacher

15 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Black Veil Brides · Fan Fiction
When Ashley thinks of years gone by, he thinks of smiles and the way he doesn’t anymore. Andley. Warnings and notes: Eating disorders, self harm. A bit of a crack...


The disgrace of the Black family

35 pages · Fan Fiction
She is his forgotten and hated twin sister.All of them hater,but only he knows her secrets.He knows things that could break her in an instant if given the chance.He loves to torture her.Why was she even born?She is nothing,but a burden to him and their family.
♥ 46    33    6,890 reads by 689 readers

Six Feet Under Southern Constellations

77 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
[Fanfic love story, co-written with multiple POV.] Jack // All Time Low || Tony // Pierce The Veil ..... Katie falls hard and ends up getting hurt and lost after her brother leaves.. for good. When May goes down a similar path or demise, Katie helps May when she(Katie) can't help herself. They might just make it.. maybe. Or maybe not.
♥ 2    90 reads by 19 readers

I'm not lost. I'm fine where I am.

8 pages · Vampires · Fantasy · Romance
"It's not fair. All I ever wanted was to be free to be me, but no every time I make a get away you come after me as if I were your slave or something."I yelled breaking into tears.I have finally made myself into something and here they are demanding I go back to where I came from.Demanding that I go back to what and who I was.All I have ever wanted to be is free....
♥ 2    9    39 reads by 16 readers

Hate me like I hate myself!

8 pages · Fantasy · Romance
Her whole life she has been abused and hated.By her whole 'family'.His whole life he has been treated with up-most respect in a prestigious boarding school.What happens when he comes home at sixteen to learn how to run their 'family'?What happens we they meet?Oh,and did I mention this 'family' is actually a pack of werewolfs and he is the Alphas son?
♥ 11    3    381 reads by 60 readers

I'm no princess and this is no fairy tail... Face It!

3 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Imagine your brother leaving you in high school by yourself. Imagine being bullied and left behind. Imagine him taking your only three friends with him... Welcome to my life...
♥ 2    22 reads by 20 readers

An Angel's tears(Tony Stark Fan Ficktion

9 pages · Fan Fiction · Thriller
Angel Stark isn't exactly like most other girls her age.other than being considered an outcast for the way she dresses in at. She is the daughter of billionaire Tony Stark.
♥ 17    6    515 reads by 122 readers

Can you make me weightless again?

19 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
She is forgotten has been for a while.She carries the wait of the world on her shoulders while wishing she could see her brother again.
♥ 7    10    213 reads by 46 readers

But Darling I won't be okay!(Jack Barakat love story)FINISHED

55 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
She had every thing a 3 year old could want.That is until a man kills her mother,father,older sister,and grandparents in front of her.After that she was sent to an Orphanage the only thing left was her name.Stella Jasey Rae Maria.What happens after ten years?What happens when the Gaskarths who have a fourteen year old son adopts her?Can they save her,or is she doomed for the rest of her life?
♥ 39    13    5,835 reads by 389 readers

The BryanStars word game :)

Ok so me and my friend play Bryan's word game together all the time through text and note and we have decied to put them up for the world to see...:) her name is Stephanie and yeah so yeah
♥ 4    8    367 reads by 139 readers


It's my birthday
I was on the Internet watching a movie and a pop up came up saying that my browser had been blocked and this and that and FBI and now I'm scared even worse my fb was pulled up to.....I turned off my cumputer and now shall hide.....
I need help! My best friend who moved to Texas 4 years ago is back in Alabama and close to me... The last time I saw her I was weak, scared,and over trusting. Now I'm broken,scarred and have walls built around myself... I have change so much and am scared she won't exept how I have changed... I skipped seeming her last year and over the summer this year for this reason...I really want to see her I'm just really really scared....
So for homework (on the first day) my English gave us this 50 things I love sheet... here are mine....
2)Jasey Rae(my cat)
3)odd colored hair
5)my chemical romance
6)fall out boy
7)dead bite by Hollywood undead
8)bring me the horizon
9)of mice & men(band)
11)all time low
12)the hunger games
13)Jeffree star
15)panic at the disco
21)numb by link in park
22)the last night be skillet
23)Harry Potter
24)warped tour
25)fan fiction
26)the fosters
27)Vic Funets
28)shine down
30)pierce the veil
31)billy Joel
32)Rocky 'horror' Olson
33)a day to rember
34)jack barakat
35)sleeping with sirens
36)Jay Con Monroe
37)tony perry
39)green day
40)fallen angel by posion
41)writing fiction
42)avril lavigne
43)möntly crüe
44)falling in reverse
45)simple plan
46)asking Alexandria
47)black veil brides
49)my best friends/'sis'/'bros'
50)motionless in
lost one of my best friends today, her choice of leaving me...... it was over something dumb too......
Dear person I like,
WHY MUST YOU BE 25-39 AND FAMOUS?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?