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Nick Grey

April 27, 2013
October 19, 2013


Dedication bxb

11 pages · Realistic · Romance
Skylar has always been there for me through everything. Yet, I still couldn't see how heavy his depression really was; I hadn't even noticed his dad had kicked him out...some friend I am. I will never forgive myself if I lose him. True story and bxb, so please no fussing.
♥ 64    11    1,892 reads by 400 readers


5 pages · Horror · Science Fiction
Cameron has an imaginary friend, at least that's what people think when he says the name Micheal. But little do they know how real he can be, especially when Cameron starts having black outs and forgetting the horrible things he's done.
♥ 1    2    44 reads by 16 readers

Just bored

If you're okay with random and bored questions go on ahead :)
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The wonder dog

2 pages · Action · Mystery
My little sister, at age nine, wrote this story and wanted me to post it. I edited as best as I could without changing anything important, she just wants to know what people think.
♥ 4    4    34 reads by 18 readers