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9 months ago
15 hours ago


I was tagged by: Queen Insanity
Full name: Sky Amber Campbell Montez
Birthday: November 6
Favorite Comic book/ Books: Amulet / War Horse
Domination: I don't know
Favorite Movies: Never Ending Story
Tag 6 random people and they have to do it too
Just Us
Dark Kitty
Red Star

~ have fun! ~


Never Ending Love For You ( Jeff the killer Love story )

23 pages ~ Completed · Horror · Romance
It's about a 17 year old girl. Her life is a nightmare since her mother abuses her. One day she wasn't welcomed anymore. Everything got blurry since her mother smacked a glass bottle against her arm.
♥ 67    19    4,419 reads by 631 readers

The Tall Man ( Creepypasta Story )

18 pages · Horror
Crystal is a 17 year old girl. She is a loner and never had any friends. Life for Crystal is hard since her father is dead and her mother is working all the time.
♥ 29    6    1,666 reads by 497 readers

Living on a Horse Farm ( Rp part 1 )

· Animals
It's my first rp quiz so I hoped you enjoy it!

Does Minko like you?

· Scary
Minko is a made up creepypasta that I made. So if you like wolfs and creepypastas then take this quiz!
♥ 12    12    238

Would you rather? (Creepypastas )

· Scary
This is the second creepypasta would you rather. When your done with this quiz make sure to check out my other quizzes.
♥ 2    2    78

What is Your Spirit Animal?

· Animals
There's quite a few questions. Hope you enjoy this quiz!
♥ 43    23    2,765

Which youtuber likes you? ( Girls Only )

Hope you get what you want! Enjoy this Quiz!
♥ 185    92    8,133

Which of my creepypastas are you like?

So these made up cp's are in this quiz. Maulfire, Minko, Halfblood, and Bloodyscream. Sorry my other ones aren't in this quiz but I didn't feel like they don't belong in the quiz. Enjoy!
♥ 4    2    54

Which of my cp's wants to be friends with you?

There is Anna, Maulfire, Solice, Halfblood, Bloodyscream, and Minko. The pictures that are used in the quiz are anime since I don't have pics of them or I don't know how to draw them. So enjoy! :)
♥ 10    6    235

Would you rather? ( creepypastas )

· Scary
I hope you like this would you rather. I'll make a part two when enough people see this.
♥ 16    8    298