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Would You Survive Against Jeff The Kil...

· Scary
You're attacked by Jeff The Killer. Will you live? Or will he make you go to sleep? Part one!

What Five Nights at Freddy's chara...

· Scary
What FNAF character are you? Are you Chica, Bonnie, Foxy, Freddy, or Golden Freddy? I'm sorry if you don't get the results you want.

Your Emo Boyfriend, *HE MIGHT NOT BE A...

· Scary
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Beauty & Vanity

Which piercing should you get?

Read the title, lovelies! ♥

Whats Your Perfect Outfit?

Your perfect outfit based on your personality :)

Are you beautiful? Scale 1-10

Well take to find out! I think the title explains it,
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Saki Character Quiz

· Sports
Which Kiyosumi high school mahjong player are you most like?

What legendary football player are you?

· Sports
What legendary football player are you?
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School & Academics

What color is your soul?

Find out your minds inner workings, learn the color of your soul.

Social Status

Want to know where in the social meter you'll likely to be at? This quiz will tell all, but remember anyone in the social meter is good. (: Have fun.

Can you survive my class?

I'm at advanced class. but my class totally different from the others think. So, let's check it out!
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Career & Goals

Your Future!

See how your life unfolds. From the boy you meet, and maybe marry, to what your wedding will look like, what kind of house you will live in, to how many kids you will hav...

Which Victoria's Secret Angel are ...

Which glamorous, breath-taking, superior, and oh-so-chic Victoria's Secret Angel are you? Can you strut your stuff on the run-way like the beloved Candice Swanepoel, ...

Your Future Life

Take this incredible quiz to find out about your future!Husband,house,kids,pets,job,poorness and richness,happiness or sadness.
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Celebrities & Fame

Who would you get noticed by 1D?

So this quiz is like role play inspired by Megan's 5sos role-plays. So pick the answer you would be most likely to do and you'll either get noticed by the boys or...

Conversation with Justin Bieber

Talk with Justin Bieber and find out if he likes you or even loves you ♥
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What does your eye color say about you?

Learn what your eyes have to say about you


What will you get? (:

How social are you

This is a test to test on how social you are. It does't take long as long as you know the answers. And be honest
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Which one of my Rise of the guardians ...

· Movies
Find out which of my OC's you are most like! Enjoy :)

What's your Avenger life?

· Movies
What is your life in the Avengers? Includes Loki. THIS IS MY FIRST QUIZ HERE SO BEAR WITH ME!

Do You Know Frozen?

· Movies
This magical and justly popular Disney film has enchanted many. Let's see how much you know...
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Cars & Vehicles

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Food & Drinks

What Alcoholic Drink Are You?

Lets see what alcoholic drink you are? We all have our tastes, and all alcohol has different taste. But in the end it does what we all want to fuc*** us up. :) Long Live ...

What Kind of Fruit Would You Enjoy?

I really like a lot of different fruits. They are all unique so, what kind would you most likely enjoy?
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Creepypasta life part 1 ( chibi fox da...

· Humor
Hey, I'm poison bunny but call me poison please and sorry but E.J is mine. MINE! other than that you will see who will be your cp boyfriend :D. The chibi fox will always ...

How Unique Are You!

· Humor
Take this quiz to see if your a unique person, or just your average joe:L

What barbie character are you?

· Humor
This may or may not be legit. Find out your self by taking this quiz. GIRL CHARACTERS ONLY
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Who's Your Gamer Daddy?

Is Your Dad SlyFoxHound? UberHaxorNova? SSoHPKC? Cry? Pewdiepie? Tobuscus? CaptainSparkles? Kootra? ImmortalHD? GassyMexican? DanzNews? Well, I say it's about time you fi...

What Should You Do To Avoid Selfharm?

My account was deactivated a while back along with this quiz, please take it. I don't want you gone, I want you right here.

Whats wrong with you?

Find out what's been holding you back in life!
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One Direction Fight *LONG RESULTS*

· Music
Tons of these but I there aren't enough! Haha! JK. I love these ♥ This quiz has LONG results and it is written in first person :) But this might contain swearing and ot...

Which Lorde Song are you? :)

· Music
Which Lorde Song Relates Most to You? :)

Songs You May Like

· Music
What songs do you like listening to? Sad songs? Songs about love? Songs to dance to? Chilled out songs? Well here's a quiz that will determine which songs I think you...
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Your Life At Hogwarts :)

· Books
Your life at hogwarts! four results include Patronus, house, blood type, boyfriend/crush, personality, favourite class, favourite colour, quidditch position, friends and ...

Your Hogwart's Life!

· Books
Who are you most like? What would the others think about you? Who would be your boyfriend? What house are you in? Who's your BFFS? Find out! ♥

After The Maze

· Books
This is an RP Quiz with spoilers for The Maze Runner trilogy. The Maze was only the beginning but the girls don't know that. Sun flares have destroyed most of t...
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Fantasy & Mythology

What Mythological Creature are you?

Ok, I'm guessing you already know what this quiz is about. Are you a griffin, sphinx, Cerberus, centaur, manticore, or chimera?

Your Life at Camp Half Blood (Girls On...

Your life at camp half blood, sorry girls only. Find out what cabin you are in, your friends, boyfriends, crushes and who has a crush on you. Oh yeah and this is my first...

What God Tier class are you? (Boys)

This goes with: What God Tier aspect are you? Put the two together to get your God Tier title. This is the half for boys If you want to know what your title means, go ...
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Video Games

What do the pokemon characters [also s...

Pokemon boys and girls sit and say what thy think of you! will they hate or love you? friends enemys love?

What Role do You Play in a Zelda Game?

Not the characters, the ROLE you play...just click to see what I mean ;)
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Find Your Spirit Animal.

· Animals
This quiz is created to help you go beyond generic animal symbolism and connect with the true essence of your power animal.~ Spirit Animals carry meaning, wisdom, and po...

What is your warrior cats name, clan, ...

· Animals
Do you want you own warrior cat name? Do you want to be a warrior, kit, apprentice, deputy, elder, leader, or med cat find out now!

What wolf are you form my pack? (Fight...

· Animals
The fighters other than the other wolf that was the main fight :P
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Love & Friendship

Truth or Dare with 5SOS!

You're hanging with 5sos and they decided to play Truth or dare . So what are you going to do?

Create a boyfriend with a story xD

Title says it baby ;) Good luck :P By the way if it comes up with in the story '___' < Means your name :) ♥

Dream Guy :3

Find out who is perfect for you ♥
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Seven minutes in heaven (Black Butler ...

· TV
/\_/\ So this quiz is as the title says! (0.0) Bunny /\ . /\ ( . ) You can get undertaker, Sebastian, Ciel, Grell, Alois, and Pluto :D \) \)

Who's Your Teen Wolf Guy?

· TV
The most accurate Teen Wolf quiz is right here. Find out which boy from Teen Wolf is perfect for you! Many different results!

What Dying Will Flame Do You Have?

· TV
Based from the anime: Katkeyo Hitman Reborn. I'll be trying to make this as accurate as possible. I do not wish to ruin something from such a great anime.
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Just For Fun

What does Levi Ackerman think of you?

This is my first Attack on Titan quiz, so I apologize for the inaccuracy and my poor work. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the quiz. P.S. Pictures belong to rightful and respe...

Truth Or Dare Pt 2! c:- Black Bulter

After your escapade at Ciel's Manor its going to get even crazier at the Trancy Mansion c;

What does the cast of gravity falls th...

I really like Gravity Falls, but i haven't seen a lot of these quizes around, so I though I'd make one! in the end, we'll have all the character's opinion...
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Slender Woods (Part 3)

You've got 2 pages! Can you find another one?

Who would your Angel Beats best friend...

All in the title, guys! Love oo! Thanks for taking, leave a like, love and comment if you can!

Are you beautiful ?

DO people find you attractive ? GIRLS ONLY SORRY ☺

Trapped in minecraft: Herobrines curse...

I can't believe it's only episode 12...

Your fairytale life

Find out who is your prince charming aka bae.

Name the pokemon 2!

Hello everybody this is my second name the pokemon! Unlike the first one, this one will have an averagy difficulty.

Does she like you ?

♥ so i did one of these before but it was does HE like you ♥ ♥ i feel like there isn't enough 'does she like you' quizzes ♥ so here it is ... hope y...

The Hobbit Adventures (6) Peace or Mis...

What will happen now? What will happen during the stay of the unexpected guests? What's gonna happen during their stay Find out The Hobbit and characters:...

Adventure Time Quiz! Unitato

· TV
Hey guys, this is my first quiz so don't hate or anything! I'm completely new to this stuff! So... Yeah! And it's pretty easy so lot's of you will probab...

Which Warrior Cat are you(The New Prop...

· Animals
Out of a selected few warrior cats in The New Prophecy, which one are you? *SPOILER ALERT*

Which Evil Warrior Cat are you?

· Books
Which of the evil warrior cats are you? *SPOILERS*

Will you survive in the world of Soul ...

Prepare yourself as you enter the crazy mixed - up world of Death City!

What band should you start listening t...

· Music
Includes all of my favourite bands -_- and they are really good so if you do get the time please check your results out.

Creepypasta Institute part 15~

· Scary
The assessments are drawing to a close, too close for your liking. As your mentors crashed into your dorm room, hoping to squeeze in a few more extra time for some last m...

Hero, Sidekick, or Villain?

Which would you be? (Short-ish results)

Are you a Stoner?

Are you really a stoner?

Which lee min ho character are you

· TV
Lets see who are you ?are you gu junpyo of boys over flower,kim tan of heirs,lee yoon sung of city hunter or jeon jin ho of personal taste or choi young of faith lets see...

What Type of Person are you?

If you wanna know what person you are, step up and take the quiz mane

Are you depressed?

Mentally, physically, emotionally with life.... I know how that disappointment feels.

A chat with loz characters

In these results you talk to Link, Dark link, Zelda

Schizophrenia, will you survive? Part 3

· Scary
This is part three, and I am really going to try hard to put in my favorite creepypasta's. I hope you like it if not. Then I'm sorry.Oh fair warning to all. The n...

What type of halloween costume should ...

Not sure what to be this halloween? Take this quiz to get a better idea!

Which Fairy Tail Character are you?

Ever want to know which Fairy Tail character you are? Find out now!

Do you get scared easliy?

· Scary
I got really bored because my friends weren't online plus I was watching jump scare stuff on YouTube and got the idea also don't judge the picture!

Who's your Creepypasta Brother? 2

· Scary
Who's your creepypasta brother 2! New creepypastas!

Which Marvel Character are you?

· Movies
Ok! This is my Very. First. Quiz! and of course it's about SuperHeros! Hope you enjoy!

What Kind Of Bird are you?

· Animals
Take this quiz to see what kind of bird you are, depending on your personality. This is my first quiz, so please say so if something is wrong so i can fix it and make...

What Do I Think of You? (part 4) :D

· Scary
:D ;D :D ;D :D ;D :D PART 4 WOOT WOOT! Now this time... WE'RE GOING TO GO WORK OUT AT ZALGO'S UNDERPLACE! ...underworld... YEAH! (hahaha, you might get him ((aga...

Which element are you?

Fire,Earth,Grass,Light,Electric,Air,Dark, or Ice?

How well do you know the Volturi?

· Books
Are you a Volturi expert? This also lets me know if you're currently a Volturi, heard of them, or you're new to the vampire world. lets find out, shall we?

Which TMNT Character are you?

The title says it all! Which of the turtles do you think you are?

What RPG class are you?

This will determine your inner, natural RPG class.

Shattered Lights (WWYFF Elf, Warlock, ...

My mind is refreshed and I'm a little bit crazy today so this should be very interesting, don't ya think? I want to thank all the people who commented on any of m...

Your 5SOS Life

Which 5SOS boy will you end up with? (Long results) ~First Quiz ~

Hetalia insane~There's no escape~!

· Scary
I don't know whether it is suitable but oh well.......I just hope you enjoy it even though it makes no sense......I knew it could turn out bad however it really don&#...

I have no clue what's going to hap...

· Animals
Like the title says, something might happen, something might not. :3

The Last Queen #17

A cold November night, after one year of living in the streets, you come across five strange guys. They are so perfect, it is almost unreal. This fatal encounter will mar...

Is levi your bae?

Find out who your apt bad is? Lol😁

Are you apart of Shadow's hate lis...

Shadow hates a lot of plp.... like ALOT! so do you add to that list or are you his friend? Find out here!

What Creepypasta Blood are you?

From my story Gamer Twins ~Creepypasta Love Story It would make more sense if you read the story first but you can also read it after, if you know what i mean. Go ahead a...

7 minutes in heaven creepypasta

You can get. Crystal Amanda Alice Angelina or Jane

Are you addicted to Youtube?

The title says it all. cx

Faltering Morality [WWYFF/CYOA] pt.3

Bid farewell to all you knew. The true adventure starts here! Your decision is clear after a chat with your mother and at the break of dawn you set off for your new life....

Which Doctor are you

· TV
Only the tenth, eleventh, and ninth doctors. Sorry don't know twelve... yet. Netflix must update! (P.S i wikied Nine and no personality traits came up and i didn'...

Hellsing or Twilight?

Which One Is For You?

Which boy chacter are you in my stories

This is for guys to see who they can relate to the most sorry if you didn't like who you got and im a girl so sorry if the questions or answer are good enough or some...

Which disney character are you most al...

Find out which Disney character you are now

Does BEN Drowned Like You?

Does he? Let's find out? ;)

What Shadow Thinks Of You

Wsexfcghjkml,kmjnhbgvf. Sonic: What did you just say? O_o Me: I just said: Hi, i hope you like this quiz and i hope you get the answer you're looking for! Sonic: Then...

What gotham girl are you?

Ever compared your self's to us villain girls? (and batgirl) well now's your chance to see who you really are. (includes Catwoman, Harley Quinn, poison ivy, and b...

Hyrule warriors boyfriend

Based on your personality and the chemistry, who is your hyrule warriors boyfriend?

A Night With Black Butler

You're hanging out with Sebastian, Alois, and Ciel. Who will stay up all night? Who may have a little sleepover fun? And who the hell drew a thingy on Claude's f...

What youtubers should YOU watch?

Ya know.... you tell me stuff and tell you what to watch? Cool? Cool.

Which avenger are you?

· Movies
Only from movie!

Tmnt world part 2

You are back in tmnt wrold now let the fun be gen

Naruto RP 1: This is my life...

· TV
Starting from episode 1 of the Naruto anime, this quiz series with portray your life in the Naruto world. I'm kinda new at this though, so don't expect it to be A...

That's My Jam. BB's thoughts o...

BB: If you don't take this quiz, I'll kill you... Would you like some strawberry jam out of my jar and licked off my hand? You know, I'm just a better L...

What kind of "metal" are you?

· Music
All in the title cx are you brutal, classic metal, metalcore, or not metal at all x.x

A quel clan appartient tu ?

Un petit test pour aider ceux qui n'arrivent pas à se décider pour leur clan dans Neversoul !

What does Nissareta think of you?

Nissareta : Konichiwa! ~

Which Divergent Faction Should You Be ...

· Books
Candor, Dauntless, Erudite, Abnegation, or Amity? 'Divergent' is not an answer.

Are you okay

If you are depressed, or just need to talk Im here, I UNDERSTAND EXACTLY

Who is your Blood+ Chevalier?

Results include Haji, Karl, Solomon, Nathan, James, Riku, and Amshel. Females only, sorry!

What kind of girl are you

Sorry this quiz is only for girls

Your demigod life!

Including your friends enemies and boyfriend♥ *girls only*

The Corgi Challenges #1 : Your Corgi

· Animals
If you like Corgis TAKE THIS QUIZ :D

Which Youtuber are you most like?

It does what it says on the tin! Well...asks in the title X3!

Slender Woods (Part 2)

You've got the 1st note! But will you find the 2nd?

Slender Woods (Part 1)

You wake up in a large forest, with no memories, but you do know that you have to collect 8 notes...
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