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The Forgotten Truth Part 4

· Scary
Your finally home. The search for your missing memory has started. You are allowed to go on your first mission since your return. What could possibly go wrong?

Who's Proxy are you? (Creepypasta vers...

· Scary
Who do you help with in "missions"? FIND OUT now. Oh yeah, HEYYYYYY, IF YOU WANT ME TO ADD ANYONE, TELL ME!

Creepypasta High #1

· Scary
Yo fluffs , TheCatsEye is added to this story cause she my friend . So this i my first ever RP quiz . Don't hate or your teddy bears are gonna come alive in the middl...
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Fantasy & Mythology

Your fantasy self

This is kind of like the your element. it includes hair, eyes, outfit, names, best friend, boyfriend, house, room, home, backyard, your pet, and your (future) children.

What is your Secret Super Power?

The title says it all. This is my first quiz, so sorry if it's bad!

Your Vampire Boyfriend!

Haha a lot of girls fantasize over having a vampire for a boyfriend, so let's see what he'd be like. :) Have fun, sorry if you don't enjoy!
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Food & Drinks

What Candy are you?

Hi. this is my first quiz and i hope you will like it. So lets find out what candy are you!

What color of skittle are you?

Take this quiz to see what color of skittle fits your personality!
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Your Black Veil Brides Boyfriend

· Music
You know you wanna,includes story. Andy is waiting ;)

Who Is Your VIXX Boyfriend?

· Music
Find Out Who Your Boyfriend Is Out Of VIXX With A Cute Short Story At The End! ♥

Who's your Got7's boyfriend?

· Music
Enjoy~ long results ^_^
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Just For Fun

How Mature are you

This quiz may come in handy to some of you. And honestly if your not mature embrace it. And if you also embrace it. Enjoy! Thanks for the +4,000 views!

Which ghost is Helping you?

It's all in the title ♥
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What's your label: High school

· Humor
Find out if you fit any of these labels, these are meant to be funny result so don't take them personally. Results: .Waterworks .The jock .Smart ass .Invisibles...

Can I make you laugh? Part 2 (50 pictu...

· Humor
Did Adele plan her baby or did it come out of the blue uninvited ?

What song are you?

· Humor
Idk I'm bored and I decided to chose the most awkward and funny songs I know and just... make a quiz. It's completely random and this isn't serious, don't...
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What is you Percy Jackson life.

· Books
JUST FOR GIRLS! Who is your: Bf Bff Godly parent And your story

Vampire Knight Love Match

· Books
In this Quiz lets see who you will end up in the end and how your future ends. Will It be Kaname Kuran, Zero Kiryu, Ichijo Takuma, Shiki Senri, Hanabusa Aido, or Akatsuki...

Which Pack Member Would Imprint On You?

· Books
Which Pack Member Would Imprint On You?
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Your marauder's era Boyfriend fight!

· Movies
You asked for it so its here! Which harry potter marauders is your boyfriend? What do you fight about? Is it James? Remus? Sirus? Or severus? Take the quiz and find out...

Which Harry Potter character are you?

· Movies
Female results only. Shortish results.

Your Thor Life

· Movies
Life on Asgard is truely a dream come true.
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Career & Goals

Create a baby!

Sounds wrong,but it's innocent.See what your daughter/son will look like :)

Your future baby

Have you ever wondered what your baby will be like? Well nows your chance!

What major should you pursue in college?

Still don't know what your career should be? Take this quiz for some suggestions.
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What Myth are you?

What it says above

Your Mental Illness

After answering numerous questions based off of other personalities you will be match with the "Mental Illness" that corresponds along with you the best, though y...

Can I Guess Your Zodiac Sign?

This may or may not be true... But I can try to predict it. ^.^ PLEASE ANSWER HONESTLY FOR BEST RESULTS! (The title has been changed from "your true zodiac sign" to this....
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Your Yu-Gi-Oh Boyfriend

· TV
For the Original Yugioh Only! well have you ever wondered who you'd go best with in the original yugioh,well have ya? well find out! options are: Yugi,Yami Yug/At...

Walking Dead: Your story

· TV
Take the quiz and be rewarded with your character, complete with age, picture, closest friend, backstory and love interest, all created by Alëksei.

What do the Hetalia Characters Think o...

· TV
My first kinda sucked *sadface* So let's try dis again! Comments to help me to become a better QM are greatly appreciated!
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Beauty & Vanity

Your Lipstick Colour

What colour of lipstick should you wear?
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Video Games

Find your Minecraft skin!

Find your Minecraft skin, name, and skill! For girlz only, sorry boyz. Next time Boyz, next time. Upgraded! More results! More questions!

Which Minecraft YouTuber would you end...

This was I a quiz I made when I was bored. Enjoy and love you my Angels ♥

What Nintendo Video Game Character are...

Take This Quiz to find out Which of these Video Game Characters You Are Like! ♥
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Cars & Vehicles

What WWII airplane are you?

The name says it all. This quiz will tell you what WWII plane you are meant to fly.

What car company are you?

From this Quiz you can know what car company are you?

Which car are you?

Take this quiz to find out what kind of car you are.
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What's Your Warrior Cat Name?

· Animals
Hi! It's Heatherheart! I love the Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter, so I decided to take the quiz! In this quiz, you will discover your name, clan, mate and destiny...

Your Monster High Life

· Animals
Long-ish results. I hope you like it! Girls only, sorry!

What is your spirit animal? (ACCURATE)

· Animals
Did you ever wan't to know what animal your spirit is? Well, this is it!
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School & Academics

What are you in school?

Dont get offended by your answer its not real comment :)

Do you like school?

We all know that we dont like school, but you might on the inside. tke this quiz to find out.

Highschool for the gifted in power 2

Still for boys and curious girls
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Love & Friendship

Celebrity Boyfriend Long Results

You meet one of the five guys. He becomes close to you because of your choice. He becomes famouse because... After high school he... How did you met him... And others. Bo...

Which 1D boy is for you?

By answering a few quick questions you'll be able to see which One Direction member suits you the most. :) enjoy! P.S-short story at the end xxx

Does He Like You?

Have you ever wondered if your crush likes you back? Then this is the quiz for you!
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Celebrities & Fame

Whose your Big Time Guy?

Real life, not the show type thing how you met, first date and kiss, fight, and future

One Direction Boyfriend *long results

Includes stories :3 *long results

Celebrity Life

Your life as a celebrity. Simple as that.
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What Big Hero 6 character are you most...

Either Baymax, Hiro, Fred, Wasabi-no-Ginger, Honey Lemon, or Go-Go-Tomago and recently added Tadashi Hamada

What's Your Label?

Take to Find out Whick One of These 15 Labels You Are! ♥ Remember Not To Take This To Seriously Though :) it is just a Quiz

Which Animatronic would kill you?

This is a way to find out. It is accurate because I am Bonnie. I know everything!
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New »

How Well Do You Know Harry Potter?

In dat title bruuuhhhh ! xddxdxdx ^^ :3

What is your magic type?

What magic do you have inside you?

What Element Do You Bend?

What element do you bend? Based off of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Who's your TMNT boyfriend? part 27

What happens after you jump from the building with your husband and James.

Lost in the woods 2

· Scary
You woke up in the middle of the woods. What happen ?

A talk with Tony the talking clock!

Will Tony like you or kind of like you or hate you?

Black Butler : The Investigation

· TV
There was murder inside the flat that you live in. The Queen's guard dog was sent to investigate it but there's something in their way, what will happen? | | |...

Which proxy would fall for you? (plus ...

This is a quiz for GIRLS (sorry boys) that are fangirls of proxys xD I know some of you might say that in real life the proxys would not like you and blah blah blah and c...

Do We Like The Same Books?

Take the quiz to find out, you may be surprised on your results.

Thanksgiving with Jeff the killer

Thought I try something new since its about that time...and making it for everyone....hope you like it

What annoying person at parties are you?

You can read the title. Must be at least pg13 or understand I'm probably on one right now.

Nowhere Boys And You: Part 2

Join Sam, Andy, Jake and Felix as they try and figure out the mystery around them.

What type of gamer are you?

The title says it all.

What are you Afraid of?

What are YOU afraid of? Everyone's afraid of something, whether they know it or not.

What Sad Song Should You Listen To?

· Music
Just because It's 2am and I'm listening to emotional music. Here ya go.

The Trackers #4

· Scary
You read the contents of the folder, preparing to confront Sally Williams

Your evening with Hetalia(Allies)

So yeah..I got a request about having the Hetalia Allies to show what they got for a lady..and its twisted in the end ^w^ heheheheeheheheheheheh~~


CreepyPasta Christmas Quiz

Are you weird? :3

This is just a short, and stupid quiz I made up because I was bored (and depressed) Please don't hate if I did terrible. I hope you enjoy it

Which turtle is your best friend?

Which turtle would like to be Your buddie, leo, donnie, raph, or mikey?

What are you in medieval times?

Which 4 are you in medieval times? 6 questions for you.

Dominant or Submissive?

First quiz so its obv bad. Apologies.

WHO ARE Y OU? (Five Nights at Freddy&#...

Are you Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Golden Freddy, or even an animatronic nobody has seen before? What's your story? (I may or may not make a 2.0 version of this si...

What kind of person are you?

The title says it all

Hetalian boyfriend!

Okay people let's find out who your hetalian boyfriend is this quiz hope you like it(America,England,Russia,France,and Canada for now)

Creepypasta Sleepover part 7

Stuff happens... Just take the quiz XD

Another Day at School with The Big Fou...

So, it's your first day of school at Guardian High! Let's meet some of the students that will be joining you. Do you think you can fit in? BEWARE: There are long ...

What Legend of Zelda character are you?

Exactly what the title says! SPOILER ALERT FOR WIND WAKER, MAJORA'S MASK AND TWILIGHT PRINCESS. Results include Link, Zelda, Sheik, Midna, Zant, Ghirahim, Ganondorf/G...

What PokeGirl are you Most Like?

You know them; Misty, May, Dawn, and Iris. See who you're most like!

Are you a Dog or a Cat?

· Animals
Based on your personality, find out whether you are a dog or a cat! (First quiz, guys, bare with me.)

Meet the Big 4 part 4

Hey guys part 4 is here and we will be baking cupcakes with our guests Anissa, Patrick and my other Friend Stephanie Joy, guardian of happiness! Hope you like it

You're Fantasy

Includes story, looks exc. exc. Girls only sorry guys. I'll try to make one for you guys.

Are you Chandler's Perfect Match?

This is basically just going to be an rp of Chandler interviewing you about himself.

You as a creepypasta 2

· Scary
Wead da title

Would my OCs like you? (Part Two)

Title says it all! Hope ya likey!

My Obsession (Hetalia)

Who is obsessed with you?

What element are you most alike?

~Air ~Water ~earth ~fire &^^ this quiz is mainly for everyone! Take the quiz to find out ;)

Which Holiday are you?

Find out which hoilday suits your personality!

Do you like? Part 3

· Music
More music.... Hope ya like!

Which of the creepypastas hate you? (f...

The options are Jeff, BEN, EJ,LJ, Masky and Ticci-Toby. For those of you who took my other quiz of who's your boyfriend, and, for example, on the past quiz, you got E...

How well do you know "Issues" ...

· Music
Well, I've been thinking about doing this for a while & I got bored, so why not ? I'm taking songs from all their albums/EP, including their newest one "...

Could You Survive A Horror Film?

· Scary
Honest answers or get out.

Which one of my psycopath OC's are...

· Scary
I made this late at night, so if it's completely terrible, I apologize.

Would shadow the hedgehog date you

I think the title explains it all

Are you Beautiful?

I made one before, but I think it's time for a MUCH better one, so here you go. (^-^)

Which creepypasta would like you?

· Scary
The title is self explanatory

Would Jeff the Killer like you?

· Scary
Would my boyfriend Jeff like you? Let's find out! Disclaimer~ There is no "He Loves You" result.

What does Tobi Think of you?

(Naruto) There's a lot of Role Play in this one. ^^,

You're Fairy Tail Life

Take this quiz to find out how you became a member of fairy tail, you're boyfriend, and best friends are! Enjoy!

Marauders Loooove Life

Will you get Remus, the quiet one that knows how to have fun, Sirius, the loud outgoing one, James the major prankster, Severus the sometimes rude and sometimes nice one,...

Does your crush like you back?

Find out if your crush likes you by taking this quiz:)

How well do you know the Slenderverse?

· Scary
TribeTwelve, everymanHYBRID, MarbleHornets, WhisperedFaith, DarkHarvest00, caughtnotsleeping, MlAndersen00 ect. HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW THE SLENDERVERSE?

Who is your Mejibray Boyfriend?

Found out who your Mejibray lover is :)

The Hessian Horseman

· Scary
Find out what you would mean to the Hessian Horseman. Sorry, just for girls. But, men, you can take it if you just want a laugh. I do not own the picture.

How Well You Know Alfred F. Jones?

· TV
Hello! So you think you know very much about Alfred from Hetalia? Take this quiz then and check for your results, it might surprise you.

Would you survive my Creepypasta OC ?

Would you survive my OC Bentley? New picture coming soon

High School With The Creepypastas

This is just going to be a mini quiz series because... why not? X3 So... Sally is a teenager. Smile Dog is going to have a human form and a human name. I'll just make...

Role playing time 2

This is the second Quiz of the series Role playing time. If you like it keep on going with the series. If you don't like don't take the quiz. I'm still not go...

What kind of boy is perfect for you?

Title explains, pret'y much

Could You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

· Scary
Fairly accurate. Real results is how you respond if it does come. Fight, or flight?

How you should be wearing your scarf!

There are so many different ways to wear a scarf. Perky, professional, casual, and elegant. Take this quiz, and find out which style best fits your individual personality...

Who are you out of the axis powers?

Are you Germany, Italy or Japan?

Which Type of Guy Likes You?

Find out what guy likes you c:

Both kinds of Drama wwyff

HI! This my second wwyff series! I just couldn't bring myself to finish the first one. I'm sorry, but I'm just that kind of person who can't finish anythi...

The Last Queen #24

A cold November night, after one year of living in the streets, you come across five strange guys. They are so perfect, it is almost unreal. This fatal encounter will mar...

If you were to get a superpower, what ...

Ever wonder what superpower you would have? find out here! some of these may be made up(I think) by me but they are pretty awesome!
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