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Celebrities & Fame

Kidnapped By One Direction! P1

What happens when you are kidnapped by the five boys of One Direction? Will you escape? Fall in love? Take the quiz to find out!

Fight with One Direction

You and your boyfriend from One Direction were happy together, that is until the fight occurred. *LONG RESULTS*

Cameron, Nash, Hayes, or Shawn?

This is a quiz that shows you who i think you be compatible with out of Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Hayes Grier, and Shawn Mendes!
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What Creepypasta suits you?

Find out what creepypasta is most like you!

What is your life quote?

What is the quote you would use to describe your life story?
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Your Band Member Boyfriend

· Music
Which band member boy, are you most compatible with? Find out here! Take this quiz!

Who's Your Naruto Boyfriend?

· Music
Stories coming soon with results (Gaara, Kankuro, and Naruto DONE) *WARNING* if you haven't watched Shippuden, there will be some spoilers

Which My Chemical Romance Member are y...

· Music
This quiz will tell you wether you are more like Gerard, Frank, Mikey or Ray
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Warriors Life :)

· Books
This is my first quiz so I hope you guys like it ♥

Faction Quiz

· Books
The divergent series.What is your faction? Abnegation, Amity, Erudite, Candor, or Dauntless? Or do not belong to just one, Divergent maybe?

Harry Potter Boyfriend/Roleplay

· Books
See how you would react to these situations in the magical world of Harry Potter! For girls! At the end, it also says a little bit of a possible future in your Hogwarts l...
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Your Teen Wolf Life!

· TV
Directed for girls... Includes family, name, what you are, boyfriend, best friend, how you met, your past, age, etc! ♥

Who's Your Fairy Tail Boyfriend?

· TV
Title says it all! Find out who your Fairy Tail man is ;)

What total drama pahkitew island chara...

· TV
If you like total drama you will love this quiz. what total drama pahkitew island character are you find out now!
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Just For Fun

Who are you? (CHI ver)

Who are you in Camp H-I? Are you half human, myth, monsters, or angel? Let's find out!

7 Minutes In Heaven With The Boys At H...

(Sorry boys, girls only!) This is my 2nd quiz! The Weasley twins has invited you to their party in the ROR, and decided to play 7 minutes in heaven. Results includes Harr...

Can I Make You Laugh? Video Games Style!

Can I make you laugh? Find out! Video games include: Legend of Zelda and Pokémon.
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What popular Pittsburgh Penguins playe...

· Sports
See what pens player you're most like! this was done very quickly, so sorry if its boring! LETS GO PENS! bringin the cup home 08-09

Which legendary football player of the...

· Sports
A fun quiz to find out which legendary soccer player of all time you are

What tennis star are you like the most

· Sports
Find out between Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, and Roddick
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What animal represents you? (Multiple)

· Animals
If you want to know your inner animal, take this quiz.

What's the animal inside of you?

· Animals
It's my first quiz so hopefully you'll like it. The choices are: Bunny, dragon, cat, or dog
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Food & Drinks

What kind of drunk person are you?

NOT FOR TEENAGERS! What Kinda Person Are You At a Party?

The Sweet and Sour Food Test

You are what you eat. How you eat determines who your personality.

Are you healthy? :D

Title:DD It's the secret...;P
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Which Ghost Protects You?

· Scary
(WARNING: SAD) Ever feel like nobody is there for you? That nobody ever cares about you? Maybe someone does... they're just not living...

Would Jeff the Killer like you?

· Scary
Would my boyfriend Jeff like you? Let's find out! Disclaimer~ There is no "He Loves You" result.

Your personal horror story

· Scary
What will your horror story be?
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Beauty & Vanity

Are you a tomboy, a girly girl or some...

Well the title says it all! :) Is your personality more boyish, girlish or is it some were in between? Take this quiz and find out! :D

What Attracts Boys To You?

Is it your eyes? Your body? Your personality? Maybe its everything... Find out what and why boys are attracted to you;)

What Princess are you?

Long-ish answers, so be prepared!
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Fantasy & Mythology

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Love & Friendship

Dream BoyFriend

The title says it all

7 Minutes In Creepypasta Heaven~

Well, the title pretty much explains, but we can go into a little more detail. I invite you to my house for a party, where my dear murderous friends are getting a little ...

What kind of friend are you?

Hope you have lots of fun finding out what kind of friends you have love you
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Are you The One For Death the Kid?

· Humor
Will our symmetrical Kid, love you, or despise you? Let's find out shall we? :D

I Bet I Can Make You Laugh!

· Humor
Yup, It's another one of THOSE quizzes. Haha ya, it has some Harry Potter, 1D, a few animals, and just random stuff. (Basicly everything I live for. LOL)

How bad are you?

· Humor
Self-explanatory title.
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Your Life In The Avengers!

· Movies
This is you're life in the avengers. I added you're suerhero/villian name, powers, personallity, backstory, and relationships with each of the Avengers and Me! I hope you...

What bender are you?

· Movies
Take this test to see which element you would bend if you were in Avatar the Last Airbender!

Which How to Train Your Dragon 2 Drago...

· Movies
OMG June needs to hurry the flip up! But rushing it don't help...Anyways, hope you enjoy the quiz! For females I reckon...
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Video Games

Are you a Real Gamer?

Let's find out if you are really a gamer or not! I'm sure you've all heard of the stereotypical 'Gamer Girl', you know, the girls who give real female...

Which Corpse Party OC are you?

I'll be making a second one with the boy characters. These are just girls though, sorry. :(

Are you a Prospit or a Derse Dreamer? ...

When SBURB players dream, they wander through the crowded cities of either the golden moon of Prospit, or the sable satellite of Derse. Where would your dream self awake?...
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Cars & Vehicles

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School & Academics

Canis Academy for Unique Youth - Who T...

Imagine if you got a mysterious letter in the post saying you were excepted into a prestigious academy. Would you go? Well today you will! But first, let's see who yo...

How Much of a Student are you?

How good of a student are you? Ever wanted to find out how your classmates and teachers see you as a student? (I don't, but maybe you do!) Please don't get offend...

High School Musical life

Well your life in east high revolse people in hsm 1 hsm 2 hsm3
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Career & Goals

What's your Future? (Long results!)

What's your future? It's pretty much like a M.A.S.H quiz. Girls only though. Sorry! This is my first quiz, so don't judge if it's bad. Thanks!

Create Your own LIFE !

Husband, kids, pets, wedding!
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What "Dere" Type are you?

Are you Yandere..? Tsundere? Or maybe even Himedere? Something else entirely? Only one way to find out!

Your fatal flaw!

Find out the one thing holding you back in your life!

What type of girl are you?

Take the quiz and find out my lovess
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New »

A small talk with Sebastian!

· Movies
Just read the title..

What would Len Kagamine think of you?

Okie, so there's so many of these - BUT I NEEDED TO MAKKKE ONE! I own none of the pics ~

Who is your General?

D.Gray-man. This has the five basic Generals.

If You Were A Character From Princess ...

OMG! OMG! Did you here! The new Precure series, Princess Precure, will be coming out in February 2015! I'm so excited, but I know the personality traits of those thre...

My first random quiz!

This is just a random quiz for the fun of it you will have to find out what it is by clicking!

What type of Soldier fits your Persona...

Soldiers, often choose their career paths in the Military depending on who they are, and what they want to do. So what kind of soldier are you?

Which Element are you?

Earth has four elements; water, fire, earth, and air. Have you ever wondered which one you are?

Dead Or Bleeding//Part 3

· Scary
Why didn't they kill you? The truth can be shocking. Find out in Part 3!

Your Type of Girlfriend

Make the Girlfriend of your dreams

A TMNT (love?ig,idk)story

Im sick to death of the purple dragon beginnings,so heres an original!^.^oh,and this is my 1st thing ive EVER posted anywhere,so cut me BIT OF SLACK,IM A BIT NERVOUS...a...

What are the odds of you being kidnapped

When i'm bored on the internet I just get on this site and maybe do kidnapping quizzes so I decided to make 1 this is not real but what are the chances

Are you In Love?

This is a quiz that will, in my opinion, help you see if you are in LOVE. Being that I am a hopeless romantic and have had my share of being in love, I should know what i...

Who is your magcon boyfriend!

This is a quiz to test on who is your magcon boyfriend! this is a quiz about Cameron dallas, nash grier, jack gilinsky, and matthew espinosa

Are you funny enough PART 2

· Humor
I already made a part 1 so i though, why not? Do you have what it takes to be funny? take this quiz to find out!

Your Spirit Animal

It's all in the title ^-^

Who is your Five Nights at Freddy'...

This quiz is just to see which out of the original four is your best friend :) I hope you enjoy it!

Where Will You Spend Your Christmas Ho...

· TV
Where will you spend your Christmas in the anime world? Will you be chilling with the Exorcists at the Black Order, dancing at the annual Phantomhive ball, celebrating wi...

Christmas Memories (Allies) RP

A Special Christmas RP with the Allies! Who will be your lover on this hearty, snowy night? (Chrismas special edition!) Really, really, really, really, really long RP ...

Which is your boyfriend?

Well Ice here! Hello! hi! Choices circle around Peter Jack Hiccup And our special guest! Jeff The Killer!

Blue moon charater quiz

Which of my charcaters are in my book! (Get to find out what destiny,emily, and jake look like!😜) read my book so you can understand why i choice these qeustions!

Your Future Life

There are three guy results and three girls results.

Boyfriend Quiz 2

Says it in the title!

What Devil May Cry 4 character are you?

Find out which Devil May Cry 4 Character you are.

ERB lyrics

Do you know these erb lyrics? If u think u do then take da damn quiz... (Hi.) This quiz is extremely easy..... Just sayin.

Teen Wolf Boyfriend

· TV
Who would be your boyfriend from Teen Wolf? Scott? Stiles? Isaac? Derek?

Your Girlfriend Quiz ~

Hope Ya Like It ^-^

The Markiplier Quiz

Do you want to test your knowledge of the beloved Youtuber? This quiz could be easy for his fans, but battling for newbies. Who's got the best memory? Lets see! Begin...

Will You Escape the Underground City? ...

The lights shine like never before. The heat is almost intoxicating. The people are very exotic and strange. Where are you, you say. The secret underground city. Will you...

Which character from Sunbeam and Moonb...

Includes, Sunbeam, Moonbeam, Blayze, and Toko.

Which candy are you?

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ The title says all! Btw this is my first quiz.

Hogwarts Love Life

First quiz, don't judge. Sorry, but this is for girls. Hogwarts guys include Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Fred or George Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Oliver Wood, and Cedric ...

What Gender are you Really?

All in the title~ Based on stereotypes so yea... have fun!

Wait ...Creepypastas? (part 5)

· Scary
So your new little brother is home, you all ate dinner, the power went out, and when everybody goes to bed you see something outside the large window in the living room.

Are you a true Homestuck? ;o

-hi there's something really smart here so yea um hi-

WWE Life 2

· TV
"Why, because I can for god's sake!" -Shawn Micheals

Which One Of My FC's Would You Be?

Ok, long results since I'm including the story, how you met Derptor, The Slasher, DayZ Burned, WolfGirl (my personal FC x3), and G.M/Giggling Marie/Marielise/Marie/Gi...

What anime girl is right for you?

Ok guys I promised I would to make an anime love quiz for guys so....... hope you like it!

Which boy is perfect for you?

Take this quiz and see who is perfect for you!

Your Life in Five Nights at Freddy's

It's your life and your family and this and that. It'll include friends, enemies, and life of course. I will update until I have every animatronic don't worry...

Finish the lyrics (Black Veil Brides e...

· Music
Another black veil brides lyric quiz,Hope you enjoy :D Have fun :D

Which of om OC's 2

I added more OC's so uh... enjoy?

What Supernatural Creature are you?

Ever wonder what you would be if you were a supernatural creature?

What type of animal are you?

Just a little quiz for fun because i really haven't been on for quite some time. Hope you guys all enjoy! Its just really short and simple :)

Would Chica be your friend?

I have made two quizzes like this already, you should know what the point of this quiz is.

Who are you Most Like Out Of My O.Cs?

I have more black butler OCs b/c i had the biggest obsession with it (not anymore, now its Naruto, XD)

Which death note character are you mos...

· TV
Says in the title, includes characters- L, Light, Near, Mello, Matsuda, Misa, Matt.

Quel six-clope êtes-vous?

· Humor
Pour savoir lequel/laquelle de ces sept bolosses vous êtes, wesh ça fait zizir, sisi

South Park Personality quiz

Find out which south park character is most like you!

Are you A Hater?

Take this quiz to find out

The Pretender: Which Pretender charact...

This is mainly for shits and giggles, so don't be so. yea. Some pics belong to their rightful owners, even if some of them belong to me. There are several main charac...

Creepypasta RP ((Part 1?))

Just a Creepypasta Roleplay cause, well, ITS CHRISTMAS!~ ALL Creepypastas don't belong to me or the pictures! None of them Alright hope use enjoy (Srry boys, Fem...

Welcome to My Wonderland pt 8

You're now on a mission to find the infamous Rabbit. You were told along the way about his personality. From Alec that is. Not sure to believe him or not, you'l...

What single person are you

Bass on iisuperwomanii video types of single people

Are you in love?

I know enough about love to know if someone else is. Im not a know it all, I'm just trying ease peoples minds and give them happy(or sad)advice.

Will you get along Future France? *Het...

· TV
This is a quiz where you'll be knowing how great we can get along. I am Future France nice to meet you.

What is your soul animal (females only...

Is your soul a cat, wolf or or something more? (don't own the pictures or nothing)

What does Ashton Irwin think of you

Find out what this cutie thinks of you

What kind of friend are you?

My descriptions might not be that good, but try to enjoy!

The fun with kyky hiccup and jack!

Hey its Kyleigh here and I just want you to find out how Jack,Hiccup,and I think about you so enjoy!
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