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In A Flash || Barry Allen

84 pages · Action · Adventure
(Disclaimer: I do not own the flash or any of its Characters, only my OCs and parts of the plot not potrayed in the series..) Cassandra Brooks leaves the nest and moves ...

The Invader *Finished*

73 pages ~ Completed · Adventure · Realistic
Acacia lives with her mom who runs out of money so rents out two of the bedrooms in their house to some other woman and her son. It's pretty awkward when the son turns ou...

Beauty and the BEAST *tale*

39 pages · Fantasy · Adventure
Peter Pan is dying. He needs to break the curse and his heart will no longer be black. But, to break the curse he needs to love. Pan can't love. Meet Victoria Night. ...

It's a love hate relationship

204 pages ~ Completed · Humor · Adventure
"Why do you guys spend time together if you hate each other?" he asked me. Ryder and I looked at each other and smirked "We hate each other lovingly" R...
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Being A Grier 2 (Sequel)

39 pages · Fan Fiction
I felt like i was going to die. I didn't know if I was already or not, or how my brother was doing. It was all complete darkness, actually. My name is Gianna. Gianna ...

Family Love Game

5 pages · Anime/Manga · Naruto · Fan Fiction
♥(Name) is sasuke's little sister, though they came off more as best friends then siblings. The two uchiha could never be separated at least that's what it seem...

Long Lost Love [Klaus Mikaelson]

396 pages · Fan Fiction · Vampires · Fantasy
Klaus Mikaelson, the heartless monster incapable of love. Or so people believed... When Klaus first laid eyes upon Eliza Petrova, he fell in love, not knowing what kind o...

Fair enough. (Male Reader)

49 pages · Humor · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
Various Characters x Male!Reader. My first try. Blame my teacher for grammar and errors! All Characters belong to their creators.
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RIP Isabel Medina 1983 - 2011

10 pages ~ Completed · Historical
Its for my mother. Tomorrow her anniversity of passing away for 3 years. Love -hmedina

The Creature Of Wisdom

12 pages · Historical · Fantasy
“How would you like it if someone demolished your home, or burnt all your family photographs, because that’s what you’re doing to these animals, you’re evicting t...

The One who cried Dragon

30 pages · Historical
(this is a medieval time period by the way) MoonDust, the girl nobody knows about. She lives in a small village owned by the high king. She is not special correct...
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56 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Adventure
Everytime, a Royal prince turns eighteen, a game is played. A horrid game, in which, millions of girls are sold by their family in exchange for money. Then, the girls ar...

Proxy since little (Creepypasta X read...

66 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Adventure
Hi my name is (y/n). I am 15 years old and I don't remember who my parents were. They left me in the woods at age 6. Mr . Slender took me in as his own. There he rais...

Give or take a few

46 pages · Fantasy · Adventure
Y/n- was somehow mistaken to be a guardian when you, yourself, is not immortal. You are just sixteen, a careless young teenager.How were you suppose to handle a big respo...

Preachers Boy (BxB) *RE-WRITE of Tears...

115 pages · Fantasy · Short Stories
WARNING: BxB Tyler is the preacher's son. Everyone thinks he's the perfect boy, everything someone should be. If they knew who he really was, would they be so q...
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Rituals + Horror Stories

162 pages ~ Completed · Horror
You've stumbled upon my story, correct? I've tested several of these rituals and I assure you they WILL work if done correctly. I'll post my experinces once i...

My Love For You Is Different, Insane A...

60 pages · Horror · Fantasy
Carter Jane Lexis is a girl who just so happened to be Jeff The Killer's next choice. Lucky her, huh? Jeff initial plan was to torture/kill her, but then he feels...SOMET...

Creepypasta One Shots

14 pages · Humor · Horror
Everything you need to know is on the first chapter.
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Time For A Change

228 pages · Realistic · Humor
If you break your heel and faint at the first party you ever attend, the universe is trying to tell you something important. Just don't ignore the message like Avenda...


50 pages · Fantasy · Humor
Blair Baxton has always been a social outcast. A reject. She's been picked on, mocked, and bullied. Anything bad you can imagine, has happened to her. She's just ...
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14 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Mystery
After a gang kidnaps a fifteen year old girl named Harper, they discover some things best left hidden.

Slenderman's daughter

68 pages · Science Fiction · Mystery
Lily j grew up around with her father. Slender man. And the rest of the creepy pastas. Slender man has always been very protective of his daughter. Some say he even loves...

Empty Desk

91 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Mystery
It all started with a young girl. A sweet, young girl of about fifteen. She had a big heart. Cared about everyone. Lots of friends; A loving family. But it all ende...
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Abducted (Reader x Youtubers)

45 pages · Thriller · Realistic
Who knew, one day, that a (y/a) year old girl would never come back home after another late night shift at a cafe. Who knew it'd be that night. Who knew that your a...

Don't Tell

29 pages · Realistic
"Shhh, don't tell..." he whispered in my ear, as I clung to my stuffed bear. That was eight years ago, and now, I'm forced to keep that secret. Mine and m...


377 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Action
When Aniline gets kidnapped one night, what will hapen when she is wanted but her kidnappers don't want to give her away?
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It Started With A Dance

267 pages · Romance · Humor
Katrina Chance is a girly, feisty, innocent girl. Now, here's Christian Duke.The school's badboy. He's reckless, and a little on the rebellious side. No, actu...

Chains (Eyeless Jack x Reader)

228 pages · Romance · Horror
You're a nice, normal girl who's lived in the mountains with your legal guardian Buddy for most of your life. You don't leave home much and don't really k...

уσυ'яє ωяσηg

185 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Realistic
"I don't understand how you like me. I'm ugly, fat, worthless-" I whispered. Jake walked over to me, "You're wrong." He breathed and kissed me...
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Science Fiction Hide

The Aphrodite Project

46 pages · Science Fiction
Alice Turner gets constantly bullied because of her looks. Christian Schnider is a German doctor who came to London after his girlfriends death. Together they start the A...


35 pages · Adventure · Science Fiction
Five teens from twelve to eighteen years old are captured by scientists. Thrust together in a dangerous adventure, they have to fight for survival. But none of them will ...

Eyes Made of Fire

27 pages · Fantasy · Science Fiction
Gasps rang around the room as the wolf walked in with pride and dignity. No one knew the scent of the beast until a deep, disturbing growl arouse from the man that stood...
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Thriller Hide

Against The World

328 pages · Action · Thriller
Danni's life was nearly perfect- she had a family, boyfriend, a good job... she never would've expected the walking dead to ruin all that. After everything she kn...

Rejection (Sequel to Fascination)

60 pages ~ Completed · Horror · Thriller
"What are we gonna do now?" Drew got up and looked at me. "You messed up everything." He snapped at me, his eyes filled with anger. "Oh, shut up, you ...

Teenagers, Love, and Pregnancy

79 pages ~ Completed · Thriller · Realistic
"Positive?" I choked, tears rushing to my eyes. "I. . .I can't be pregnant! Not with my ex's baby!" |A teen pregnancy story|
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Sweet 16 (Laughing Jack x Reader)

34 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
When reader was a child ,Laughing Jack was her playmate before. But when you turned sixteen Laughing Jack returned and he wants you.

Manager Oh Manager!

5 pages · Anime/Manga · Romance · Fan Fiction
Knb x Manager! Reader: When you are the manager of a bunch of hormonal basket playing boys, there's no escape from falling in love...


71 pages · Fan Fiction · Action
What if Katniss and Peeta were never reaped? What if someone else volunteered for Prim? My name is Lily Everdeen. This is the story of how I survived the games, found my ...

Baby Mikaelson(Vampire Diaries)

32 pages · Fan Fiction · Vampires · Fantasy
What if there was another Mikaelson? A lovely and charming girl that everyone loved. But she is not like her family, she is not an original vampire but something el...

Learning To Be Me *A Blue Exorcist Rea...

5 pages · Fan Fiction
Young (Y/N) was abandoned in a grocery store, with nothing but a torn dress, and an abused body to tell her story. Who from the Blue Exorcist cast will attempt to save he...

My Unexpected Life....

Sanya was that one girl everyone liked. She had it all, the looks, the rich parents, the crazy friends, etc. She had the perfect life, until one day, she discovered the r...

Strong [Sequel to Same Mistakes]

It's been three years, four months, and eighteen days since the death of Harry Styles. Three years, three months, and six days since Niall Horan left forever. Liam...

Mute [RomanoxReader]

21 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
There's a girl with no voice who gets no love until she meets the hot tempered Italian, how is she going to confess her love with no voice?

The Blue Box On Baker Street

26 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Adventure
ł Doctor Who l Finished ł It's October 31st, 2005, and the TARDIS has dumped the Doctor and Rose in the middle of America. They meet Marissa, a steampunk extraordin...

Red Sun

3 pages
He clutched her red knit beanie in his hand, his eyes looking out into the purple sky, as if he was expecting Seohyun to appear. But she didn't. Seohyun was gone. Tha...

It All Started When... *Niall Horan On...

It all started when I got in a fight with a girl. Then I meet Niall Horan. What happens? (romance, drama, slight comedy, drama, and more drama)

Friendship or Love?

34 pages · Anime/Manga · Romance · Fan Fiction
Rynn is the queen's owl and Ann is the queen's fox. They're best friends, they hate being polite but they often are polite and formal infront of other people....

A Misunderstanding

3 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy
The real story behind the famous fairytale: Jack and the Beanstalk

You Can't Just - Calum Hood

42 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
I was a normal(ish) teenage girl with normal(ish) parents and I had a pretty normal(ish) life. Until I stood up for myself, told my parents ‘no, I want to go to school ...

Little Black Book [McCann]

He had 57 girls down, just one more to go. Blake Summers, the quiet girl in class. Just with a snap of his fingers, he believes he can get her to fall for him. Just for h...

Smart (Eric love story)

12 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
This is a story about an Erudite transfer who is in Tris's class and she falls in love with Eric (I need title ideas)

Cupid's at His Best! [Eʀᴇɴ x Rᴇᴀᴅᴇ...

23 pages · Anime/Manga · Romance · Fan Fiction
Eren Jaeger and (Name) (Last name) have been dating for almost a year now. The both of you are declared one of the cutest couples in school. It's not just your person...

Who are you? [Canada x OC]

4 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Lilian is almost never seen at her school and is the most unpopular girl. But what happens when there's a new kid? Will she see him?

Fail of My Life (Dan Howell)

298 pages · Fan Fiction
Eliza Hughes. Youtube celebrity living in London with her two best friends, Dan Howell and Phil Lester. She hasn't known them her whole life but it doesn't to her...

The Blurt Of Richard Davies

464 pages · Thriller · Realistic
When What Could Never Happen Here, happens here... It took a civil war and the fracturing of the United Kingdom to force the issue, but finally someone did what needed...

Arrange Marriage ~Shawn Mendes~

15 pages · Romance
Kat Harlinson is 16 shy rich girl just tens to sit in the background of everything she doesn't really like being centre of attention so she kinda just stays at the ba...

Perfectly Imperfect

55 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
I am not a perfect girl. My hair doesn't always stay in place, I spill a lot of things and I'm pretty clumsy. But I have friends that love me and I love being Per...

We weren't meant to be.

2 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Realistic
This is my first story on Quotev~ Thank you for taking your time to read this! ^^ One shot dedicated to someone special. Please don't repost or steal this. ^^||

Suicidal *5SOS*

15 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
I was in the corner of our living room, crying and begging my father not to shoot me. He was aiming a gun at me. I was 15, he kept calling me ugly, stupid, worthless, and...

Damage [Bieber]

"I gave you everything & this is how you repay me!" "She was my best friend." "Ugh! I never want to see you again!" Those were some of the las...

Dont look back

23 pages · Thriller · Horror
Sawyer and Salem are new to Shadyside High, and with Sawyers new friends, they get dared to spend a night in Lakewood hospital; mental instatute that got closed from the...

When the Akatsuki meets the Generation...

20 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Naruto
Kakashi's Kamui brought the some of the Akatsuki at another dimension. In this dimension the characters of Kuroko no Basket exist in this world. What can ___ do to br...

Shadow World

2 pages · Fantasy · Romance
Night Dragon is a normal girl in the Shadow World person loves their life. They loathe Earth and it's people, cultures, languages, land forms, everything. Except for ...

Six and Seven- Hoody x Reader

41 pages · Romance · Adventure
After being taken to a different place, _ finds out who she was back then; something she's pushed away for years until it comes back. 22 years old is how old you are...


12 pages · Romance · Mystery
On the day of Raina's fifteenth birthday she wakes up with a tattoo of a mysterious ink drawing of an eye on the inside of her wrist. What Raina doesnt know is that t...

I ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ᴅᴏ ʙᴏʏѕ || dᴀɴɢᴀɴ rᴏɴᴘᴀ lᴀ...

11 pages · Short Stories · Romance
These ladies need love too. This is a collection of femslash reader inserts starring the Dangan Ronpa/Super Dangan Ronpa 2 ladies I take requests and your feedback would...

Tнe Proмιѕe Keeper ( Iтαly X Reαder )

Iтαly X Reαder~ They say promises are all lies, but they don't know that patience is the key to truths. He told me that we'll see each other again... It se...

Thinking Out Loud || Jack Gilinsky

11 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
''One day we'll get married in a white chapel, and I'll tell everyone about the day we met, how we got together and how much I want to spend the rest of m...

Meanwhile, at the Sakamaki household...

14 pages · Fan Fiction · Vampires · Fantasy
Risa Tsukami was living with the Sakamaki's not long before Yui had arrived. Because of Yui's blood, Risa was left alone by the brothers, however, after Yui's...

Of The Night

10 pages
So this is what they meant: the rhythm of the night.

Something Wicked

457 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure · Romance
*Harry Potter FanFic* Cleo never truly belonged in her family, she loved her sister, Phoebe with all of her heart though. But when every year at Hogwarts brings on anothe...


49 pages · Romance · Mystery
When your whole world gets turned upside down and nobody seems to notice.

Welcome to the Night

37 pages · Vampires · Fantasy · Adventure
Lia is an Imperial princess who lives a luxurious life among her family. Taya is a Vampire living in cheap townhouse with her mother and abusive stepfather. Lia thinks th...

Half A Heart

21 pages · One Direction · Mystery · Fan Fiction
Harry left me , cheated on me , when I was pregnant. 3 years later , he comes and I have a choice. Do I let him back in or not?

I'll be right here (Death Note)

21 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Love and Hate (relationship) L X OC She always looked so happy, "I can see all the tears you've cried, like an ocean in your eyes. All the scars and the pain t...

Talk to Me ~A Niall Horan fan fiction~

Zara hates school. Ever since the accident, she's been a mute. Everyday she feels alone. She only has a few people there for her, her best friend Harry Styles and his...
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