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Can't Change Me *Finished*

103 pages ~ Completed · Adventure · Realistic
Imagine growing up in your sister's shadow. Imagine guys just wanting you but you prefer being independent. One friend is enough. You prefer things the way they are. But ...

τħε ɴεrɖ ίsɴ'τ A Goody-τώo-Sħoεs.

65 pages · Adventure · Thriller
Amber Harrison is the nerd of the school. But nerd herself has to boys chasing after her, Jacob and Isaac. But Amber has a secret, her daddy is an assassin/ gang lea...

The Lost Bandit. |Peter Pan OUAT|

37 pages · Adventure · Mystery
A bandit and a orphan in the Enchanted Forest, all she wanted was an escape. He was the King of Neverland, evil and dark. A bloody demon some might say. They met once, in...

Wait Were We Just Kidnapped [ON HOLD]

129 pages · Adventure · Humor
Ciera Madison is a funny, sarcastic and just down right crazy. Alison and Ciera were walking to school to only get kidnapped by a group of really good looking guys. How w...
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Black Butler Boyfriend Scenarios

Have you ever imagined meeting your favorite guy in Black Butler? What would happen? How it would go? Well read to find out~ You may request a Scenario!

Haunted (The Vampire Diaries)

32 pages · Fan Fiction · Vampires · Fantasy
In 1929, Klaus fell in love with a girl. After he turned her into a vampire, they were separated. Seventy years later, they are reunited.

Scars (Ciel x Reader)

You have scars. Mentally and Physically. You have friends. Mentally and Physically. You are beautiful. Mentally and Physically. The scars were once cuts. The cuts were...

FNAF boyfriend scenarios

7 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
Ok so i loved playing the five nights at Freddys game and soon i slowly got into the random. But im sorry if you dont like this but all characters are male im sorry!
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S.O.S Titanic

19 pages · Realistic · Historical
The water was more then ice cold...everywhere my body was numb and frozen. Treading water hurt most of all and not to meson the fact that I was so afraid of the giant sea...

RIP Isabel Medina 1983 - 2011

10 pages ~ Completed · Historical
Its for my mother. Tomorrow her anniversity of passing away for 3 years. Love -hmedina

The girl with the golden hair

18 pages · Historical · Fantasy
She never knew her parents, only her 'aunt'. living in a cave all her life never seeing the light of day, always thinking that the outside world was to dangerous ...

Trust Essay

2 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Historical
Have you ever wondered about trust? What it is? Where it comes from? Well then read on because this is the book for you! :3
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Little Mischief...

31 pages · Horror · Vampires · Fantasy
Merissa Karina Salvatore. Childish, resentful, short tempered. Yet funny, protective and extremely loving on the inside, not that I like to show it. I am the youngest of ...

Trapped(Jeff X Reader)

36 pages · Fantasy · Action
"You are mine, and only mine. I will kill any other man that looks at you this way. I am the only one who can tell you what to do, or how to do something. I am the on...

You Laugh While I Cry

145 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Fantasy
Zoey Blaze lives with her abusive parents and is bullied daily at school. When a new student comes to school, Zoey starts to trust him and let him in. After he finds out ...

Pirate Cove Foxy x reader

7 pages · Realistic · Fantasy
Your brother brought you this game called Five nights at Freddy But what happens when one of the Animatronics make the game more realistic?
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You can't spell slaughter without ...

143 pages · Horror · Fantasy
Amelie has been tortured all her life, and she finally gets back at them with the mental help of a stranger who keeps leaving her notes...what will happen when she meets ...

Wanna Know How I Got These Scars?

67 pages · Thriller · Horror
"Wanna know how I got these scars?" the Joker asked, waiting for my response. My body shook with fear and I stared into his black,cold eyes. He reached into his c...

Creepypasta Stories

232 pages · Horror
I share with you the legend and tales that have been passed from time to time in not only your world, but the creepypasta world as well. Enjoy! Oh and're in ...
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Don't you like Boys? (two)

94 pages · Humor
"Yes hello, now goodbye!" Milly pushed a forceful arm against the door but Matthew stopped it with his hand. "Wait, Milly, what are you..." "What does...

Creepypasta One Shots

14 pages · Humor · Horror
Everything you need to know is on the first chapter.

More Than What Meets The Eye

86 pages ~ Completed · Humor · Action
What if Sam Witwicky had a sister? Meet Scarlett, she's Sam's twin but she's not normal. What happens when they buy their first car, a yellow Camaro that seem...
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Empty Desk

91 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Mystery
It all started with a young girl. A sweet, young girl of about fifteen. She had a big heart. Cared about everyone. Lots of friends; A loving family. But it all ende...


161 pages ~ Completed · Mystery · Action
After her best friends commits suicide Jennifer Porter's life is turned upside-down. She finds a list of names, including hers, in a box of her best friend's stuff. Slowl...


7 pages ~ Completed · Mystery · Fantasy
After a gang kidnaps a fifteen year old girl named Harper, they discover some things best left hidden.
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Scary Stories and Rituals

161 pages · Horror · Realistic
Just some of my favorite scary stories and rituals

The Invader *Finished*

73 pages ~ Completed · Adventure · Realistic
Acacia lives with her mom who runs out of money so rents out two of the bedrooms in their house to some other woman and her son. It's pretty awkward when the son turns ou...
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120 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Thriller
"You are mine and only mine." My kidnapper said to me while he stroked my hair. He pressed me against the wall and looked at me. His warm breath touched my neck a...

The Bad Boy Has His Reasons

124 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Humor
"Kaelyn, do you know how many guys want you?" I asked her. She shook her head, I could see a hint of confusion in her eyes. "What are you talking about? No guys 'want...

Lost [Peter Pan]

81 pages · Romance · Adventure
[Peter Pan/OUAT] "Enough." He snarled, slamming her against the tree trunk. Erin winced as he gripped her wrists tightly above her head. "I want this to end...
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My Big brother is a sick person ~Finis...

72 pages ~ Completed · Horror · Science Fiction
I never questioned big brother, I never thought bad of big brother. I used to always tell myself big brother was just a sick person. Only now do I realise that what big b...

Charmed Souls

67 pages · Fantasy · Science Fiction
Elina Faith's life has never been normal. Ever since she was little, she's had powers. She can bend energy fields around her, making her have almost unlimited pow...

Meredith and the Doctor

22 pages · Adventure · Science Fiction
Meredith Gray is a very secretive girl, with a lot of loneliness and regret hidden in her past, yet still manages to be kind and sarcastic no matter the situation. She...
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31 Days Of Halloween

212 pages · Horror · Thriller
31 Horror stories, one for each day of October. There's no other way to say this: You'd better get some toilet paper, because you're about to get the crap sca...

Slenderman's Little Red Riding Hood.

45 pages · Mystery · Thriller
[Ticci Toby x reader] [Y/N] was a bright girl. She loved everyone, she made everyone smile. She wasn't the type of little girl to misbehave. This child was only 5 y...

Creepy Stories *WARNING: SCARY*

11 pages · Thriller · Horror
Ha ha ha, sleep is sooooo over rated!
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Endless love (rewrite)

8 pages · Fan Fiction · Vampires · Fantasy
Lili and her sister Bella get mixed in with vampires. Not just mixed in, but they both fall in love with a vampire.Can they handle vampires and werewolves, or not.

S e e i n g D o u b l e

15 pages · Anime/Manga · Romance · Fan Fiction
(ReaderX Yandere! Hitachiin Twins) What happens when the twins decide you are going to be there new toy!

The Mad House

46 pages · Adventure · Horror
Creepypasta X Reader, you are all in an asylum together. I don't own the creepypasta characters or the pictures used in this tale. Feedback is appreciated!

A Love That Surpasses Worlds (A KibaxR...

5 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Naruto
A girl, being chased by an unknown group, suddenly finds herself in the middle of Konoha in the Naruto World. Traveled through space, she doesn't have any recollectio...

Lost and Found

7 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Cassidy was missing for a year. Percy found out the reason behind her disappearance. He has to save her.

The Other One (Hetalia Reader Insert)

9 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
This is the story of the you, the reader, who has traveled into another dimension when you clumsily fell and died. What happens if you know these people? What happens if ...

Going to Sleep (OCxKiller Jeff)

42 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
What would happen if Killer Jeff went to Alaska? Maybe he would try too kill a girl. Maybe he would hesitate for the first time. Maybe she could be the one for him.

How To Love A Killer

2 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
My name is Praise Benedict. I ran away from home after killing my foster brothers. I thought it was all over for me, until i met... him. He saved me from my father, I owe...

Perfect Escape ~Harry Potter~

Cousin of Draco Malfoy, Alice Caswell is starting her journey at Hogwarts, where will it take her, what will it give her?

Game Theory

3 pages · Science Fiction · Action
Hello every one welcome to game theory. This is most likely the only show on quotev where we talk about video gaming. I'm Error 5000 and all I can say is I hope that ...


187 pages · Fan Fiction · Vampires · Fantasy
"I dont even know what I want!" I exclaimed in frustration, throwing my hands up in the air. "I'll tell you what you want. You want a love that consume...

Falling Skies

118 pages · Fan Fiction · Vampires · Fantasy
Summer has ended so it means back to school for Alex. Everything seems to be going on fine until the Cullen's pick up and move from Fork, leaving Bella in a depressio...

It's Not Impossible Niall Horan

You can always find love. Even when your life isn't the best. Or when you aren't the prettiest, or even when you aren't the most popular girl. I am Elena Gilb...

Meanwhile, at the Sakamaki household...

12 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Vampires · Fantasy
Risa Tsukami was living with the Sakamaki's not long before Yui had arrived. Because of Yui's blood, Risa was left alone by the brothers, however, after Yui's...

Abduction | Original Story |

6 pages · Realistic · Thriller
I don't know when it happened, or why, really. He just took me then told me to stay quiet. And I did, but only after a few hours of screaming. My throat was too hoars...

Black Butler (Reader x Various Black B...

19 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
The twenty-first century. Where everything is about Technology and Science. Nothing magical about that? Right? What happens when you accidentally hack into a time machine...


16 pages · Fan Fiction
Read and find out.

Star Crossed.

16 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber
A Justin Bieber Fan Fiction.

Bound by Blood

32 pages · Vampires · Fantasy · Romance
Sofia lives a quiet, normal life with her uncle, Viktor, without the true knowledge of her blood. She has no idea that she's a halfling—part vampire, part human. Bu...

Why Does This Always Happen To Me?

2 pages
This is the story about Edmund. He's the new kid in school and no one's nice to him... until he made a few friends...

Who am I?(Draco Love Story)

4 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
A young girl named Rose Potter lives with her brother, aunt, cousin, and uncle. Her aunt and uncle treat her like royalty, but she loves helping her brother and gives him...

Ghost Hunter

24 pages · Fantasy
Lucinda's life has been dedicated to one thing... hunting the supernatural who decides to harm the living. Bloody Mary? she killed her. But then she is given the job ...


36 pages · Fan Fiction · Vampires · Fantasy
I felt the silver touch my skin again, and screamed openly. This time I couldn't hold it in, as wings burst from my back, slamming into the stone walls. A dark red co...


7 pages · Romance · Realistic
Mia Reed has only had two boyfriends in her whole life, shes 15 and shes pretty proud of herself. They weren't serious either. Mia just started high school at Ridge M...


37 pages · Romance · Realistic
"You killed your own sister?" Jason asked slowly backing away from me with wide eyes. "It's complicated." My voice was shaky. I couldn't tell him. Not then. He wouldn't b...

Days of Darkness | Brennan Marley |

2 pages · Thriller · Romance
Lily doesn't realize what she is doing when she helps him, she just knows that when he leaves it isn't for good. He comes back a few times after, and the last tim...

Through the Looking Glass

27 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
When Beca was four, her father went missing. When Beca was 21, her older sister, Alice went missing. A year later, Beca is searching for both her father and siste...

Experiment 337

12 pages · Adventure · Action
I don't remember my name. But when he asked, I had to give him an answer. Then I remembered the tattoo on my inner wrist. "My name is... Lee." _ A girl wit...

Our Little Secret

11 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
You are precious like a BLACK PEARL. You give me a HEART ATTACK. DON'T GO and TELL ME WHAT IS LOVE.

εxτʀαoʀδɪɴαʀʏ [OHSHC]

6 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
A new student arrives! This particular new student fits right in. This new student is rich, good-looking, smart and is musically inclined. Sound perfect, eh? But why do p...

Broken Wings

10 pages · Realistic · Romance
It has been 1 month since Logan's best friend has committed suicide. He's doing his best to cope, but at the end of the day, he's broken. He should be dead. N...

Sweet 16 (Laughing Jack x Reader)

23 pages · Fan Fiction · Horror
When reader was a child ,Laughing Jack was her playmate before. But when you turned sixteen Laughing Jack returned and he wants you.

Omega Bloodlines

79 pages · Romance · Fantasy
Omega, meaning the lowest rank of the pack. Classed as the weakest members of the packs, the omega's then have to prove to the packs otherwise. But...they have a secr...

i'll protect you

18 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
ᴋɪʟʟᴜᴀ ᴢᴏʟᴅʏᴄᴋ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ: It's just a normal day for Gon and Killua until they have to send someone to the hospital...

Runners (TMR fanfiction Gally x story)

20 pages · Romance · Adventure
This isn't a story of how Gally came to be in the Glades, it about how he helped a girl who turned out to be a runner. She is is instantly welcomed to the Glades,and ...

Get Out -The Maze Runner- (Book One)

6 pages · Fan Fiction · Action
It was odd that she could remember. She could get remember everything. She could remember all the tests, she could remember her name, her parents getting killed, everythi...

The book of Youtube One-Shots -REQUEST...

24 pages · Short Stories · Adventure
-requests are being taken- A book of one-shots for all your favorite youtube personalites. From Captain Sparklez to Pewdiepie. Step on in for a wonderful ONE-SHOT adventu...


I had just happened to catch his eye and in an instant, I was the target. I knew he was going to find me....

Awakening Love

15 pages · Romance
So this is a story I've started writing (obviously) I have a back log as I started writing it a while back, but I'm posting much faster than I'm writing, so o...

I Fell Inlove with a Punk

35 pages · Romance · Realistic
"You're not in love with him, right?" she pointed accusingly. My face could show my guilt. "You are, he's not even your type you're all books and ...

Intoxicated ~Light x Reader Oneshot

3 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
A Light X Reader ONESHOT. Random idea I came up with and it's my first oneshot hope you like it :3
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