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Ashton Ambrose

In my room, United States
September 28, 2013
1 week ago



Samoan love ~A Roman Reigns love story~

102 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Why do you want me?" "I don't" I said. "Then what do you want?" " I want you to me leave me alone" " I'm not letting that happen I'm not letting you go"
♥ 73    22    13,158 reads by 916 readers

The Skye's the limit ~Roman and Dean love story~on hold*

56 pages · WWE · Fan Fiction · Romance
Jade and Alexx have dreamed to be WWE divas all their life. They make the main roster and even get the 2 hottest guys in the WWE. What will happen when their past comes to haunt them? Will Dean and Roman be there or will their past and even present run over them? Welcome to the Skye life!
♥ 14    4    2,201 reads by 205 readers

Girls will be Boys...Literally

Best friends Andrew-Lynn and Chrissannie have done the most unthinkable thing that a ordinary girl Wouldnt think. They have wished and even believed that they would see how it feels to be a guy. But what happens when their wish comes true? Will they regret it or will they finally be lucky?
3 reads by 3 readers

I'm in love with Jerry Lawlers daughter -A Dean Ambrose WWE love story-

6 pages · WWE · Fan Fiction · Romance
Hi i'm Juliet Amanda Rose Lawler yes as in jerry the king lawlers daughter i love dean ambrose but dont say any thing k good bye
♥ 17    3    1,045 reads by 155 readers

Falling For The Enemy - A Dean Ambrose Love Story!-

101 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Mystery
♥ 64    57    19,044 reads by 1,341 readers

Dating a professional wrestler and member of the shield.

4 pages · WWE · Fan Fiction
Amanda is the sister of randy orton and she meets the shield
♥ 18    5    1,110 reads by 302 readers



Love & HeartBreak in the WWE by Lydia Brie Bella Martin

24 pages · WWE · Fan Fiction · Romance
This is a story that I just started to make a couple days ago on my account. If you want to follow me on there follow me at BrieLydiaMartinBella. NOTICE/W...

Alicia Fox and Seth Rollins Love Story

12 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Seth is in love. However Roman and Dean start to depise her. What will happen to her? To the shield? To their love?

On the road. by Rachelle

32 pages · WWE · Fan Fiction · Romance
Spirit Wellens Is just your beautiful girl next door who decides to spend a night at a bar. She just happens to meet a certain stray dog when she has a little too much to...

Switch (Dean Ambrose) by Browɴιe Bυттoɴѕ

3 pages · WWE · Fan Fiction · Romance
Tatiana Winston's twin sister, Ashlyn Winston got in a car crash. They both look a like and many fans would get mixed up not knowing who is who but some can tell the ...

Wwe talk to the divas by Wild

Just as the title says

The Total Diva (A Roman Reigns Love Story) by WolvesNationGirl

175 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · WWE
Rookie Melissa James is the newest "Total Diva" on the scene. She's a lot of things to many people but to the Samoan Superman Roman Reigns she's "The ...

Our Sacred Hearts~A Dolph Ziggler Love Story~ by Alexxandra Karsllynn Skye

30 pages · WWE · Fan Fiction · Romance
Karson Clair brought into her dream world by her two loyal brothers, making a good impression on everyone and even dating one of the hottest WWE superstars on the roster....

Love comes softly a Dean Ambrose love story by Cassie Rose

3 pages · WWE · Fan Fiction · Romance
This is for a girl who dosent think she can find love after fandango left her for layla but what if the guy she loves for so long loves her back but cant tell if she love...

Love Unplanned

48 pages · Romance · Realistic
Innocent. That's what this girl was. Despite being a colored girl from the hood, Marie knew her future would not be bright if she stayed out at the club and ended up ...