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Jade Ambrose Skye

In my room, United States
September 28, 2013
3 days ago



Samoan love ~A Roman Reigns love story~

91 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
"Why do you want me?" "I don't" I said. "Then what do you want?" " I want you to me leave me alone" " I'm not letting that happen I'm not letting you go"
♥ 70    22    11,752 reads by 841 readers

The Skye's the limit ~Roman and Dean love story~on hold*

54 pages · Fan Fiction · WWE · Romance
Jade and Alexx have dreamed to be WWE divas all their life. They make the main roster and even get the 2 hottest guys in the WWE. What will happen when their past comes to haunt them? Will Dean and Roman be there or will their past and even present run over them? Welcome to the Skye life!
♥ 13    4    1,922 reads by 183 readers

Girls will be Boys...Literally

Best friends Andrew-Lynn and Chrissannie have done the most unthinkable thing that a ordinary girl Wouldnt think. They have wished and even believed that they would see how it feels to be a guy. But what happens when their wish comes true? Will they regret it or will they finally be lucky?
2 reads by 2 readers

I'm in love with Jerry Lawlers daughter -A Dean Ambrose WWE love story-

6 pages · Fan Fiction · WWE · Romance
Hi i'm Juliet Amanda Rose Lawler yes as in jerry the king lawlers daughter i love dean ambrose but dont say any thing k good bye
♥ 17    3    938 reads by 139 readers

Falling For The Enemy - A Dean Ambrose Love Story!-

101 pages ~ Completed · Mystery · Romance
♥ 64    57    17,662 reads by 1,260 readers

Dating a professional wrestler and member of the shield.

4 pages · WWE · Fan Fiction
Amanda is the sister of randy orton and she meets the shield
♥ 19    5    1,005 reads by 277 readers



Our Sacred Hearts~A Dolph Ziggler Love Story~ by Alexxandra Karsllynn Skye

24 pages · Fan Fiction · WWE · Romance
"I need you in my life I can't let you go" "You have to or it won't be good for the both of us" tears are streaming down my eyes he holds my hands...

A Paige of Ambrose by HeelLuis

43 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
"I can't believe you did this!" "I did it because I love you." "Really? You never say it to me…" "That's because I'd rather s...

Who Do You Ship Me With? by HeelLuis

Simple question is the title-

A new begining by Aracely Espinosa

5 pages · Fan Fiction
I felt like some one was watching me I looked up with tears in my eyes and I saw a lizard like creature

Obsession by ʀᴇᴇᴅᴜs

"A ransom, that was all that she was - all that she was supposed to be, just our ticket out of the country, but then I saw her, I'd never felt like that before; t...

Touring With Irresistible Trouble -Shield Love Triangle- by Kıиg Ałıı.ˣˣˣ

205 pages · Fan Fiction · Mystery · WWE
Amelia joins her cousin on tour for a couple of months but what happens when this rebel meet the three troublemakers of WWE? Will one fall for her or will the best friend...

Do you Still Love Me?Randy Orton & Roman Reigns love story

111 pages · WWE · Romance · Fan Fiction
She doesnt know who it shall be ? Should she give up on Randy or find a new love Roman Reigns?

Letters from the Sky by chíєft jσѕєph.ˣ

6 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
Follow the buzzards The Shield Torrie Wilson & Ashley Massaro

What Kind of Girlfriend are you? by Lanahall

Are you flirty, lovey dovey, laid back, clingy? Well, LETS FIND OUT TOGETHER!!! (Short results)

What hair colour would suit you? by Aquila

12 different possible colours! This quiz is mostly based on your features, not your personality. It shows you what colour (natural and unnatural) would suit your skin ton...