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June 30, 2009
2 months ago


Cloud Nine

Stiles Stilinski
137 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
He kissed me so carefully and cautiously, as if I was a China doll that was about to break. "You." He whispered against my peach colored lips.
♥ 2,779    664    766,370 reads by 50,990 readers


3 pages · Romance · Science Fiction
The population of America continues to grow and in the year 2063, the citizens are torn from their former society. The men and women now live in separate compounds and it is illegal to visit the other side. Nineteen year old, Jolene, defies her government and travels across the fence, but is it safe?
♥ 4    1    44 reads by 41 readers

Lost It All

Andy Biersack
15 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
He placed his hand on the side of my face. His eyes were looking through me, a sad smile played on his lips. "You know I love Juliet and I can't leave her." I knew he would say this eventually, but it hurt more than I had prepared myself for. "I never asked you to." I willed the tears back. He wouldn't see me cry about something so unrealistic, I wouldn't let him. "I know you didn't." He whispered. Now chest to chest, I could feel his every heart beat. "How cliché?" I half heartedly laughed. "I'm falling for my best friend's boyfriend."
♥ 69    11    5,012 reads by 939 readers