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Zeito Shion the Anti-loid

How would I know...The dark side of Crypton, maybe?
December 31, 2011
1 week ago


Which Shion Should I Be? *As always, temporary change X3*

I'm thinking about RP'ing as one of Kaito's brothers for a while. Which one to be?
Which Shion should I be?


... Hiatus...

(( Sorry- ))


March 21, 2014

M!A List for Zeito~


Play in Wonderland, Alice?

"The glass-eyed doll Began to sing one night "Hey, Shall I lead you To a beautiful world?" Chasing the white rabbit You fell into a deep hole Look "You can't go back" A very strange land! Where anything you want comes true Atop the silk tree The broad-smiled Cheshire Cat laughs "Welcome" "Turn back, Alice" She heard the voice from above But the girl's eyes Were entranced by this beautiful world! Lost in the road of white roses Everything has been stained red Until the end "she falls" The golden clock Has stopped it's clicking sound This is fine Slowly, we'll drink tea Forever! The land of fragmented dreams Where anything you want gathers The ones you threw away "Only one can be saved" The clock that doesn't move And the tumbling doll Both whisper and guide "Hey, shall we go together...?" To Wonderland!"
♥ 3    113 reads by 97 readers

Cheating Life

2 pages · Short Stories · Adventure
Random adventure, frightening flashbacks, and above all, being chased by a cloud of black smoke. What else could go wrong?
♥ 2    3    65 reads by 49 readers

You're Not Who You Think

3 pages · Horror · Short Stories
"tђє ςคl๓เภﻮ ש๏เςє гєשєг๒єгคtєร Ŧคг คฬคץ เ ฬคภt t๏ รlєєק, ๒ยt ץ๏ย รเภﻮ คll เ Ŧเภ๔ เร ยภгєคςђค๒lє ๒lคςкภєรร เ ฬคภt เt t๏ tคкє ๓є คฬคץ Ŧг๏๓ tђเร ฬђเtє เ ђคtє เ ฬคภt t๏ ๒єς๏๓є tђє ๔คгкภєรร tђคt єภשєl๏קร ץ๏ย เŦ เ ฬєгє t๏ Ŧ๏гﻮєt tђє ฬ๏гl๔ ๏Ŧ гєคร๏ภ ค ๔๏שє ςคภ’t Ŧ๏ll๏ฬ tђє єאค๓קlєร ๏Ŧ ςг๏ฬร, ๒ยt เt ђคtєร tђє lเﻮђt เ’ll ฬคเt. tєคςђ ๓є ค๒๏ยt รคςгเlєﻮє คภ๔ tђє Ŧ๏г๒เ๔๔єภ Ŧгยเt เŦ เ ςคภภ๏t єรςคקє ץ๏ยг คг๓ร, ฬє’ll ﻮ๏ t๏ tђє ค๒ץรร гєש๏ltเภﻮ ςlคгเtץ, คllยгเภﻮ ๔เรt๏гtเ๏ภ เ ฬคภt ...
♥ 2    38 reads by 33 readers

Ward 705

Isn't it funny? Life is a puzzle, we're all pieces, right? The demons no one notices, "Ranbara, ranbara, ranbara!" Flower petals fall down from pale finger, "Rohjira, rohjira, rohjira!" They don't notice, they don't notice. (Based off of Hatsune Miku - Warm Room 305, by Hachi-P. .)
♥ 6    1    44 reads by 19 readers

Prompts During Math

3 pages · Short Stories · Humor
As it said, story prompts I thought of during Recovery Algebra. ^.^"
29 reads by 15 readers

Depression Leads To This.

A series of Pokemon One-Shots/Angst/Suicide. Reader Insert. Taking requests. Post-Reader Suicide. ^.^"
♥ 89    88    7,687 reads by 2,124 readers

Yay More OC's

Happy Tree Friends version. X3
♥ 6    1,452 reads by 329 readers

Which DRAMAtical Murder Boy are you?

I'm sorry I love this game >w< "Dramatical Murder, styled as DRAMAtical Murder, is a Japanese boys' love (BL) game developed and published by Nitro+chiral. It was released on March 23, 2012, as a first press edition. A regular edition was released on April 27, 2012. In Midorijima, an island to the southwest of the Japanese islands, mankind and nature once coexisted on the plentiful island. However, due to being purchased by "Toue Company", the leading company of Japan, one-third of the island has been changed into an extravagant amusement facility called "Platinum Jail". Equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology, Platinum Jail has gathered attention. On the other side, the islanders who became victims of forceful development are forced into the "Former Residents' District", and have no choice but to carry out their lives in in a place that is by no means prosperous. The protagonist Aoba spends his days working part-time at a junk shop named "Heibon", inside t...
♥ 102    87    13,641

You're My Inspiration.

Saki - A boy on the verge of insanity. Naido - A girl full of love. Lily - A girl of loss and deciet. Sonie - A boy of harm and sacrifice. "Love is an incredibly powerful word. When you're in love, you always want to be together, and when you're not, you're thinking about being together." "Insanity is the condition of being insane; a derangement of the mind." Combine the two and you will surely find turmoil. Welcome to Hell, you four. We hope you enjoy your stay...
♥ 2    30 reads by 24 readers

"Will You Seize the Day?"

Mizore is a noble. She is on the richer side, but also on the stoic side as well. She isn't stuck-up, but also not...Kind. She is brash, but only to her friends. Poor Yuki learns that the harder way. When she meets Ciel at a Viscount ball, what will happen when they start getting closer? How will Ciel react when he finds out of her handicap? Or rather, her lack of arms?
♥ 10    4    251 reads by 132 readers



The Professional Pokemon Academy! 2!

42 pages · Anime/Manga · Humor · Fan Fiction
Like a Lucky Star/Pokemon crossover! It's a whole new year, some students graduated, and new students come in! # of forms left: NONE! Updated: 07.17.14

More than a Pet (RussiaxNeko!Reader) by 彡Broken Butterfly彡 Croatia

50 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
You were alone in the world; a strange creature that was neither cat nor human. He was alone in the world; a country that no one wanted to be friends nor enemies with.

Kageito's Little Journal by Dueling Pocket Babies

7 pages · Fantasy · Short Stories
Adins note: Just a little thing I'm doing for the Character Kageito on my profile. Lots of headcanons. You may not understand.

Ask Duke Venomania? by Duke Sateriajis Venomania

1 page · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
If all the best RP accounts have one, who am I to be behind the times, in terms of such fashions? Please, ladies, do ask me questions~

A Pokémon Turned into a Human!? (Oneshot Series)

Well no one ever believed a Pokémon could turn into a human, but sometimes life just loves to prove us wrong. *Reader x Human! Pokémon, Oneshots*

HetaStuckLoids! (REQUESTS CLOSED FOR NOW) by Dawn is 2spooky HOMESTUCK TRASH

11 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Anime/Manga
Ever imagined if your fav character from Homestuck/Hetalia suddenly turned into a Vocaloid? If you don't know what a Vocaloid is, it's basically your electronic singing s...

What's your deepest fear?

· Scary
Do you always think your not scared and can do anything! Well take this quiz to truly found out, if that is real.

What Pokemon Creepypasta should you read? by Zeito Shion the Anti-loid

· TV
OMG THERE ISN'T ANY OF THESE YET! >:D I'll just have to fix that, then! >:3 *evil smile*

Various Poke-Humans x Reader One Shots (Requests Open)

What in blazes in going on here?! Our very own pokemon are turning human? O.o Well, might as well cherish these human moments with them...

Male!Countries x Male!Reader [Various One-Shots] by вяσкєηιмαgιηαтιση

Short and sweet one-shots for the Male!Countries x Male!Readers. To help spread the love for Male!Reader Inserts. Feel free to leave a request. c: