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Harry Styles


October 16, 2013


Everyone is always like 'I just got married! Like for.... etc.' and it is always these super happy scenarios.
Well I'm gonna do the opposite.
I just got a divorce! Like for:
1. The person I am divorcing:
2. The 'I'm here for you' friend:
3. The 'I told you so' friend:
4. The lawyer:
5. The person who thinks that they now have a chance with you:
Go Ahead people! Like away! I will probably get none, but still....
there there...
why is it that everyone keeps unfollowing me?? that is not fair! y cant i also have like a 1000 followers?
and as u are guessing where i was, that i think most of u haven't, i m finaaly back here bc i love u guys......but now, i want some followers..

m i being a little too selfish? no i guess! that's in my blood.!
i m also a human n i also get jealos wen i see like 1000+ followers on ur profile! n this is #harrystylespost plzz