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New York Institute, United States
September 14, 2011


Favorite Character

What Harry Potter character would you like to see in in a love story?


I wanna make a fanfiction of the TV series Camelot because Jamie Campbell Bower was an amazing Arthur, but it has a lot of... situations I could never write.
My biggest fans on Tumblr are Person113, my sister who shall remain nameless because I have her blocked on here , тнє σηє ηαмєd ѕαм.... and then myself...
I run into the problem that I want to write fanfictions about an actor/singer, but I know nothing about their real personality and it feels weird to write them.
It finally happened. I finally broke down and listened to a 5 Seconds of Summer song.
So I should be getting my first paycheck sometime this week... I've only got about eighteen hours in for the two weeks, but I'm excited.
Demi Lovato and Emma Watson are two women that are good role models just based on what I've seen in the past two days. You've got Demi's commercial about not text and driving (the #x thing) then Emma's amazing speech for the Heforshe campaign.
Does anyone know how much import taxes/duties are to get something from China into the US?
Has anyone bought anything from the website Or now if it's credible? Person113 I know you look on the sight but have you bought anything?
I'm siiiiiiiick
I apologize too frequently for unnecessary things


June 29, 2014



The Whim of a Moment

140 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Have you ever thought about a single moment in time? About how many details needed to be in place for it to happen? If Clary hadn't been nearing the time when Magnus Bane needed to redo the memory charm, or if he hadn't been in Tanzania, she wouldn't have been able to see the Shadowhunters. Or if the bouncer hadn't let the blue-haired demon into the club, Jace and the others wouldn't have gone in. Just like Mattie and Daniel would have never met if Jace and Mattie hadn’t been separated while fighting demons. Daniel never would've had to save her had Jace been at her side. Or if Daniel hadn't heard her screams, or if he'd used a portal rather than walk. So many details for such a little moment. And to think, it was all at the mercy of the whim of a moment.
♥ 55    39    1,390 reads by 909 readers

Unintentional Revenge

72 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
I never planed on getting revenge. It was an accident. But it probably hurt him more than it would’ve if I’d tried.
♥ 102    53    20,276 reads by 2,023 readers

Keep Holding On *On Hold*

Why Me Series
25 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Emily has had a hard past couple of years. But the next three will make those last few look like a walk in the park. She will lose more than she bargined for. She will go through so much physical and emotional strain and yet she will keep holding on.
♥ 31    41    1,474 reads by 229 readers

Everybody Hurts

Why Me Series
67 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Emily is the only one who understands what he's going through. Emily and Remus have stayed strong until now and they don't plan on letting anything in between them. *Squeal to Breaking Point and Why Me*
♥ 53    57    6,546 reads by 771 readers

Breaking Point

Why Me Series
85 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Emily and Remus' relationship is tested and Emily is at wits end with all the stress. Will jealously on both parts tear them apart? (Sequel out)
♥ 55    17    10,803 reads by 972 readers

Why me?

Why Me Series
124 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
I had the best friend anyone could ask for. Always there when I needed him, but one day he was taken away. A Marauder's love story. (Sequel is now out)
♥ 80    42    28,191 reads by 2,418 readers

Too Late *A Twilight Love Story

35 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance · Twilight
Hey I'm Juliet Whitlock, ya Jasper's little sister. But we dont talk. Wanna know why? My whole family thought I was a witch, but I'm not...
♥ 339    61    59,449 reads by 7,844 readers

Favorite Character

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