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Ana Banana

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Neverland, United Kingdom
January 22, 2013



She Looks So Perfect by נєωєℓ

264 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
He pulled me away holding my head in his hands, whipping my tears away from my cheek. "The truth?" he asked, I nodded, "I like you. A lot. You make me happy. ...

Numb |Ashton Irwin|

53 pages · Romance · Realistic
She wore long sleeves or bracelets all year around, She never seemed like she took them off, She was able to hide when she felt down, She felt like no one care, it was to...

Disconnected |Luke Hemmings|

205 pages · Fan Fiction · Realistic
You see we were best friends, since age four. But one night he thought he ended a call and well, he didn't. Heard every word. Everything became, well, Disconnected.

Do you like me? by done


My artwork by dαɴιel jαмeѕ ѕyĸeѕ

3 pages · Realistic
Really, just any art that I'm not too ashamed of to show you guys :L

Stay as a Horan or change to Irwin? by Dyl

I need help so idk man.

Opposites Attract [Niall Horan & Liam Payne]

64 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Romance
Violet and Indigo Williams, a pair of fraternal twins. Both eighteen and living in their own personal hell. Both hate each other's guts, bickering and fighting constantly...

Story Of My Life. (Niall Horan Love Story.) by Ârłíšś Brëé

303 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance · One Direction
"I can't love you!" I shouted, he turned and looked back at me. "And why is that? Give me one good reason." He said, his tone filled with pain and sad...

Forbidden Love [Ashton Irwin] by x teenage misfits x

146 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Y-you're my professor," I whimpered out, trying to put distance between us. His lips lifted up slightly in a smirk as he cornered me against the wall with hi...


December 9, 2013

My About Me


I won't be online for 2 weeks, because I'm going on holiday and I won't have Wifi 😩 but leave me a comment and I will respond to it when I'm back or when I have wifi.

See ya in 2 weeks! 🌞
Bonnie is the princess of squeaking.


Say Something ( A Luke Hemmings Love Story)

What happens when two people who aren't meant to be together fall for each other? Join Luke and Harmony on a journey filled with love and lost.
1 read by 1 reader

A List Filled With Awesomeness!

1 page
Don't get offended if you're not on here
11 reads by 8 readers

I'm Just A Normal Youtuber (Luke Hemmings)

I Opened Up My Apple Mac Laptop And Open Google Chrome, I Clicked On You Tube And Clicked On Sign Up. I Typed In The Name 'ThatFangirlingChick" I Was Unaware Of How Much Them 3 Minutes Changed My Life Completely.
1 read by 1 reader

The Styles Twins

1 page
"Who are they" I said "The styles twins don't mess with them, they are nothing but trouble" she said But i messed with them, i made my biggest regret, i didn't want to admit it.
2 reads by 2 readers

What about love?

4 pages
♥ 1    41 reads by 12 readers

A mix of dreaming and reality

6 pages
♥ 5    9    68 reads by 15 readers

About mes!

5 reads by 5 readers

Character names

1 page
To help!
♥ 1    1    45 reads by 21 readers

Living in the shadow of your famous brother (ON HOLD)

Forced to live in the shadows of her older brother who is world famous and a teenage heart throb, Will taylor be able to keep it a secret or will everyone figure it out? Follow Taylor on her tale on heart break , drama and fear.
♥ 3    9    41 reads by 22 readers

Falling For My BestFriend (Harry Styles)

4 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction
♥ 2    31 reads by 15 readers