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Terezi Pyrope

Under the sea Under the sea, down where it's wetter trust me it's better take it, United States
8 months ago
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I'm a song writer,This is my work.

6 pages
Songs That A Couple Friends Made, Most Likely Expressing Our Feelings -Amber -Cristina -Marie -Maggie
♥ 4    56 reads by 19 readers

Realm of Insanity ~Jeff the Killer~

33 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Déjà vu is actually a glitch in reality, and it indicates that something has been changed. Someone in the world has ceased to exist, all memories and records of their existance erased forever. For instance, your sanity could be erased from resistance forever. Sally Holloway, adorable, strange, mentally unstable, next in line for the realm of insanity and Jeff's next victim.
♥ 16    8    384 reads by 65 readers

Sleep Tight -Jeff the killer FINISHED-

15 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Horror
She was an ordanary teen. Often unidentified, too weak, too healthy, too.... perfect. She was the last person you would find interesting. She ignored the voices in her head best she could. Wouldn't get mad often, only the voices in her head could cause that, she wasn't known for having a temper. But at one point did it all get too overwhelming for her to handle. You know her as Tess. But now will she be known as Keade... the pastas one and only, fallen angel.
♥ 24    10    1,294 reads by 200 readers

Blindly in love ~Eyeless Jack~ON HOLD!

17 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
This is the story of a girl named Wendy Twist. Wendy was a some what spoiled girl. She had it good, even a perfect boyfriend. She was always happy and high spirited. That was until her boyfriend dumped her for her friend. She was never the same after that. Always sad and depressed. Never spoke unless spoken to. But all that had changed once she met Jack, Eyeless Jack, the love of her life. She fell blindly for him. After she met Jack, her life was never the same again
♥ 14    245 reads by 31 readers

Bitter sweet (Sollux Captor X Human Reader)

4 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
An old friend stands in the rain. The only thing stopping him form reaching out to her, is he's too afraid of his feelings for her. Now's his chance. Go for it!
♥ 14    3    601 reads by 170 readers

Eternally Twisted ~BEN~

8 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
What happens when two best friends go insane and meet Slenderman while trying to escape an asylum by running into the woods?
♥ 17    1    205 reads by 36 readers

The New Us

29 pages ~ Completed · Action · Fan Fiction
I'm making this story for my best friend and her sister. This is the story of there OCs. Hope you like it as much as I do!
♥ 5    1    68 reads by 14 readers

Slender Mansion

2 pages · Action · Humor
Want to join ask meh
♥ 4    1    49 reads by 20 readers


1 page · Poetry · Short Stories
I love quotes and thought it would be cool to share them with people.
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Cilica Ampora

1see r1ght though you, you're broken, yet holding on. you're moving on, because you just wanna stay strong. But 1 see r1ght through you and 1 know that's not what you really wanna be. You wanna cry. 1 sence this. You wanna run. 1 relate to th1s. You want to let 1t out. Why do you h1de 1t? 1 know th1s. So show th1s.