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Equiuses Meowrail


10 months ago
8 months ago


Cool Rainbow Unicorns (Boy x Boy)

12 pages · Romance · Realistic
Gary was a nerd. Dave was a coolkid. The un-likeliest of friends. How cliché.
♥ 1    11    90 reads by 24 readers

Disappearance (America x Reader)

6 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
"What? [Name]'s gone?" You and America have been in a loving relationship for almost four years now. Right before your four year anniversary, you suddenly... Disappear... What lengths will Alfred go to too save his one-and-only love? And can you survive long enough for him to find you?
♥ 15    14    530 reads by 115 readers

A Stormy Night (One-shot)

3 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
Though few people knew it, John was terified of storms. Of course, the day he was over at Dave's and a storm started brewing, he was determined not to let his fright show. (May be continued?)
♥ 19    2    478 reads by 288 readers

A poem fur my meowrail

1 page ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Poetry
:33 < hey eclawus. i mean equius. i wrote you a poem! i hope you like it. :))
♥ 1    3 reads by 3 readers