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United States
August 4, 2013
13 hours ago


November 3, 2014

A Sorry Is In Order


Big Brother Memories!

11 pages · Anime/Manga · Humor · Fan Fiction
Ever wanted one of your favorite anime boys to be your older brother...? Here you are! Your brother and you make memories that you'll remember for years to come. He loves you... but has a strange way of showing it!
♥ 154    20    5,208 reads by 2,584 readers

Terror and Guilt Plague Him

First he loses his parents and most of his family in a horrible accident. Then his brother disappears. Only to be killed by a car crash. (Name) is Sasuke's childhood friend. Well that's one way to put it. She lives with him and serves one particular purpose: to be an outlet of emotion trauma. With Sasuke's remedial need for reprieve from an awful emotional state, school, shopping, cooking a part time job, keeping track of medication for Sasuke, and her growing romantic feelings for him; (Name) has a large job on her hands. [Reader Insert] drabble-ish chapters. Modern day
♥ 62    4    1,853 reads by 734 readers

Ukirwo Uzumaki, Naruto's Twin Sister

16 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction · Naruto
"Only jinchuriki can understand other jinchuriki," How true this is. The pain of being all alone, scorned and even hated is almost unbearable. Naruto and Ukirwo understand this pain like only they can. But, the pain they have is diffrent for both of them. For you see, Ukirwo is a natural born genius like her father. While Naruto is the class clown. She had to hide this fact all her life, but even when she tries her true nature shines through. Her flaming red hair to her apparent "failure-isum" Ukirwo endures for her beloved brother. But how long can she hold out?
♥ 45    8    1,030 reads by 438 readers