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נαdє тнє cσяυρтєя σƒ мιηdѕ

Tumblr, United States
September 23, 2011


Wandering [On Hold]

26 pages · Action · Adventure
"All our lives, we’re waiting for those special moments to arise. We just don’t expect them when they happen. Good, bad, it doesn’t matter. Life will go on anyway." Yeah, keep on believing that if you want. That's just not the case anymore. Life will go on? Ha, don't make me laugh.
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Tulpa Creepypasta

7 pages · Realistic · Horror
Tulpa also translated as "magical emanation", "conjured thing" and "phantom" is a concept in mysticism of a being or object which is created through sheer spiritual or mental discipline alone. It is defined in Indian Buddhist texts as any unreal, illusory or mind created apparition. According to Alexandra David-Néel, tulpas are "magic formations generated by a powerful concentration of thought." It is a materialized thought that has taken physical form and is usually regarded as synonymous to a thoughtform. It is a theory that slenderman among other myths are tulpas or thoughtforms (something created by collective thoughts of one or more individuals). It’s so terrifying to think of what your mind can create.
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Would we get along?

Just read the title
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My RP Character Information

Read the title ^-^
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November 24, 2014

Easy Blender-Batter Self-Crusting Cheesecake


"what's the best show ever?"

i hate when i'm in art class and i finish a drawing that i intentionally made to look incomplete, but the teacher keeps commenting for me "to finish it"
I alternate between “I want to be showered in diamonds because I deserve it” and “noOO OH MY GOD I CAN’T LET YOU BUY ME LUNCH NOOO DON’T I AM NOT WORTHY OMG PRECIOUS FRIEND NO ;A;”
istg if i hear one more person say "i can't even draw a stick figure" i'm going to gut a bitch
*to cool for school but care too much to drop out*