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October 5, 2013


The New HP Quiz!

Harry Potter
· Books
You may have taken the quiz my friend Chelsea made... but this one's mine! You'll love it!
♥ 10    6    551

Elf Life

· Movies
You life in Will Ferrel's ELF!
♥ 2    7    67

Harry Potter Life

Harry Potter
· Books
Get your HP life here!
♥ 30    24    1,439

Bow Down

Harry Potter
15 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Emmy and Anna are two girls, on a mission. Destroy the horcruxes of Voldemort. But when love, fate, and loss gets in their way, this adventure becomes a bit more than just a mission.
♥ 8    5    339 reads by 134 readers

Unwanted, Different, and Alone

Harry Potter
20 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Based of the UNWANTED series by Harrypotterfan
♥ 7    362 reads by 71 readers

OC Home

All Fandoms
2 pages · Fan Fiction
Just trying to keep track of my people.
♥ 1    78 reads by 24 readers

Mythbusters Life

· TV
Don't ask why. Just take it.

Who are you From The Four?

Harry Potter
· Books
Are you the Main Guy (Harry Potter), the Hero's Girl (Anna), the Sidekick (Ron Weasley), or the Sidekick's Girl (Emmy)? (The answers are as of their sixth year)
♥ 2    33

Harry Potter Life

Harry Potter
· Books
Another, yes, now shut up

Frozen Life

· Movies
The real Disney Frozen movie, and this is your life in the series. Girls only, please.
♥ 15    6    977


Harry Potter Roleplay anybody?
The other day I went to an interview and it was the funniest thing.

They asked me about one of my first interviews, the first time i mentioned Rupert off camera. And they were asking about a clip of me and him studying during Prisoner of Askban. We are learning about the life scarring reproductive system, an she leans over and says "Wanna do some extra credit?" and smirks at me. This wa also the first time I beat the crap out of him.

They asked me "What would you say now?" A few days ago and I said "Probaby 'how about you sh*t in one hand and wish in the other and see which fills up first"

When I'm at home or on the set with them, they look like crap. But all of a sudden everybody decides to actually look nice when I'm gone for a freakin' week!