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Homicide AKA Mrs. Vargas

Mystic Falls, United States
November 9, 2011
5 weeks ago


You Never Give Up, Do You? (Marauder's Era)

147 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
I only heard laughter and misty voices around me. I screamed in my mind, ripping my every thought. Notice me! Don’t you see me here? Don’t you see my heart breaking with every vicious insult thrown at me? I wanted, longed to cry, but deep in my heart, I knew I couldn’t show weakness. My bullies, my tormentors, my nightmares. Many known them as the popular boys of our school. I known them as devils from hell. But, their real name? The Marauders.
♥ 557    381    117,189 reads by 7,267 readers

You must be Katherine. I'm your daughter.

213 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Fan Fiction
Kennethia Petrova never knew her parents. Her REAL parents. She only knew she simple life in the village until HE came along and took her humanity. A VAMPIRE DIARIES FAN-FIC
♥ 336    195    59,717 reads by 5,662 readers

The Lost Get Found (A Vampire Diaries Tale) *REWRITTEN & RENAMED*

278 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Fan Fiction
Daniela Wake spent her whole life in the city. After her father died of cancer, she moves in with her cousin Tyler. But what happens when she gets caught in the vampire/werewolf/witch drama? What happens when she dies and comes back to life? What happens when she falls in love?
♥ 123    43    17,888 reads by 2,172 readers

The Inevitable Truth About Genevieve Potter

108 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
I lived in the orphanage my whole life, but I never thought much of it. I was an optimistic person ; I found fun and laughter in every situation. But never would I have ever thought Harry Potter could be my twin.
♥ 133    73    11,265 reads by 1,536 readers

The Death of Me

28 pages · Fantasy · Romance
"Did I really deserve to die?" 16-year-old Cassie Foster's death has been ruled a suicide, but Cassie knows the truth. Murder.
♥ 49    18    2,873 reads by 814 readers

Lovely Traces *A TVD Tale/Kol Love Story*

60 pages · Romance · Fantasy · Vampires
Life has never been easy for Celeste. She's a witch for god's sake! And the thing she's hated her whole life: Vampires. They killed her parents, yet she finds herself falling for one. Celeste thought she had the unbeatable plan into killing them all, but will her plan be ruined? Will Celeste find true love in her deepest fear and hate or is she destined to crash?
♥ 100    45    9,033 reads by 1,116 readers

Poetry by Me. (Warning: Rather depressing.)

2 pages · Realistic · Poetry
I write a lot of poetry and deicided I may post some of it online. I hope you enjoy! Warning includes: Suicide, homicide, self-harm, depression, and language.
♥ 16    7    483 reads by 145 readers

Songs To Describe Characters & Romances in Harry Potter

2 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Some of them are dead on and some are just funny!
♥ 12    13    1,028 reads by 572 readers

Are you a pureblood, half-blood, or muggle-born witch/wizard?

· Books
What type of wizard are you if you are one at all?
♥ 22    37    6,662


Hey, guys, sorry for not updating recently, but I've been having almost literal anxiety attacks from stress with school and life. This is my only free five days, and I'm spending it doing projects, French, and a bunch of other stuff. I'll try to update soon though.


October 13, 2012

A Little Note About my Story 'You Never Give Up, Do You?'