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The Witch of the Swan Family

29 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Fantasy
I guess you'll have to read to find out what this is about
♥ 41    17    1,497 reads by 155 readers

Frozen in Time

11 pages
What if the only way to be safe was to be frozen? After sleeping for seventy years waking up to find your best friend, the mad who you've always loved alive and giving me a punch to the face
♥ 7    100 reads by 30 readers

Pierced Hearts

47 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Kili and Amelia have known each other for years and have feelings for each other but they refuse to let that get in the way of taking back Erbour but things are a lot harder than what they seem
♥ 13    1,007 reads by 118 readers


24 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction
Harry Styles has lost his way. He drinks and sleeps around and blocks everyone out, both the boys of One Direction and Management have had enough of his ways, so Simon comes up with a plan, Harry will fake date his niece JJ but how will these two get along with living together and fake dating? JJ also has a past which lead to her blocking others out. Could they help each other?
♥ 96    23    5,750 reads by 1,160 readers

Revenge *Sequel to Home*

33 pages · Fan Fiction · Twilight · Fantasy
I'm broken, there's no point to things any more I'm numb. My voice is filled with bitterness and coldness and I can't help it ~ Angel Black
♥ 319    80    22,280 reads by 2,182 readers

Home *Seth Clearwater~COMPLETED

113 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Twilight
Angel Black ran away from home because she phased when she was only 10, I know young right? But she ends up in Italy where the Voltori find her. After almost 6 years with them she escapes and ends up back home but doesn't tell anyone who she is not even her imprint Seth
♥ 903    239    168,039 reads by 12,459 readers