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Love Stories

57 pages · Romance · Emo Love · Short Stories
I was bored and have read way too many of these things >...>

Bloody Love

28 pages · Thriller · Romance · Emo Love
Let's just get one thing straight; I'm not. Still confused? I'm gay.

Emo Love Stories(:

28 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Emo Love
The title says it all! Be nice & plz follow!

Love Stories|

23 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Emo Love · Short Stories
Just some stories that I wrote, you can read it or not. Whatever floats your boat, I guess. *Also* I'm kinda sorta redoing these...just ya the way..

Long Emo Love Stories

86 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Emo Love · Short Stories
Love Stories that will leave you wanting more! The ones with ♥ next to them are done.

EmO lOvE sToRiEs - LoNg AnD cUtE

19 pages · Romance · Emo Love
Emo Love Stories by me, Onyx Rawz Olivia! ♥ For Girls, gays, or bis!

At Midnight

39 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Romance · Emo Love
BxB*Sequel to A Vampire's Deal* Ace has taken Sammy somewhere, where he hopes Allister wont find them. They have gotten away for a year now but things are starting to fal...

Imprisoned In Love

66 pages · Romance · Emo Love · Vampires
A girl lives at home with her drug addicted parents and when she goes out one night to clear her head, she gets kidnapped.. by Vampires. Forced to be a blood slave, she f...

"Emo" Love Stories(Long Resu...

33 pages · Romance · Emo Love
This is my first thing on Quizazz I own none of the pictures.

Emo Love Stories 3

23 pages · Romance · Emo Love · Short Stories
More love stories by me! Yay! :D
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