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Emo Love Stories

40 pages · Romance · Emo Love
Sorry if you were a big fan of my old stories, but I had to delete them. But here's a brand new quiz with different guys! Comment please!

Emo love stories(done...)

34 pages ~ Completed · Emo Love · Romance

Emo Love Stories(:

28 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Emo Love
The title says it all! Be nice & plz follow!

Emo love stories

151 pages · Short Stories · Emo Love · Romance
Random stories I wrote when I was bored. As long as I can make them, so really long i hope. only guys are featured in this thing btw.

Love stories. For emo/scene girls.

55 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Short Stories · Emo Love
Another average ordinary everyday emo love story. There are sad results btw. IF YOU DON'T LIKE SAD STORIES DON'T READ IT!

Emo love stories(:

21 pages ~ Completed · Emo Love · Romance
Thee title explains it pretty well i think.

Emo Love Stories

32 pages ~ Completed · Emo Love · Romance
Title says it! And this is my first writing one of these!

Celebb Emo Love Stories!

33 pages · Emo Love · Romance
The title explains it all! :P GIRLLZZ ONLY!

Emo Love Stories( I take requests!)

47 pages · Short Stories · Emo Love · Romance
I hope they reach some of the readers standards lol Requests are taken!

Emo Love Stories 2

156 pages ~ Completed · Humor · Emo Love · Romance
Okay so this is my second set, the other one just had way to many on it! So enjoy!

Emo Love Stories(: 2

44 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Emo Love
Just like my other ones!
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Can you spell Jade? (BxB)

3 pages · Romance · Realistic · Emo Love
Ebony Holland, lead singer of Positive Depression meets a lovely girl, Jade at one of his after parties. She's the most beautiful girl in the world! But what if...Jad...

Love Drabbles

11 pages · Short Stories · Emo Love · Romance
I take requests as well.


7 pages · Emo Love · Romance · Thriller
"It replays like a scratched CD, that same part over and over again," her voice began to trail off as she shuddered away the thought. "I have it memorized lik...

Bloody Love

33 pages · Romance · Horror · Emo Love
After meeting his best friend's cousin, Aiden, Chase begins to realize he has feelings for this cool rock star. Aiden also develops feelings for Chase and they begin ...

Emo' Love Stories

55 pages · Short Stories · Emo Love · Romance
So this is my first story and i was thinking of doing requests if you like. Just give me a name , pic (optional) , description of him , and what you want the story to be ...

Bully (BxB)

31 pages · Romance · Emo Love
Finnick Minari is just your average nerdy american teenager. He's a loner,emo,bullied, and hasn't made any friends for the four years he's been at his high sc...

үσυя мү sσηg (вxв)

14 pages · Romance · Realistic · Emo Love
Everyone has a favorite song because its popular or it sounds good, but some go into detail with it. Each song has a story of each types. . . My story is just like one, b...

Lies Behind a Fairy Tale

37 pages · Realistic · Short Stories · Emo Love
Fairy tales aren't always bright, happy, pure. There are some dark secrets behind them. Fake friends, horrible exboyfriend/ bully, and abuse from her whole family. We...

A Paradoxical Love

19 pages · Emo Love · Romance · Realistic
Story about a well-wisher falling hard for a rebellious boy.


38 pages · Short Stories · Emo Love · Romance
Nice love stories with Emo, Alternative, and Scene guys. All Pictures are not mine (google)


22 pages · Emo Love · Romance · Vampires
My emo Love story. I've written them before, but this is my first on this website. Trying something new, I guess. The main character is a girl named Helena, Hel for s...

Love Stories:Songs of the Heart

130 pages · Short Stories · Emo Love · Romance
Just some love stories staring you :3 I hope you enjoy them. I'd really appreciate if you let me know how I did and if I should continue. I'll be willing to take request...
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