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Who is your emo match?

9 pages · Emo Love · Romance
GIRLS ONLY! cute guys once again

Emo Love Stories

98 pages · Emo Love · Romance
WARNING I tend to ramble on with these sorts of things so please don’t go off this page because it is boring you it gets better in the end trust me if not then you ha...

Emo Love Stories.

11 pages · Emo Love · Romance
Longishh results. Hot Boys :).

Long (Ish) Love Stories (3)

84 pages ~ Completed · Emo Love · Romance · Short Stories
Third installment. Basically what the title says. NO REQUESTS AT THE MOMENT! :) © Brenda 2013

EmO lOvE sToRiEs

8 pages · Emo Love · Romance
I only wrote 2, they have long enjoy!

Love Stories

65 pages · Emo Love · Romance
Emo Love stories of guys! You know what to do!

The Cutest Emo Love Stories Ever!

43 pages · Emo Love · Romance
These results are LONG! And if for some reason they don't come up please let me know and i'll fix it.

"Emo" Love Stories(Long Resu...

33 pages · Romance · Emo Love
This is my first thing on Quizazz I own none of the pictures.

Emo love stories

38 pages · Emo Love · Romance
Which story do you have?

Long Emo Love Stories

86 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Short Stories · Emo Love
Love Stories that will leave you wanting more! The ones with ♥ next to them are done.

Aw don't cry! (Emo love story!)

45 pages · Emo Love · Romance
I was walking around the neighborhood and hear someone crying their eyes out at the park. It's a tall emo boy. I stutter "Uhh don't cry mister dude guy sir." He...

Emo love stories *for girls*Longish

20 pages · Romance · Emo Love
Different types of stories about different romances! ♥ :v enjoooy ♥ ____________________________________________ So rry about the atrocious grammar, I hadn'...
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Have Faith in Me

11 pages · Realistic · Emo Love · Romance
When Rian moves to Oregon, the only thing she wants is to get through the rest of high school without relying on anyone. Then she meets Will and everything changes.

Joshua X Luna (Emo Love Story)

10 pages · Emo Love · Romance
Your 16 years old, and your parents are very abusive. You were sent to a care home, and a family, the Smiths, adopt you. Their son is 18, but he falls for you. Do you lov...

Your Emo Love Story (The Skate Shop)

10 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Emo Love · Romance
Very proud of how this turned out. Hope you all like this as well. When I was reading it over, I realized that your character can be viewed as either male or female, so t...

Our Golden Sanctuary (BxB) [COMPLETED]

83 pages ~ Completed · Emo Love · Romance · Short Stories
(Boy x Boy romance. Don't like? Don't read.) "Nobody understands what it feels like to love somebody whose invisible to the rest of the world. I don't even understand it ...

Love Stories

67 pages · Emo Love · Romance · Humor
I try really hard on these so I hope you like them. Oh, I do take requests (:

A Whole Other Life (Emo Love Story)

5 pages · Emo Love · Fantasy · Romance
This story is for my sister, Veronica. I love you so much. ♥ Someone in Raven's life dies, even though she didn't know him, she wishes she could have been ther...

Let's be Rad Together!

11 pages · Romance · Realistic · Emo Love
Hadley is an orphan;her parents abandoned her on the door step of an orphanage when she was and newborn.She grew up to be the average outcast.She liked all the wrong musi...

Love Stories

57 pages · Short Stories · Emo Love · Romance
I was bored and have read way too many of these things >...>

If Loving You is Wrong, I Don't wa...

77 pages · Emo Love · Romance · Realistic
THIS STORY IS CURRENTLY BEING EDITED! When each chapter is updated, it is posted. All the unedited chapters are hidden. Used to be called "Will This Work Out?" CAUTION!...

үσυя мү sσηg (вxв)

8 pages · Emo Love · Romance · Realistic
Everyone has a favorite song because its popular or it sounds good, but some go into detail with it. Each song has a story of each types, but not all of them have happy e...

The Camp *Finished*

31 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Short Stories · Emo Love
Lily has a sad life. Will going to camp change that?
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