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The Babysitter

51 pages · Realistic · Romance
His lips crashed agaisnt mine. "Your not just a normal baby sitter" he said in a whisper. "Because normal baby sitters wouldnt get that" i smiled "do ...

τħε ɴεrɖ ίsɴ'τ A Goody-τώo-Sħoεs.

54 pages · Adventure · Thriller
Aye I'm Amber. Amber Harrison. I'm the nerd of the school. But I have a deadly secret. My daddy is the dangerous criminal in the world. My daddy has the b...

Bad Girl's Mate

237 pages · Adventure · Mystery
She is the bad girl and the beta's daughter. He is the alpha's son. They meet and he instantly knows that she is his mate. But she doesn't think that her mate...


52 pages · Adventure · Mystery
Amy Faith is always bullied in school. What will happen when the most popular guy "falls for her," she's bullied like she normally has been over the years, an...
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Hetalia Big Brother Scenarios!

14 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
Because Boyfriend Scenarios are too mainstream. Since I don't know your gender, reader-sama, you'll be inserting that as well! Reader-sama is a little kid for the...

Mine To Care For (Child!Countries X Re...

22 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
"You might be small, but you are mine to care for as I will love you forever." Child!Countries X Reader Feel free to request anything. 1p and even 2p

Anime one-shots!

50 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Anime/Manga
Just some one-shots!~ REQUESTS CLOSED From the anime's... Black Butler, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Utapri, Brothers Conflict, and much more! (Just ask!) From the game...


166 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Vampires
Ashley Swan is another Swan. She's Bella older sister. She's back from California to the Forks. To live with Charlie and Bella. But how is her reaction when she f...
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Yes, my master

64 pages · Historical · Fantasy · Vampires
Back in the 1800s, Ami Rogers was born into a long line of vampire hunters. Once her father is killed by the vampire Joseph and she is forced to spend the rest of eternit...

Demi-God Love

57 pages · Historical · Adventure
Kayley Rose Gilmore, the goddess Athena's daughter, lost her father when her mom returns. Too much drama causes her to mess her life up, from boyfriends to best-frien...

Kindness Is Key (Younger Hiccup X Read...

16 pages · Adventure · Historical
You're a girl who has no memory of her past life. The only thing you know is that you name is (y/n). So when Hiccup finds you and takes you to Berk, you realize he is...

Dear Louis...

13 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Historical
Harry wrote Louis a letter after he died | Harry's suicide note | Louis's suicide note
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Boiling in my Blood

142 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Vampires · Horror
Strange, mysterious, and sexy. All these words describe Sage Hunter, and also, Alice Coruso's worst nightmare. Being paired with him turned her life into a living hel...

You can't spell slaughter without ...

128 pages · Fantasy · Horror
Amelie has been tortured all her life, and she finally gets back at them with the mental help of a stranger who keeps leaving her notes...what will happen when she meets ...

You Laugh While I Cry

145 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Fantasy
Zoey Blaze lives with her abusive parents and is bullied daily at school. When a new student comes to school, Zoey starts to trust him and let him in. After he finds out ...


119 pages ~ Completed · Vampires · Mystery · Thriller
“Remember this my dear you won’t escape my presence's for long.” And then his lips met mine and soon after my vision blacked out and I was unconsious.
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With You (Jeff The Killer)

32 pages · Fantasy · Horror
Alex is a 15 year old girl. She has been through a lot, but what happens when the creepypasta's see her?"

The Strange Academy

53 pages · Horror · Action
"You have to come with me, this was all a lie. If you stay here, they'll kill you, or worse." he whispered urgently, standing on the edge of the deck. I shive...

Creepypasta Stories

232 pages · Horror
I share with you the legend and tales that have been passed from time to time in not only your world, but the creepypasta world as well. Enjoy! Oh and're in ...
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It's a love hate relationship

204 pages ~ Completed · Adventure · Humor
"Why do you guys spend time together if you hate each other?" he asked me. Ryder and I looked at each other and smirked "We hate each other lovingly" R...

My Crazy Big Brother

80 pages · Humor · Fantasy
Toby finds a little girl stealing from the mansion and takes her in as a little sister, but is Toby suitable to be a guardian?

Don't you like Boys?

164 pages ~ Completed · Humor
"It's sweet that you accepted my parents offer to babysit me, but they must have forgotten to tell you, I don't like boys." Said a very proud twelve year ...
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Violet Winter

27 pages · Thriller · Realistic
Violet Winter was a normal girl, she had average grades, decent amount of friends, and was living a happy single life. People called her a good girl. But does a good girl...

The Assassins Daughter

268 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Mystery
You never know how good you have it, until everything you have is taken away from you. My parents killer kidnapped me. Like murdering them wasn't bad enough...


34 pages · Fantasy · Mystery
Aubree is dreading the week she has to spend at her ex-boyfriend’s wedding to her best friend. But when a mysterious dark haired man arrives in her life, the hardness o...
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Hell, no

34 pages · Realistic · Thriller
"You're mine." He said simply as he backed me up against the wall. He was hacked off, but I didn't care. I let out a dry laugh. "Is that so?" I re...

The Invader *Finished*

73 pages ~ Completed · Adventure · Realistic
Acacia lives with her mom who runs out of money so rents out two of the bedrooms in their house to some other woman and her son. It's pretty awkward when the son turns ou...

Baby You're So Classic.

123 pages · Fantasy · Realistic
He brang himself closer to me and his face was at the side of mine. He had his nose by the edge of my ear. "Baby, your so classic." He said whispering with his...
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Hush Hush

6 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Romance
(Sequel from Monster) "Where did you get those necklaces?" The girl asked. "Um why?" I asked her. She looked at me in a serious look...

Swimming in Circles

201 pages · Romance · Humor
You've known them since they were kids... some have stayed the same, but some don't. [Reader X Free!Iwatobi Swim Club]


120 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Thriller
"You are mine and only mine." My kidnapper said to me while he stroked my hair. He pressed me against the wall and looked at me. His warm breath touched my neck a...
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Science Fiction Hide

Death Luck ~Nico Di Angelo

8 pages · Fantasy · Science Fiction
Felisa is the daughter of Tyche, goddess of luck. That means she can get out of almost any situation with barely a scratch, no matter what she does. But when she is taken...

The Doctor's Daughter

The Doctor and River had a little girl together. People all around the universe knows that she was raised by The Doctor and River. She has to live up to her fathers name ...

Myths are just myths... Right? ~Finish...

123 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Science Fiction
What happens when myths and fairy tales come true and come to haunt you? What happens when you fall in love with one? And you become one with the Myth world?
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Thriller Hide

Slenderman's Little Red Riding Hood.

38 pages · Horror · Thriller
[Ticci Toby x reader] [Y/N] was a bright girl. She loved everyone, she made everyone smile. She wasn't the type of little girl to misbehave. This child was only 5 y...

Scary Stories,Creepypastas,and Rituals

466 pages · Horror · Thriller
None of these stories are mine,all credit goes to the original writers. It's highly recommended that you do not try ANY of these rituals! If you actually read this,...

Weird creepy stories

384 pages · Thriller · Short Stories
Well,this is a new story thingy.this will be more updated than my other two stories so just deal with it!anyway,read it!
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In love with a killer

14 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
A 17 year old girl named Haley Willows, meets a shaky death. But the story is taking a turn what if i am in love with him? Abused by her stepdad and only has one friend. ...

My Vampire Heart *ON HOLD*

13 pages · Vampires · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
Darling, I'm lost, Adrift in the dark I'm clutching your words to my vampire heart once more So let in the light, turn me to dust If it don't end in blood...

Found Dreams (IM5 Will Behlendorf)

16 pages · Romance · Realistic
Luna's old friend Gabriel Morales insists that she go on tour with him and his band mates after the loss of her mother. " You make me feel worth something, like...

My Bethrothed

54 pages · Anime/Manga · Romance · Fan Fiction
(ReaderX [Yandere]Alois TrancyX Kuroshitsuji various) ______________________________ "Dar ling! I have the most exciting news!" You closed the book you were read...

Haunted by a Killer (JtK LS)

30 pages · Horror · Thriller
After moving into a dusty old house on the edge of town, Elliza comes face to face with death. However, her would-be killer kept her alive... But why?

The Big Move (Frerard)

17 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
17 year old Frank Iero is what most would call an outcast. He wears tight jeans and band T's, eyeliner, has tattoos, and a small silver ring in his lip. He spends his...

Small Town Girl |Jason McCann |

35 pages · Justin Bieber · Fan Fiction
"I can't, Jason, not after I know who you are." I scream. He gazes at me with tears forming in his eyes, "I can change for you. Just don't walk away f...

Gamer Forever

16 pages · Realistic · Humor
Ben is one of your average boy, gets 'A' almost every day at school, a true gamer, not popular, the outcast, he was suffering from anxiety from loneliness, until...

Broken to Unbroken

13 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
19 year old, Payton-Gabrielle has had a pretty hard life. Growing up with only her father and having a severe case of depression. Music is the one thing that makes her ha...

Curiously Human - Adventure Time - Fin...

28 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Adventure
You are the only human in the post apocalyptic world... or are you? Image is Finn my anime version by kentapainter


14 pages · Thriller · Horror
Alecia is just a regular teenaged girl with a normal life, that is until she moves into a new house. The question is, will she make it out alive? P.S Sorry if its bad thi...


7 pages · Action · Adventure
Skylar trace finds herself in a cell with all her memories forgotten or gone in someway. Escape is her first priority, perhaps seconded to finding Rhydel Jenson who is a ...

Gamer Girl: an SAO/ALO fanfiction

19 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
It's been almost a year since the Sword Art Online incident, and while everything has been going on fine in the Real World and Online World, Serena Carson was never r...

Learning To Love

24 pages · Romance · One Direction · Fan Fiction
A Harry Styles Love Story

Child of music

16 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Liz was a normal girl. Key word; was. She soon finds out that her 'teacher' is a monster that wanted to kill her, again, keyword; wanted. The Child of music shal...


23 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Action
Tara isn't your regular girl.She does things other people wouldn't believe,living her life wondering if anyone will find out and protecting herself from danger,al...

A Purdy Girl

Macy Stevens is a typical teenage outcast, she and her best friend Sami are the biggest Black Veil Brides fans you'll ever meet, but what happens when Macy finds out ...

Skyward Secrets

11 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Now He has saved his World Link Can Finally have a normal life but as a 17 year old that means romance, When a childhood friend pops up again he may have just found the o...

Naruto Girlfriend Scenarios

15 pages · Anime/Manga · Naruto · Romance
So there is a lot of boyfriend scenarios and I already said that I might do this one so lets begin!


3 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction

The Call ~Fred Weasley (Years 1-7) *UP...

101 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
*CURRENTLY ON YEAR TWO* Isabella Starr, a muggle-born witch, starting at Hogwarts. She meets fellow muggle-born Hermione Granger, blood traitor Ron Weasley and the inf...

Nightshade (Creepypasta O.C based on me)

2 pages · Horror · Short Stories
This is the story I wrote for a Creepypasta O.C named Nightshade. She's based on me, with hair dye, cosmetics, and a few piercings added. This has been transferred fr...

Catch the Stars

4 pages · Humor · Romance
Adriana Brooks is a feisty and stubborn with good girl's shoes. She was just an average student in school until she bumped into Chase River. Now her whole world is fl...

My PRINCESS *Niall Horan Lovestory*

20 pages ~ Completed · Romance · One Direction · Fan Fiction
What happen when Isabelle get to know Niall Horan?

Against The World

306 pages · Action · Thriller
Danni's life was nearly perfect- she had a family, boyfriend, a good job... she never would've expected the walking dead to ruin all that. After everything she kn...

The life of Moonheart 4

18 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
Firestar has died and Moonheart becomes Moonstar. When she becomes leader, the other fours clans are trying to kill her, so no one can be afraid of this monster. When Los...

My Perfect Disaster

6 pages · Horror · Fan Fiction
The apocalypse has hit and no one is more aware of the effects of the zombie virus that Georgeanna. Her mother had been taken and her father, given up. One night, she me...

Help From Your Friends

2 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Ayumi always thought she liked Satoshi and Yoshiki always thought Ayumi hated him. Turns out they were both wrong. (Corpse party Yoshiki x Ayumi. Slight Naomi x Satoshi)

Running Wild

37 pages · Mystery · Fantasy
A long time ago, a destiny was made... Shannon, a 10 year old girl with a wonderful life even though she has an annoying little sister and pestering mom. Her life wa...

The Dragon People

7 pages · Fantasy · Action
The 'dragon people' have been a myth forever, but, over time the myth has changed to say that the dragon people will hurt the humans instead of save them. Will th...

Cries About Love - 11th Doctor Who

14 pages
Christina Maye, or Laura Williams formerly, is a strange little human. She knew names, titles and whatnot. Her and the TARDIS are closer than the Doctor knew, than she kn...

Surprise, surprise (Cry X Reader)

50 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
You and your brother Felix (Pewdiepie) are living in America. When one of his best friends comes over, your life is changed forever.

Life is a Video Game (Sequel to 'G...

73 pages · Romance · Thriller
Of course from the day you knew that there was no returning to your home, you knew something was wrong. However, the answer was something that would be harder to retrieve...

Gone (Harry Styles)

93 pages · Romance · One Direction · Fan Fiction
I try to figure out why I’m so worried about Margaret not calling. It has to be something beyond the fact that I’m disappointed about not getting to talk to her, beca...

Alliance of the Fire [Kiba Inuzuka Lov...

86 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Naruto
Fourth in the Hikari Saga The story returns as things start to get dark. With the enemies building against Hikari, she realises she needs trustworthy allies. As Wuri c...

Kill Or Be Killed

38 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
"You've heard the saying love, kill or be killed" he spoke, a smirk crawling onto his lips, I gulped and took a step back from him "Just go ahead, kill me...

Reaper's Demise

8 pages · Fantasy · Mystery
Reaper twins born with different fathers of different otherwordly races?Impossible but possible,the twins of the Sorrowreave family,Detraya Crux and Angevive Aleister are...

A Loves Flame

11 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
It had been weeks every since the Autobots came into their new base. But what happens that changes the Autobots?

Insomnia // Shawn Mendes

48 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
He’s a visiting musician, she’s lived in the city her whole life. He has millions of adoring fans, she has none. He can’t sleep at night and neither can she. In ...

Guardian [Nishinoya Yuu]

3 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
Nishinoya Yū X Reader: He's well known as the Guardian Deity of Karasuno. But aside from that, he's also the guardian of your h...

Beloved Dweeb [Oikawa Tooru]

3 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
Oikawa Tooru x Reader:I'm always a sucker for volleyball setters with brown eyes

Royals [Kageyama Tobio]

3 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
Kageyama Tobio X Reader: Baby make me your queen bee
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