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Dear Louis...

13 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Historical
Harry wrote Louis a letter after he died | Harry's suicide note | Louis's suicide note

Dancing For The Devil [Hiatus]

21 pages · Fantasy · Historical
Devil is like the boss and I'm the assistant. When he says: Jump I say, "How high?" When he says: Dance I say, "How long?" When he says: Kill I say, "How many?"

The Dragon Warrior

28 pages · Fantasy · Historical
"The Dragon Warrior is an ancient being, older than time itself. Many years ago, the Dragon Warrior faced an extreme battle, one that ensued months of fighting, which...

The Creature Of Wisdom

51 pages · Fantasy · Historical
“How would you like it if someone demolished your home, or burnt all your family photographs, because that’s what you’re doing to these animals, you’re evicting t...


52 pages · Historical · Adventure
She wasn't good-looking, just simply average. She wasn't amazing at anything in particular, a jack of all trades. She never stood out, just a nobody passing through. She ...

That's not me...

39 pages ~ Completed · Horror · Historical
Shay's the only one that knows the truth. Her twin has spent so many years trying to make her pay... But now their both stuck in a mental asylum... What's next?

Sold to the Devil

91 pages ~ Completed · Historical · Romance
When Catarina is sold to a King in a far away land for his young son, she is horrified. She has no one, and wishes to be rescued, or dead.

The girl with the golden hair

18 pages · Fantasy · Historical
She never knew her parents, only her 'aunt'. living in a cave all her life never seeing the light of day, always thinking that the outside world was to dangerous ...

The Snow Skinned Indian

7 pages · Historical
What do you think of when you hear the word "Indian"? Do you think of someone with dark hair and skin? I don't. I think if me with my snow skin, hair of gold, and river e...

The Promise Ring~Ciel x Reader

46 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Historical
"Its a secret.... Do you know what that means?" CielXReader~ I blinked and He disappeared. I looked around but I couldn't find him anywhere. "Don't ...

Take Me Back

19 pages · Realistic · Historical
In the late summer of 1941, in the midst of war in Germany, Dominik Schmidt had never thought he have the chance of a life time. Living in poverty in Berlin he can barely...
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Stories of the Signs

15 pages · Fantasy · Historical
Random stories about the zodiac signs.

Anavelle oN hOLD

3 pages · Historical · Romance
Tomboys and rich people do not mix in seventeenth century England. Unfortunately for Anavelle Duvall she is both.

The Queen

19 pages · Historical · Romance
Skylar is chosen to marry the next King of her kingdom. She is brave and isn't afraid to speak her mind and Prince Anders has a terrible temper yet a caring heart. Wi...

The Properties of Anna Langridge

3 pages · Historical · Romance
Anna Langridge is a young scientist in Victorian London. Although she is a genius, she's not interested in anyone or anything other than her studies. Until she meets ...

Broken Angel

72 pages · Romance · Historical
Victoria has never been normal. She is possessed with extra ordinary beauty with a kind heart, always helping everybody. Bravery, eloquence, vigilance, smartness csme nat...

Blue Bell

26 pages · Historical · Romance
Beauty and Elegance is what is expected, but how can it be done when you are forced to hide the truth? Sixteen year old Cordelia Edinsboroh knows better than to interv...

The Creature Of Wisdom

51 pages · Fantasy · Historical
“How would you like it if someone demolished your home, or burnt all your family photographs, because that’s what you’re doing to these animals, you’re evicting t...

Im only me when im without you. ~Muke~

131 pages · Historical
Michael moves from Australia to England. He meets Calum, Luke and, Ashton. When he first lays eyes on Luke he instantly falls in love. But will Luke still feel the sa...

Stockholm Syndrome

35 pages · Fantasy · Historical
Stockholm Syndrome Once Upon a time, wait no. That's to 1800s chić. Let's try, Once upon a summers day? No? Well everyone likes a good classic or keeping it o...

The One who cried Dragon

35 pages · Historical
(this is a medieval time period by the way) MoonDust, the girl nobody knows about. She lives in a small village owned by the high king. She is not special correct...


2 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Historical
Just a story I wrote for school.

The Tudor Rose

16 pages · Romance · Historical
Evelyn lives in a castle entwined with a rich family history and weathered stone walls full of secrets that must not be told, red rose trellises to signify the house her ...
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