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Dying Embers ~A Percy Jackson FanFic

1 page · Fan Fiction
You ever felt like you don't belong? Percy Jackson felt that way once, but he just saved the master bolt so he doesn't feel that way anymore. He feels as if he has a connection with Annabeth Chase, but something keeps pulling him away... Alexandra Carnes is one hell of a girl. Her name means "defender of man", but that confuses people. She isn't the sweetest girl in the world. Piss her off, you'll be lucky if you live to see another day. With ADHD and Dyslexia, plus her tendency to get into fights, Alex has been kicked out of a lot of schools. Camp Half Blood could be her only chance at a normalish life, until she meets Percy Jackson...
♥ 2    2    91 reads by 77 readers

Andrew's Daughter ~A Chandler Riggs Love Story

5 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Taylor Lincoln, the famous Andrew Lincoln's daughter. A beautiful, thoughtful, and talented 13 year old girl. Her dad gave her one rule when she turned 13: no dating famous people. He just didn't want his daughter hurt. But sometimes, you gotta bend the rules if you wanna find true love...
♥ 68    15    2,482 reads by 618 readers

I'll Make It Right - A Carl Grimes Love Story

5 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Leandra Vitali. Everyone calls her Lea. She left one day for only 15 minutes to go see her sisters, Mollie and Cristiana Vitali, who had moved out together. Once home, they discover their parents, or the monster versions of them. They were walkers. Now parentless in a world torn to shreds by a sickness no one can explain, 13 year old Lea, and 18 year olds Mollie and Cristiana must travel away from the beaches of North Carolina, their home, and find survivors. Find help. But finding a group might not only mean safety, but it could mean love too.
♥ 23    4    672 reads by 191 readers