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Unusual Experience Jerome Clarke Love Story House of Anubis
Story published August 5, 2011 · updated December 11, 2011 · 78 pages · 6,853 readers · 49,258 reads
The Talk and the S
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The Talk and the Screw up

After Supper
Alfie's P.O.V. 

I was standing outside Kayla's door. I kept thinking to myself, you're gonna screw it up, you're gonna screw it up. I didn't want my two best friends to be depressed for all eternity so I knocked. 
'Who is it?' faintly came from inside. Not something I expected, a 'come in!' would have done, but anyway.
'Uh, Kayla it's Alfie. Can I come in, please?' hesitation. I was about to give up and go back downstairs and Kayla called,
'Sure, why not?' I pushed open the door. Kayla was spinning slowly in her turny chair and I saw what looked like homework on the table. 
'Hey stranger. Long time no talk.' she smiled slightly. I almost said that we did a drama assignment together that day, but I realized in time she meant proper talk.
'Kayla–' she raised a hand.
'I know what you're gonna say. That Jerome was mad and he didn't mean it. Well he did, because he actually thought I–' I realized with faint amusement that that sentence never got finished.
'Yeah. I was gonna say that. But since you've said it for me I can move on quicker to the other stuff.' she frowned at me. 
'Jerome did mean it. At the time. He saw what he saw. People jump to conclusions in those situations. I'm not saying I'm an expert in this field, but I know that Jerome loves you.' she was staring at the ground. I was panicking now. 
'Hmm.' is all she said.
'When Rufus took you, Jerome was a wreck. Literally. He almost beat me up when I tried to stop him from running blindly into the woods. He probably reacted like he did because he loves you so much the thought of that sends him over the edge.' she smiled at me. I reached out my hands. She took them and I pulled her into a hug. 
'You love him right?' I asked. She nodded.
'Then something like this shouldn't get in your way.' she pulled away suddenly and plonked herself down on her bed.
'So what do I do?' I shrugged.
'As I said, I'm no love guru.' she laughed and sat up. 
'I suppose I could just go and kiss him. I think that'll solve most of the not talked about problems.' I winced. She saw it and laughed again.
'Yeah, not the best audience.' I smiled and nodded. She stood up suddenly. 
'Ok. Me, going downstairs.' she squeezed my shoulder slightly as if I was the one who was upset. Suddenly I was in an empty girls room, which looked very suspicious. So I went out quickly and went downstairs after her. 

Jerome's P.O.V.

I was sitting on the couch, bent over, my face in my hands. I knew I was being a chicken, and that I should just go upstairs. I couldn't help see the irony in this, I was the one who should be mad at her for screwing Fabian. But she wasn't. I said the worst thing possible to my girlfriend who hadn't done anything but be a klutz. But I couldn't deny the fact that I was furious at her. Suddenly someone sat down beside me. My heart leapt as I thought it might be Kayla, but visibly cringed when I saw it was Patricia. She raised an eyebrow and smiled.
'You know, there were times when you were happy to see me.' she smirked.
'You wish. What d'you want?' she shrugged.
'Make you feel better. That bitch must be killing you.' I glared at her.
'Don't call her a bitch. She hasn't done anything.–'
'Except shag Fabian behind your back.' I wanted to punch her.
'You know full well that she never did. I'm the one who–'
'She's playing with you're mind Jerome. Can't you see that? She gets you to say something awful to her and then lets your guilt eat away at you while she pretends to be upset.' I couldn't help feel like she was right, but I knew she was just trying to cause a fight.
'Bullshit. Don't talk about her like that. You're just jealous of us.' she didn't deny it.
'And you're jealous of her and Fabian. So why don't we make her jealous?' before I could stop her she kissed me, hard. She didn't pull away and I closed my eyes and thought of Kayla. I was trapped, so I just pretended I was kissing Kayla and it was better. All my anger at her came out in that kiss. Finally Patricia pulled away. She was smirking and I flinched and stood up quickly. I was about to yell at her when I saw Kayla leaning against the door frame. Amber and Nina were doing up the table for supper, trying hard to ignore what was happening. I knew nothing I said would fix this moment. Patricia was grinning more and more. Kayla finally looked up and stared straight into my eyes.
'You were right.' she whispered. I frowned.
'I should have just stay where I was.' she answered my frown and disappeared. By the time I'd gotten to the hall she was gone, into the quickly darkening countryside. Alfie was watching the whole thing from the staircase. Patricia came out, smiling evilly. I snapped my head around to her.
'You knew she was they didn't you?' she nodded. 
'And you expect me to like you?' I smirked.
'I expect you to love me. And you will.' then she went and joined Nina in the living room. Alfie was staring at me.
'What? There's nothing you can say that can make me feel any worse than I already do.' he seemed to realize this, but just kept staring. Suddenly Patricia stormed out of the living room and drove up the stairs, nearly knocking over Alfie as she went. Nina and Amber came out slowly and looked at us.
'I guess all that confidence hinged on whether or not we had her back, which we don't.' Nina said. She smiled at me. I frowned.
'But Fabian–'  Nina stopped me.
'Micks dad had a security camera stuck in his room a while ago. Fabian showed me footage of Kayla falling.' I smiled.
'So you're not mad at her?' 
'Hell no. So are you gonna go after her?' I realized if they didn't literally push me out the door I wasn't going to. 
'I guess I have to.' 

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