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Can I make you laugh?
Quiz published June 22, 2012 · 974 takers
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Does this make you laugh?-------------->
Does this?------------>

If you can't read it it says:

Dumbledore: Harry, you leave me no choice, your expelled from Hogwarts!
Harry: Why don't you come over here and make me leave.
Dumbledore: O_O
Harry: That's right, I'll kick your ass old man!
Dumbledore: COME AT ME BRO!!
Last HP one. (This is true in my case) Does it make you laugh? ------------------>

Onto Twilight!!! Does this make you laugh ---------------->
Does this make you laugh?---------------->
This picture srsly made my friend do a spit tank:) Did you do the same?
 Last Twilight one! Does it make you laugh?
 Onto the Hunger Games!!!! Does this make you laugh?----------->
 Does this? ------------------>
 Last HG one!!! Does it make u laugh?-------------------->
 On toooooooooooo.......... ♥ One Direction♥!!! Does this make you laugh----->
 Does this make you laugh?---------------->
 Does this? --------------->
 Last one!!! Does this make you laugh?------------------>

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