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A Mindless Behavior Love Story ~Princeton's Story~
Story published July 5, 2011 · updated 3 months ago · 23 pages · 20,731 readers · 188,069 reads
Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

                            PRINCETON'S POV
We were making a video on MB cam and we were about to go into the woods, when Ray Ray shook a branch which made me and Prod get scared and I ran and I accidentally tacked this girl and we accidentally kissed. ( btw it looked like this :
at 1:05 is when it starts. When he runs.

Your POV
You were walking and you where wearing this:
then all of a sudden I end up being tackled by this dude and we kissed and sparks flew everywhere. Then he pulls back.

???: I'm sorry about that. * helps you up*
You: Nah it's cool
???: I didn't catch your name by the way.
You: ______ and your is...
???: My name is Jacob but you can call me Princeton.
You: Hi Princeton! * smiles *
Princeton: So can I have your number?
You: Um yeah I guess

You to exchange numbers. Then a bunch of guys are calling Princeton's name.

Princeton:Well I have to go. My friends are calling me.
You: Okay bye.
Princeton: * smiles and walks away *

Srry if it short but its 3 in the morning so... Well plz comment rate and follow!

Somtimes LOVE comes around.. 
When it knocks you down..
Get back up when it knocks you down.. KNOCKS YOU DOWN <3