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A Mindless Behavior Love Story ~Princeton's Story~
Story published July 5, 2011 · updated 4 months ago · 23 pages · 20,819 readers · 188,894 reads
Chapter 3
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Chapter 3

You and your mom get in the car:

And you drive to the beach...

When you arrive you say bye to your mom and you walked to the beach.

Princeton: Hey ______. *hugs*
You: Hey Princeton. *hugs back*
Princeton: _______ this is Prodigy, Roc Royal or Roc, and Ray Ray. * Points to them while saying there names*
You: Hey guys, it's nice to meet you.
The guys: You too.
Roc: ______, you know Princeton couldn't stop talking bout you.
Ray: I can see why.
Princeton: *blushes* Well are we just gonna stand here or have fun.
Everyone: HAVE FUN!
You: I'll be back.
Prodigy: Where you going?
You: To the changing room.
Ray: Why?
You: Cuz I'm not taking my clothes off in front of 4 boys.
The guys: Okay.

You walk to the changing room and put your bathing suit on.
( btw if you don't remember it looks like this: )
 And you put your clothes in the tote bag and you walk back to the guys and they are staring at you.

You: Um hello? Is anyone there? * waves hand in faces *
Princeton: Hm? right c'mon guys. * he grabs your hand and you to run to the water *
Prodigy: He likes her.
Roc: Yup. I wouldn't blame him cuz she is pretty.
Ray: C'mon guys let's go!

Then the walk into the water.

You: Sooo
Princeton: Sooo
You: What do you wanna do?
Princeton: I don't know * he puts his arms around you *
You: What are you doing? * you said while turning around to face him*

Your faces are a half an inch apart then you both lean in and fireworks explode everywhere then you both pull back.

Princeton: _____?
You: Yes?
Princeton: Be mine?
You: * smiles * Of course.
You: Aww!
Me: Well yeah.
You: Why did you stop?
Me: Cuz its a good way to end a chapter.
You: Oh okay. Can't wait for the next one!
Me: Plz Comment, Rate and Follow!

Somtimes LOVE comes around.. 
When it knocks you down..
Get back up when it knocks you down.. KNOCKS YOU DOWN <3