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Koga Love Story
Story published July 6, 2011 · updated October 28, 2012 · 6 pages · 1,313 readers · 4,275 reads
Ch.1 Kurai and Kag
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Ch.1 Kurai and Kagome are Priestess

 Kagome came with Inuyasha and saw Koga kissing my hand. "Aw that's cute Koga", Kagome said walking up to us. "She is a descendent of Lady Urufu she was a priestess until her death", Koga said standing up. "Well I came here to get Kurai because we have to go back to our time", Kagome said as she got on Inuyasha's back. "Okay", Koga said picking me up. We got to the well first and waited for Kagome and Inuyasha. "Bye, I'll come back Koga I promise", I said waving standing on the side of the well as Kagome and Inuyasha came up to us. "Bye, Inuyasha", I said waiting for Kagome to jump in. She jumped in and I followed. We got out of the well and saw Kagome's mom waiting for us. "Kurai did you have a good time"? she asked as we walked out of the well house. "Yeah I made a bunch of new friends", I said as we walked inside. We ate dinner and I walked into my room. I grabbed my bass and started playing.........

I finished the song and Kagome came in my room. "I'm a priestess ,too", Kagome said sitting next to me. "But did you see they shards anywhere in Koga's body"? Kagome asked. "Yeah one in each leg and on in his right arm", I said putting my bass back in the corner. "Alright sleep well", Kagome said walking out of my room. I laid down on my bed and soon fell asleep.......I think Kurai and Koga are a good couple. Oh also if you have any complaints just say ,but sit back and enjoy the story. ~Beatty a.k.a author