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What do the Hetalia characters think of you?
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At the bus stop a little boy asks you for 50 cent because he lost his money for the bus. What do you do?
You are the first to enter the classroom in the morning and find a delicious looking cake on a desk. What do you do?
Imagine: The door bell rings and you look out of the window because you're alone at home and you want to see who is there. You see a girl in a muddy coat who looks like she's going to collapse any moment. But as you look closely you see that she has wolf ears and a wolf tail. Would you open the door?
At a party there are three groups: One that is arguing about fashionable dresses, one that is playling a wii party game and one playing spin the bottle. Which one are you joining?
Your parents tell you that you'll get a sibling. Your reaction?
This is a Hetalia quiz, so we need at least one Hetalia question, right? Poland painted your house pink! Your reaction?

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