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Koga Love Story
Story published July 8, 2011 · 4 pages · 1,141 readers · 1,705 reads
Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

I = You
Your name is Ruth!!!

Being a beautiful wolf demon was hard. Men and warriors falling over me and fighting each other got annoying after awhile. Especially since I had no say in it and i had to fight my way out of crowds of google eyed fan-boys. I hated guys that flirt, it's pathetic. So, i just beat the crap out of all of them. I LOVE to fight. I always push myself to become stronger and stronger so soon enough i can finally beat Koga. Yeah, Koga. Awhile back we had a little contest of our own to see who was the strongest. Turns out that Koga was and i ended up on my back. That's the day i fell in love with him. He's the first guy to beat me. And now that Kagome went back to the present time or.. the future? Whatever, i finally have a chance!! But, i have to become stronger. Then i will tell him.

Walking out of my house i heard a crowd call me. "RUTH, RUTH, WILL YOU PLEASE BECOME MY BRIDE??" They all yelled. I scratched my wolf ears on top of my head emotionless. Same routine. They followed me all the way to the clearing. I turned to them. "Please, leave me to my training. Though i asked you everyday. Or i will have to come and hurt you all." I said sour fully. Then all smiled, hearts in their eyes, and left in their pack. I sighed and pulled my katana out. "Koga you can come out now." I said waiting for him to hop out of the tree. The leaves rustled and he was soon by my side. I turned to him. "Ruth, are you strong enough to battle yettt?" He asked, a bit of a whine. I smirk and put my katana on my shoulder [ Baseball pose]. "Yes, i think i am. I will defiantly beat you this time too!" I exclaimed excitedly. "Hnn, we'll see about that. Your not the only one that has trained to get stronger." He smirked and took a stance. I held out my katana waiting for him to make the first move. Right when he ran at me a screaming came from the village. He stopped in his tracks. "What was that?" He asked looking over his shoulder in the villages direction. "I think we should go check it out." I said whilst putting my katana in its case, on my back. Same as Koga. We ran to the village. When we arrived demons were destroying the entire village. People running around screaming in terror, warriors fighting to the death, and children crying terrified. I was repulsed. I couldn't take it. I wanted to destroy all the demons NOW. I wanted blood. "Ruth, please, stay here i don't want you to get hurt." Koga said quietly. My eyes softened. "That's sweet Koga. But, your not having all the fun." I smirked and ran into the village, followed by Koga. We slayed the demons. After i slayed one that was destroying a house i found another attacking a mother and child. My demon started kicking in angry as hell. I ran at it katana in hand. "DIE DEMON!? BURN IN HELL!!!" I screamed wrathfully. It turned to me as i ran at it. I slit it's throat. My ears grew as the rage grew. And my eyes turned darker and darker as my fangs extended. It wailed in pain as dark blood came from its wound. It looked at me and jumped at me, mouth wide ready to devour me. How foolish, i thought. I pulled my katana right through its jaw. As i pulled my katana from it my ears and fangs decreased in size and my eyes turned to its normal violet. The demon turned to dust and looked at the Mother and child. They had blood splattered on them fear and happiness in their eyes. "Thanks you, miss." The small boy said. The woman nodded, "Thank you, Ruth." she said in almost a whisper. I smiled softly and nodded. I jumped to another demon. It was bigger than the last. Like a giant moth. It was ugly, and had purple ooze coming from its mouth. It stared at me with its red eyes, wings humming as it hovered. I jumped in its direction with a warriors yell i sliced it with my katana green and purple ooze coming from it. And it smelled horrible. I covered my nose with my shirts flap around the neck. 

Hope You Like It!! This Is A Story For Ruth, Made Special For Her. If You Want Me To Do You Your Own Story Then Message Me!!! :)