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Akatsuki/Naruto High School
Story published July 10, 2011 · updated December 16, 2011 · 8 pages · 496 readers · 1,374 reads
Chapter 1: Enterin
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Chapter 1: Entering The High School

My name is Eiko Arkenshi. I have long blonde hair and I always wear a cross around my neck. My parents sent me to this high school because I didn't have any friends in my old school, and I was bullied. Alot. Well, I was getting of the train at the school's train station. I looked around and saw the front office. I walked into the front office with my things in hand. " Umm Hello! I'm the new girl, Eiko." I said nervously to the desk lady. "Ah, yes! Welcome to our school! I know about your problems back in your old school, but don't worry! Everyone here is pretty friendly and I'm sure you will make some friends!" She said and handed me a schedule and my dorm number. I thanked her and walked out into a long coridor. I was looking at my schedule while walking, so I bumped into someone and I fell right on my butt. "Oww!! Watch where your going dude!" I said to him in a harsh tone. "I'm so sorry! My name is Itachi Uchiha, whats your's?" He asked while helping me pick my stuff up. "My anme is Eiko Arkenshi. I'm new here." I said a bit more friendlyer. "Hey Eiko do you want to hang-out with me and my friends at lunch?" Itachi asked. "Sure. Why not?" I said sweetly. *Itachi's mind* Wow, this girl's pretty and she fiesty.... me likey..... and she seems nice. I must have her! *Itachi's mind time over* Lunch was only in an hour, enough time for me to unpack, change and all that stuff.
I looked around the lunch room and saw Itachi waving for me to come and sit with him and his friends. I sat next to Itachi and I saw some guys...... To be continued.....