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Random Fandoms (Reader Inserts)
Story published July 11, 2011 · updated 2 months ago · 68 pages · 3,613 readers · 11,245 reads
James Maslow
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James Maslow

*How you met*

You were sitting in a coffee shop finishing a school report by yourself. You notice that a guy across the street hasn't stopped staring at you ever since you walked in. You finished and left. As you walked down the street you heard footsteps behind you. You walked a little faster, you heard the footsteps get faster. Then you ran into a nearby alley. A dead end. You felt hands on your shoulders and you were spun around to face the stranger.

You:*scream quietly* Who are you and what do you want with me?!?!?!?

It was dark so you couldn't see his face.

??: Shhhh hey easy, easy I'm not gonna hurt you.

You: Then what do you WANT with me?!?!?!

??: I just wanted to know what a beautiful girl like you is doing all alone by herself.

You calmed down and then you broke down in tears. The stranger pulled you into a hug and rubbed your back.

You: I broke up with my boyfriend, Charlie 5 days ago because he was abusive. And when I told him I was breaking up with him, his friend Dale was with us, he slapped me and they both beat me. He broke one of my ribs, cut me one inch below my collar bone and I ended up in the E.R. and he ended up in jail while Dale got away. And whats worse is that he told me he would be back.

??: Well, maybe I can help you.

You:*sniff* Really?

??: Of course :). I'm James. James Maslow.

You:______ _______.

James: That's a pretty name :).

You: Th-thanks :).

James: No problem :)

You: Well it'd probably be best if I head back to my house.

James: Do you want me to walk with you? Becaues there are a lot of creepers out there. Especially at this time of night.

You:....Sure :)

So you walked with James back to your place. As you walked back you got to know each other more and you found out that he's in the band, Big Time Rush.

You: Well, here we are.

James: Nice place you got here :).

You: Thanks!

James: No problem. Hey can I have your number?

You: Yeah give me your cell phone. Heres mine.

James: Okay hold on...... There you go!

You: Thanks! And theres mine.

James: Thanks! Well, I best be going now.

You: Mkay, bye :).

James started to walk away then he stopped.

James: So um, they guys and I are going to hang out at my place and I was wondering if you wanted to come?

You: Yeah absolutely :)!

James: Cool! Pick you up at 6:00?

You: Sure:)!

James: Great! See you tomorrow.

You: Okay :).

James pulled you into a hug then out of no where kissed the top of your head, then he walked off to his house. You went inside, went into your bedroom, turned on the TV and laid down on your bed. You realized that you couldn't stop thinking about James. He was nice, loving, and REALLY cute! Then you found out that you like him.

*How you fell in love*


5:50 P.M.

You got ready for James to pick you up and you waited in the living room by the front door. About 8 minutes later you heard a knocking on the door. You answered it, but right when you opened it you were pinned against the wall, with a knife to your throat.

??: Soooo who was that guy you were with yesterday walking down the street, eh?

You:..Charlie? How are you out of jail??

Charlie: Dale bailed me out.

You: I've told you already it's OVER!! Now GET OUT!!!!

Charlie: Oh ho ho no it's not... Not YET!!!!

Charlie took the knife off of your throat and cut you on your left side. You screamed in pain and started crying.

Charlie: THIS is EXACTLY what happens when you break up with ME!!!!

You: Charlie please stop!

Charlie started to beat you and you felt a pain in your ribs in 3 places. One was where your rib was already broken and the other ones were in different places. You could hardly breathe as if your lungs exploded.

Charlie: Who was that guy?? WHO?!?!?!

You gritted your teeth and said in between tears.

You: None of your buisness!

Charlie slapped you and you fell to the ground, then you heard the door slam open and shut and standing there was...James. Wide-eyed, face red, hands balled into fists You tried your best to beg him to help you.

You: ....James...Please..Help me...

Charlie: So this is the pretty boy you were with yesterday huh?

James walked over to him and said,


James punched him and Charlie was out right after that. He ran over to you.

James: _____, are you okay???

You: Ugh. ribs hurt...And I can....hardly breathe..

James noticed the blood stain on your left side. He pulled up your shirt revealing the cut.

James: He cut you?!

You: Yeah, he....did.

James: You need me to take you to the E.R.?

You: Ow! much!

James: Okay okay hold on, I'll carry you to the car.

James picked you up in a position to where your ribs wouldn't hurt. He put you gently in the back seat. You saw 3 other guys with you.

Guy 1: Hey is she okay??

James: No we ned to get her to the E.R. and fast!

You: Ugh. James......who are they?

Guy 1: I'm Kendall.

Guy 2: Carlos.

Guy 3: Logan.

You: Nice you guys..

Carlos: Ouch! looks like that guy busted you up BAAD! Theres a bone sticking out of your side!

You: hurts!

James: Were here!

The guys rushed you in and brought you to the front desk.

James: We need a doctor and quick! Shes got a bone sticking out of her side and she can hardly breathe!

Nurse: Okay okay just calm down. I'll call for Dr.Thomson.

The nurse called Dr.Thomson and before you knew it you were rushed in to a room, James and Logan were with you. The doctor was checking you over.

Dr: So can you tell me what happened Miss ______?

You: Well....I was waiting for James old abusive boyfriend, Charlie Hayes came in and threatened to......kill me....he beat me and cut me....then James came in to help me....OW!!!

Dr: Well it seems tat you've broken 3 ribs and one of them has punctured your right lung and that's why you're not breathing properly.

Jame: So what's that mean?

Dr: We need to get her into surgery immediately.

Dr.Thomson rushed you out of the room towards the room where they perform surgery, James and Logan still at your side, James was holding your hand.

James: _____?


James: I just want you to know......I love you.... you.....too

You tried your best to smile at him and he smiled back. You reached the room and the assistant doctors had to stop the guys from following you.

Dr: Okay Miss _____ this won't take long. It's a minor pucture and the surgery should take at leat 15 minutes or less.


The doctors put you to sleep and about 2 hours later you woke up in a hospital room. You saw the guys each sitting in a chair, James had his head in is hands, Kendall was looking down, Carlos and Logan were looking like they were waiting for the world to change. You looked over at Carlos and he caught your eye. You smiled at him and his face lit up as he smiled at you.

Carlos: Guys, shes awake!

Logan looked over at you and smiled, Kendall looked up and his face lit up, James immediately stood up and walked over to you, smiling with a look of relief on his face. He held your hand.

Logan: Hello sleeping beauty, sleep well?

Kendall: We thought you'd never wake up!

James: I'm so glad you're okay!

You: Me too :).

The guys laughed a little.

Carlos: You still got it :).

Logan called for a nurse to notify Dr.Thomson that you finally woke up. About 5 minutes later he walked in.

Dr: Well Miss _____, I'm so glad to see that you've finally waken up.

You: Yeah, I feel so much better than before.

Logan: How long will she be in?

Dr: From the results I'd say about 2 more days?

You: Cool! At least it's not 2 weeks.

Dr: Yes you got very lucky. I also recieved a notification from the police saying that they have Charlie and Dale in jail for 4 years.

You: Thats good news too!

Dr: Yes it is :). Well I have another patient to attend to but if you need anything call for a nurse.

You: Thank you doctor.

Dr.Thomson left the room along with Kendall, Logan and Carlos beacuse they went to go get something to eat while James stayed with you.

You: James, I cannot thank you enough for what you did.

James: It was nothing, really.

You: Still I am very greatful for what you did....Oh and um, what you said before I entered surgery, is it true?

James: Yes, _____. Ever since I first met you in that alley, I've liked you. 

You:...I like you too James :).

James smiled, leaned down to where you were, and kissed you passionately but gently on the lips. He started to deepen it. This went on for about 2 minutes then James finally pulled away.

James: _____, I love you, will you be my girlfriend?

You: I love you too.. Yes :)

James smiled and you smiled back, he kissed you again, softly but quickly and passionately.

*The future*

James proposed to you a year later, you accepted and you had 3 kids. Charice, Bryan and Lance.

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