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Deidara Love Story// Welcome To The Real World, yeah.
Story published July 11, 2011 · updated November 1, 2011 · 102 pages · 3,215 readers · 14,345 reads
Chapter 6
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Chapter 6

I groaned and rolled on to my side. There was something warm wrapped round me waist, and god was it boiling already. "DAMN IT WHEN DID THIS SEAT-BELT GET SO-" my eyes flickered opened. I was not in sasori's car. Neither was the thing wrapped around me a seat belt. AND NEITHER WAS IT NIGHT TIME ANYMORE. "DEIDARA?!" I shot up quickly. He grunted and rolled away. "DEIDARA, I'M SPEAKING TO YOU!" I snapped shoving his shoulder. "Leave me alone. I need sleep, yeah."
"Why are you so tired?! Were you up all night?!..... wait.."
"It's morning of course I'm-"
"DID SOMETHING HAPPEN LAST NIGHT... OH DEAR LORD.. DON'T TELL ME!" My face dropped as I assumed the worse, considering his arms were wrapped round me. Even though that seemed to be a usual thing now. A smile grew on his face and his eyes opened quickly.
"Wouldn't you like to know, yeah." He smirked. I paused. "Nothing happened; didn't it." I looked at him plainly. "I'm not telling, I'm not one to kiss and tell, yeah." He teased. I glared at him. "And I'm not one to punch without being provoked." I threatened. He just chuckled in reply. I pulled a face and turned away. "...I don't remember getting out of his car.." I murmured. "You didn't, hm." He groaned as he shut his eyes and nuzzled the pillow. I raised an eyebrow, "Is that so.... so how did I get into my bed?" I leaned over Deidara. "Pixies, un." Deidara smirked with his eyes still shut. "Deidara..." I said in an accusing tone. "Fine; I carried you up, cause we didn't want to wake you. Ok? Jeez you're so over bearing, yeah." Deidara mumbled into the pillow. "I am not overbearing!" I frowned feeling a little offended. "I know, I just wanted to see how you reacted to me saying so, yeah." His chuckles were muffled. My face twitched a bit at this. "How would you like me to smother you with that pillow you seem to be so fond of?" I smiled in a scheming way. "I know there's one thing I'd like to be smothered with." he rolled on to his back and grinned at me, eyes open, "And it is not the pillow, mm." He winked. "So you carried me?..." I ignored his last comment. "So, un?" He sulked at my vacant reaction. "Aren't I heavy?!" I looked at him a little embarrassed. "Light as a feather, mm." He purred. I could feel a slight smile grow on my face.

"Did I miss something?" I asked feeling that I'd somehow been left out of the loop by falling asleep for the rest of the journey back and when being carried up to my own bed! Deidara looked at me, suddenly flustered and nervous. "No. Of course not, hm." He dodged my gaze. That was it, something was fishy. "TELL ME BLONDIE!" I started messing up his hair as a threat. "AH, HEY, HEY! STOP!" He laughed. That wasn't the reaction I was going for, but it sufficed. I stopped he kept on laughing. "THERE'S NOTHING. AND EVEN IF THERE WAS, I'D TAKE THE SECRET TO THE GRAVE, hm." He grinned and look to me with bright eyes, "Unless, you... persuade me..heh heh yeah" he quickly ran his finger up my arm. I felt my face heat up suddenly. "DON'T BE SO-" I paused as I saw the amusement grow on his face. I wasn't his entertainment! I glared, and in a moment of what I thought was devious actions I pulled myself over him so I was lying on him. I breathed deeply. "Why don't you tell me... exactly... what .I. .m.i.s.s.e.d." I spoke in the most seductive voice I could think of as I looked deeply into his eyes. He looked back in shock. Ha. Ha. Perfect reaction. He was at a loss for words. "Just as I thought..." I continued in my alluring voice. "You're all talk." I snapped back to my usual tone and quickly jumped off him. I got out of bed quickly and went over to my closet where I pulled out some jeans and a nice pleated summer shirt. As I did this, I could feel his eyes follow me as he stayed in his starstruck silence.
"Heh heh..." He finally started chuckling evilly. I turned round with a blank expression. "I do believe I won that round." I smirked.  He just looked at me with the most perverted grin a person could. "So you're a sadist too?" He burst finally. I felt my face drop. Now that was not the 'perfect reaction'. "NO!" I shouted angrily. He laughed heartily. "DAMN YOU!!!!" I growled. I was now regretting what was ultimately the most awesome get back at him ever. STUPID BLOND, BLIMP, PERVY BOY. DAMN YOU DEIDARA!!!! "Who knew you had it in you, yeah. To finally show you're real motives, hm!" He grinned sinisterly. "NO THAT'S NOT IT AT ALL. IT WAS MEANT TO SURPRISE YOU AND TO STOP BEING PERVY TO ME FOREVER. WHICH FOR A SECOND IT LOOKED LIKE IT WOULD. BUT NOOOOO, BLONDIE CAN'T LEAVE IT ALONE, YOU JUST HAVE TO MAKE INTO ANOTHER SEX ACT!!!!" I ranted at him. He looked at me with a satisfied smirk. "You call that a sex act? I'll show you a sex act.. yeah." He smirked. "NO YOU WONT." I threw one of my jackets at him and stomped out of the room, and locked myself in the bathroom so I could change without him eyeing me up.

I pulled the shirt over my head just as I heard a knocking on the door. "What?!" I growled. "I thought I'd apologise for earlier, yeah." Deidara's voice came through the door. "You, apologise? THERE'S NO WAY YOU'D APOLOGISE FOR THAT! WHAT'S GOING ON!" I unlocked and swung the door open. "You're right," Deidara lept onto me literally just as I made eye-contact with the deranged pervert. "I'd never apologise for being me, yeah." He breathed over me. "Deidara is this a habit of yours cause the back of my head really can't take this!!" I hissed. He smirked like usual smirk. "Just admit that you love it, yeah!" he lowered his head closer to mine.
"Jesus Christ Deidara. Give the girl some air." A familiar voice came over from bathroom door way. Me and Deidara shot our eyes to the doorway to see Sasori leaning against it calmly. "S-S- SARORI...?" I blushed deeply giving Deidara a rough push to get off me. "SASORI?!" Deidara shouted angrily. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, YEAH?!" He shouted hastily. "And how d-did you get in.?" And how long had he been standing there?! I was still recovering from the embarrassment of being caught in such a compromising situation I just . "I thought I'd come warn you in advance about Akatsuki coming for the meeting... Today," He announced boredly, "And, are you seriously asking me how I got in? Yesterday I recall that we broke out of a museum by opening the lock with a hairpin. The latch on your door is nothing I can't handle." He told me matter of factly. "Well that's good to know." I felt irritation replace the embarrassment. "Wait, did you say that akatsuki's coming?!" I gaped. Sasori paused and looked at me, "Actually they're already here."

"WHAT?!" me and Deidara grimaced in sync. "YOU SAID YOU CAME TO WARN US?!" I gawked. "I did. I'm warning in advance that downstairs you'll find every akatsuki in your living room." Sasori's tone was way to casual for my liking. "'WARNING' USUALLY MEANS BEFORE IT HAPPENS. NOT WHEN IT IS HAPPENING, THAT'S LIKE TELLING A PIG IT'S GONNA BE KILLED WHILE THE BUTCHER IS HALF WAY THOUGH SAWING OFF IT'S LEG!!" I seethed. "You don't have the most elegant similies you know." He replied placidly. I glared at him. Deidara jumped up, "Nice going you wooden dumbass." he walked out of the room and downstairs. "You know Sasori, you could of told me a little earlier. Maybe then I could of cleaned up a little, and actually OPEN THE DOOR TO YOU INSTEAD OF HAVING YOU BREAK IN!!!" I growled to him. "You would of cleaned?" Sasori raised an eyebrow. "Ugh.. you're just as bad as Deidara!" I stormed downstairs.
I march into the room and was met with the gaze of Itachi, Pien, Hidan, Konan, Kakuzu, Zetsu, Kisame, Deidara and Sasori(who was now standing behind me.) Not much to my surprise, there was no Tobi/Madara, I'm guessing they all found out that he was an evil genius just by being able to read the rest of naruto. "And the main star of the show arrives." Kisame grinned slyly. I looked at him with confusion and slight annoyance. "What's that supposed to mean?!" I glared. "We couldn't wait to see who Deidara's been fucking this whole time." Hidan grinned. I felt my face heat with anger and embarressment. "After we'd heard so much from you and him." Kakuzu chimed in boredly. "Nice one." Hidan chuckled. I looked to them all for a second a little lost. The it clicked. "Tell me Sasori, how long exactly have you been here?" I turned round to him, my face twitching with anger. "Long enough." Itachi breathed angrily. "HOW MUCH DID YOU HEAR?!" I growled giving each member in the room a bloodthirsty look. "EVERY FUCKIN THING!" Hidan burst with joy. "Oh my life is over." I practically walked over to the wall and slammed my head on it. "Everybdoy shut the hell up yeah." Deidara suddenly snapped. "Show some respect!" (
"No way am I going to leave a bunch on criminals in my own living room to do what they please, for all I know you're planning to tear down this city piece by piece. No way! I'm staying right here you silver hair prick." I retorted. There was a silence. "I like her." Kakuzu mumbled. "S-shut the fuck up!" Hidan growled. I smiled triumphantly. I sat down on my floor. They all looked at me. "Go on then~ have the meeting. I'm just here to make sure you don't try and start a war." I smiled innocently. Pein hesitantly turned back the members. "As you know Madara isn't here," Pein started. "Duh." Hidan mumbled. Pein flashed a glare to him. "..For obvious reasons. And we are no longer in our old familiar world. Our goals have been scrambled along with our old identities. I believe that it is best to now blend in to society as most of you are." He continued. I looked to all of them and noticed that they were all wearing normal clothing and the ones who were odd looking like kisame, kakuzu and zetsu had hidden it in their own way. Kisame had obviously found the invention of foundation and used alot of it to make his skin pale, so he just looked like a very scary guy in his early 40s. Kakuzu had taken a different approach and was wearing a checkered scarf to cover his sewn up mouth making him look like a 20 year old from a street gang, however he was wearing all black and looked a bit 'emo' altogether he reminded me alot of jack skelington(from the N.M.B.C.). Zetsu had obviously absorbed in those weird talons of his that he always seemed to have round his head, and had, like kisame, discovered the wonders of foundation. He looked pretty normal like that except his green hair made him look like he was a punk, his very casual baggy clothing added to his appearance. The rest of the members had just dressed in pretty normal clothing, whether they stole it or bought them, they almost looked like normal people. "I also think it would be best to right now either break up 'Akatsuki'.." Pein's words brought me out of my thought process. I looked at him shocked and a little relieved. "What?!" Hidan grimaced. "It was bound to happen." Itachi mumbled. "You kiddin Pein?" Kisame frowned. "Silence." Pein ordered. "OR we can decide whether we would like to keep the group and use our previous motive on this world." he continues. Wait, their old motive was to extinguish all hatred and pain.... they want to use that on our world? OH DEAR LORD WE'RE DOOMED THERE'S NO WAY I COULD EVEN START TO CONVINCE THEM WE ARE A CALM AND LOVING SOCIATY! ...wait maybe .. it could work out... maybe they could change all the problems.. no, what am I thinking, all they know is how to fight.

"Girl!" a voice snapped me back to reality. "I'm giving you a chance to defend your society, say something." It was Pein looking at me expectantly along with other members. I stopped for a moment. "You want me to convince you not to keep akasuki?" I looked at him in a confused manner. Damn it I need to stop ignoring what people are saying when I think through things! "No, I want you to tell your view on the situation considering you're the only one in this room who knows your world. Is your world full of pain and suffering or is it calm and caring? You surely know about our motives. So do tell us: as the only person here who actually comes from this world, what do you think we should do." Pein put his hands together and rested his chin on them calmly. The members stared at me. "You're kidding right, this bitch gets to have a say in what we do?!" Hidan growled. I glared to him. "Seems so, bastard." I shot as I hesitantly got up on my legs.
"Well....." I trailed off and felt my stomach churn. "God this is like school election all over again." I muttered. "I'm not going to candy coat it." I told them trying to stable myself. "Our world is full of war, pain, hatred, deceit, murder, every single thing which your.. *ahem* world had." I said straightforwardly. "But no war or kidnapping is going to solve that. Just like in naruto, it doesn't help when there is war, just makes things worse. So I say: if you want to keep your goal of peace/distinguishing hatred and corruption you may want ulterior ways of doing that. For instance somehow getting into the system of our government and start changing it from the inside. OR maybe joining a police force and increasing the amount of people you capture. Anyway who's better to catch a criminal than a criminal? And also you're ninja's which would also help the whole equation. But then again there is only so much you can do. Brutality isn't affective so I don't suggest you try and do anything which would cause a ruckus." I explain absent mindedly. They all looked a bit speechless. "I'm guessing though that a few of you aren't actually in this for the better of this world and will just want to make money and all that. To you," I looked to hidan and kakuzu, "You could try and get into business which suits you and will give you money. I'm sure your knowledge and tactical thinking will come in very handy in any sort of marketing or global companies. And that way not only are you profiting for yourself but you then would have large companies backing you up if you were to start campaigns to stop, I don't know, whatever pein wishes you too." I finished. "But that is, after all, if you all still want to be Akatsuki, if not then.. Well I'm not really going to go through it because I think I've spoken enough judging by your faces." I finished. "I told you she was a diamond in the rough, yeah." Deidara grinned sitting back into the chair he was on. "What did you say your name was again?" Pein asked. "______ why?" I looked back blankly. "Who wishes to keep akatsuki a group?" Pein said finally. Slowly Sasori raised his hand as did Itachi, kisame, kakuzu, hidan, and konan did. I looked over in shock as I realised as Deidara had not raised his hand. "Well that is majority vote." Pein said. "I'd like to request to leave Akatsuki, yeah." Deidara said suddenly. I paused, what was he on about? Pein looked at him. "Deidara why would you think if you were forced to join, that I'd let you leave when you please?" Pein told him, "But... considering the situation we are. I may consider it." He mumbled. Deidara looked to serious for my liking. "Ok, since akatsuki are still together, first thing to take care of..."
"I would like you to join Akatsuki." Pein suddenly turned to me.

"W-what..?!" I almost choked, I swear heard Deidara cough like he was choking himself as well. "THAT BITCH IS JOINING?! WHAT GIVES?!" Hidan burst. "You're obviously going to be useful to us." Pein ignored Hidan. "B-but I.. I'm... I'M NOT A NINJA." it was the only think I could think to say. "No but you're obviously intelliegnt, and you know your world well and how things work. You're going to be very useful. So, you're now an akatsuki member." Pein said calmly. "T-this.." I didn't know what to say. MY LIFE WAS SERIOUSLY OVER. "Wait, Leader-sama. She doesn't even know proper self defense how is she supposed to be a member what if she gets into a bad situation and gets killed, yeah?!" Deidara stood up quickly. I didn't know what to say. "Deidara, you can teach her basics, unless you still don't wish to be a member." Pein said slyly. I looked at him. This situation was a win win for him, he not only got me as a member but also would probably rope Deidara back into being in Akatsuki. "Fine, I'll wont leave, but only if I'm her partner if she has to go and do any sort of errands to do with the group, yeah." Deidara demanded. "I've never seen Deidara act like a fucking man before." Hidan chuckled. "Shut up Hidan, mm!" Deidara shouted.  "Of course Deidara. She is now your responsibility." Pein cut in. "Do you all have mobiles?" Pein said finally. Most nodded. "Ok, get a phone if you don't. I'll update you on missions and our new plans through text. This meeting is over." he stood up. "Everybody is dismissed."
"Next time we have a scheduled meeting here we shall warn you." Pein said walking out the door. I nodded nervously, still recovering from the shock of everything.
Everyone else eventually followed until it was just me, Deidara and Sasori. I feel back in my chair. "MY GOD WHAT IS GOING ON?!" I put my hands on my face.

Deidara's POV
I watched ______ sit back in the chair. She looked really frustrated. DAMN IT! HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO REALISE THAT HE WAS GOING TO MAKE HER JOIN. "Hm, I knew she was smart but I didn't realise she was that well thought out. She's going to be very good as a member." Sasori mention. I glared at him, "Leave before I blow one of your arms off." I threatened. "Oh yes, I forgot..." Sasori said calmly. I looked at him suspiciously. "Don't do anything stupid, brat." he walked out of the door. What the hell ius that supposed to mean?!

back to my/you.her POV:
I heard Sasori leave. Deidara turned round and came back into the room.  He sighed and slumped onto the couch. "Deidara..." I said after a while. "Hn?" he glanced over to me, he seemed stressed. "What am I going to do?!" I looked at him helplessly. "WHAT AM I MEANT TO DO?! I-I-I-" I clutched the arm rests of the chair frantically. "Just calm down, yeah..." Deidara said getting up and walking over to me. "I promise I wont let this affect anything, you're safe, I swear, hm." he said staring deeply into my eyes with a serious expression. "Ok?" He confirmed. I nodded slowly. "How did this happen... Was my explanation all that good?!" I pondered out loud. "Are you kidding? You sounded like a genius, yeah." He grinned suddenly. I exhaled with a smile. "You don't need to act so protective..." I told him. His face dropped a little. "I'm not being protective!" He sounded a little offended. I frowned, "I'm going to go take a shower." I groaned pushing him out of my way. I walked upstairs boredly.
* * *
Deidara's POV:
I was hating how quickly the day had already flown by. Didn't get to do anything fun. And yes I was in a foul mood about the fact that they made ____ join. WHAT RIGHT DID THEY HAVE TO PUT HER LIFE AT RISK LIKE THIS?! I mean, even though I was forced to join, she doesn't even have a way of fighting back! She's not suited to be a criminal. I can't imagine anything happening to her, no way. I'll just have to stop her from getting involved in anything out of her league. I heard her coming down the stairs. I tried to wipe my face of the concern which I was feeling. She walked in dabbing her hair with a towel. I smiled to her.

Back to my/you/her POV:
"You're dressed? Aw you're no fun, yeah." Deidara smirked. "Shut it." I snapped. Good to see he was back to his douchy self. "Can't blame me. After having a little taste this morning I want more, mm." He purred. I glared at him. "We never, ever EVER speak of what happened this morning again. YOU HEAR ME!" I threw the towel I was carrying at him harshly. He caught it before it hit him, sadly. "As if I would, yeah." He grinned. I looked at him suspiciously, "What gives, why the change of tone." my eyes thinned skeptically. "How could I, a known sadist be able to tell people that I was the masochist for a second because my girlfriend decided she wanted to do me *ahem* I mean 'shock' me, yeah." He shot me a playful smirk. "FIRST OFF. Me and you right here, no masochist, sadist thing going on, it's all in your head. SECOND. We are not! I repeat NOT dating so I am not your 'girlfriend'. AND THIRDLY. I won that round with you admit it. ADMIT IT!!!!" I pointed my finger at him angrily. He just chuckled. "You're adorable, hm." He smirked. "I AM NOT!!!!!!" I wanted to start a tantrum. He stood up. "You're so adorable I want to pull your cheeks, yeah." He teased. "SHUT UP!!!" I growled angrily shutting my eyes. I suddenly felt a touch on my cheek. I opened my eyes to see Deidara pulling away. He obviously had just kissed me on the cheek.

He put his hand on my face. "I'm sorry they forced you to join. I didn't think the whole thing through, I should of just got you to go out while we had the meeting, yeah." He frowned to me. "It is your fault." I told him blankly though I was blushing. "That really isn't the reaction I was hoping for ya know, hm." He smirked. "What do you expect me to do, wrap my arms around you and say, 'no dei-die-chan, you did all you could, you handsome blond you.'" I said dryly. His smirk grew. "Something like that. And something to do with you saying 'take me now, I'm your slave, baby' yeah." He grinned. I punches him lightly on the arm. "That's disgusting! God knows what goes on in that mind of yours!!!" I fake gaged and started to walk out the room. "Oh I bet you'd like to know!" I heard him as he followed behind. "Deidara just cause I'm going to bed doesn't mean you have to come as well, go to bed when you feel like it." I groaned. "Yes it does! I have to follow you to bed, otherwise I wont get to give you kisses and hugs." He chuckled as we entered my room. "Trust you." I rolled my eyes. And started changing. "Deidar you better not be looking." I growled as I took my shirt off. "I'm surprised you started without warning, yeah." I heard from behind me. Suddenly to arms went round my waist. "GET OFF, I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF CHANGING!" I spat as I struggled in his arms. "Exactly, yeah." He whispered in my ear. "DEIDARA LET ME AT LEAST PUT ON A SHIRT BEFORE YOUR DAILY VIOLATION TAKES PLACE." I growled. He just chuckled, I felt his breath on my neck as he did. "Deidara!!!!" that was it, it was tantrum time! I started kicking and struggling madly. "WOHWOHWO-!" Was all he could reply with as I quickly struggled. "Now just calm down, my energetic little beauty, yeah." that was the last thing I heard before my feet started to lift off the ground. "WHAT?!" I stopped struggling and was suddenly hoisted up into strong arms. "Deidara! PUT ME DOWN." I ordered as he held be in the bridal manner. He grinned down at me, "Only if you promise to calm down, hm." He grinned as he nuzzled my nose affectionately. "NEVER!" I retorted getting ready to start my tantrum again. "I'll kiss you if you tantrum again, yeah." he said playfully. "OH NO YOU WONT!" I started kicking and struggling but he kept hold of me. And in a sudden he sat down on the floor quickly, while I was still in his arms. I had stopped having my tantrum out of fear he'd drop me when he suddenly sat down. I was now in his lap though his arm was still under my leg and round my back. "Time to receive your punishment, yeah." He grinned leaning closer. He calmly pulled out his arm which was under my leg as his other arm pulled me gently closer to him. He wrapped his other arm round the back of my neck and I felt his palm on the back of my head. I was bunched up in his lap as he slowly pulled me forward. Our lips delicately met. After a few seconds I pulled away as I realised what I'd just done. "Why do I let you get away with this..." I breathed. He put his forehead to mine. "I think the question should be, why do you not want let me get away with this?" He whispered. "Deidara, every single thing you do takes all of my energy out of me." I said finally getting out of his lap. "It's been so long since I've found myself engaging with reality this much." I added putting on a shirt and getting into bed. He turned his head and gave me a longing stare. "And for that: Thank you Deidara." I said with complete serious.
He looked back with the same seriousness.

At that moment, he seemed miles away.