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Adam lambert and you~
Story published July 13, 2011 · 149 pages · 915 readers · 5,665 reads
Chapter Nineteen
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Chapter Nineteen

Ch. 19

Once you were in the kitchen Val decided to take the time to talk to Adam. Val:"I'm going to be very blunt with you. She's getting hate letters. I want you to do something about it." She handed him the note that fell out of your pocket, and one of the letters that you got in the mail at work and he frowned. Adam:"What the heck..." he looked up at Val. Adam:"I didn't think this would happen..." You:"O-kay! We have water, orange juice, coke, diet coke, and my favorite root beer. What does everyone want?" you smiled as you walked back to where the three people were, but your smile faded when you saw Adam with the letters. You:"Crap" Adam looked up at you. Adam:"Why didn't you tell me? I would've done something sooner..." You:"I can handle it by myself..." Adam got up and crossed to you. Adam:"No, you cant... I don't want you to. I can fix it, I'll talk to the producers, talk at the concerts, and they'll leave you alone." You:"But it's not your battle and-" Adam:"C'mon, these people are threatening my girlfriend for being my girlfriend, how can I not feel like it's my battle? Besides, I can handle it. It'll be easy" he smiled at you. You:"Don't go out of your way. Okay?" you looked up at him. Adam:"The only thing out of my way is if I need to leave you. Other than that, I'll do anything and everything to clear this up. For you." You stared at him long and hard. Adam:"Okay?" You looked away for a moment and then back at him. You:"...Alright." Adam hugged you. Adam:"Good. Now, we should get to planning thier wedding hm?" you smiled up at him and chuckled. You:"That would help"

The next week was spent running around finding a reverend to legally marry Val and Mark, flowers for the wedding, ordering food, ordering centerpieces for the reception, getting favors, and constantly checking on the cake. It was MADNESS. It was so much madness that the bachelor and bachelorette party was at your apartment. And what did the former bachelor and bachelorette DO for thier party? Sleep. You found that kind of funny, but it's what they both wanted so that's what they got. You and Adam had decided to go out to find him a nice shirt for the wedding since the one he brough was NOT suited for a wedding. Adam came out of the dressing room with a grey shirt with Led Zepplin printed across the front and his black blazer over it. Adam:"How about this?" You made a face. You:"Too casual." He sighed and went back in to put on the fifteenth shirt. You rolled your eyes and this time YOU went in search for a shirt in the store. You grabbed a nice black dress shirt and tossed it over to Adam. Adam:"I like this one!" you smiled. You:"Show me!" He came out and you smiled. You:"Great!" Adam smiled. Adam:"Ok I'll get this one" he went back to change. Adam:"What are you wearing?" You:"The maid of honor dress. I'm not gonna change out of it because no one else is going to change." Adam:"Ah I see" He came out, paid for the shirt, and quickly went back to the car.

When the wedding rolled around you found yourself in the bride's dressing room fanning Val with a magazine as she hyperventilated. And ironically, you fanned her with a "Happy Bride" magazine. You:"Breathe. Breathe. You'll be fine." She breathed into a paper bag. You:"You look great, the wedding is going exactly as planned, the reception hall is all set up and ready. And your husband to be is waiting out there for you." her breathing slowly got back to the right pace. You:"Okay?" She nodded and took a deep breath as there was a knock on the door. You patted her back and went to answer the door. It was Adam. You:"Wow." He laughed. Adam:"You took the words right out of my mouth" You shook your head and laughed, a little embarassed because all you said was "Wow" when you opened the door. Could anyone blame you? He had his hair slicked back and wore a nice shirt with a black jacket and black long pants and looked SOOO good. You:"Sorry.. What's up?" Adam:"Nothing. Just thought I'd come see you before the wedding starts." he smiled. You:"That's nice of you" you smiled back. Adam:"So, now that I've seen you, I should go now." he turned to leave, you chuckled while shaking your head and started to close the door. The door stopped half way and you reopened it. You:"Ye-" Adam pressed his lips to yours and caught you by surprise. When he pulled away you're face probably shown one thing. Shock. Adam grinned, tapped under your chin with the back of his fingers, winked and walked away. You were confused but smiling when you closed the door. Val:"Adam?" You:"Yeah" you tried to supress your huge smile that was wanting to burst out.

As a song started, you signaled the other brides maids and grooms men to follow you as you walked down the isle with the best man. You girls went to the left of the pastor as the guys went to the right and Mark walked down the isle. You smiled, he looked very clean cut and nice. Mark caught your eye and motioned toward the third door to the far left, you looked to see Adam standing there trying not to be seen. You chuckled to yourself as the main "Here comes the bride" music played and everyone rose to thier feet. You smiled and quickly looked at Mark's face, he was grinning ear to ear as Val walked to the alter escorted by her father. After the I Do's and all, you bolted to the reception hall to make sure that everything is how it's supposed to be and changed into your dress. You:"So the food is all set?" Lady:"Yep, it's all in the back and our waiters are good to go" You:"Perfect" You went to the DJ. You:"Okay so you know what to do right?" you looked hopefully at the DJ who just smiled. DJ:"Yes I do. Don't worry, have a good time" you smiled. You:"Once this is fool proof I will be able to" you laughed and heard people. You:"Okay, here we go" Everything went perfectly so far... DJ:"And now, the new couple would like to share thier first dance. Mr. and Mrs. Kimble?" they smiled, rose and went to the dance floor as the DJ started playing the intro music to "You Are So Beautiful", but the arrangement didn't sound quite right. Like, it wasn't the original Joe Cocker version. You were about to go to the DJ and ask what was up with the music, but once you got half way, a raspy voice filled the reception hall. You snapped your head toward the door so see none other than Danny walking toward the little stage, singing his version of the song. You covered your moth and smiled. You looked over to Val and she was grinning from ear to ear because this was her favorite song of the season. You turned back to Danny and when he caught your eye he winked and smiled. You felt a tap on your shoulder and turned to see Adam with his hand outsrtretched. Adam:"May I have this dance?" you smiled, took his hand and was led to the dance floor. You:"How did you get Danny here?" Adam:"I called him" You rolled your eyes and smiled. You:"Wise ass" Adam:"You know you love my ass" you chuckled and shook your head. You:"Thank you Adam." He smiled. Adam:"Anything for you"