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Adam lambert and you~
Story published July 13, 2011 · 149 pages · 905 readers · 5,615 reads
Chapter Four
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Chapter Four

Ch. 4

Once you all got to the rooms, you noticed that it was set up so that 369 was across 377 that's adjoined to 378. You:"Ah I see.. The rooms are adjoined" you walked in and jumped onto one of the beds. You:"Mine!" Scott laughed at your childish tone. Scott:"I guess I'll be in the next room?" You:"You better" Allison:"Sweet room!" she plopped onto the bed next to yours. You let Scott go into his room and lay on the bed. You ran back and jumped onto your bed. You:"So comfy!" you smiled. Before you knew it, Allison had jumped onto your back and was lying ontop of you. Allison:"It's kinda lumpy though" you laughed. You:"Dork!" Danny walked into the room and started laughing. You:"Don't be jealous cuz you're not cool enough" Allison:"Yeah!" Danny rolled his eyes and walked away laughing. She finally got off of you and you sat up. You:"So when's your first rehearsal thingy?" Allison:"Uhm. I dunno actually. Matt was supposed to go check." Your phone rang, you checked the caller ID. You:"Hmm. I don't know this number..." you slid open your Verizon Wireless LG chocolate. You:"Hello?" Guy:"Hey Si, rehearsal is tomorrow morning at 6 am sharp.. And you guys should come to the lobby cuz there's this awesome restaurant that we should eat at tonight for dinner... Si?" you were listening intently to the person's voice. You:"Huh? Oh, yeah. Okay Matt" Matt:"Okay, see you in a bit then?" You:"Sure thing. See ya" Matt:"Bye" you hung up. Allison looked over to you curiously. Allison:"Who was that?" You:"Matt says that rehearsal is at 6 tomorrow morning and that we need to go down to the lobby to check out a restaurant." Allison:"Oh okay" She bounded off the bed and went into the next room. You:"no more sugar for her" you followed her into the other room. You:"Oh! I thought you were gonna room with Matt" you walked over and sat next to Adam. Adam:"Nah, then I'll be so far away from you" he grinned and you giggled and shook your head. You:"Oh my gosh" Scott:"Matt says there's a chocolate cake special tonight at the hotel restaurant!" you smiled. You:"Then what are we waiting for? Let's check it out!" you pulled Adam up from the bed and ran to Scott.
You five went to the restaurant to meet up with Matt for dinner. It was a cute casual place and they seated you all pretty quickly. After dinner was over you guys all decided to go to the rooms, shower and go to bed, long days were ahead of you all. You:"You can shower first Allison, cuz you guys gotta get rest and stuff" Allison:"Oh okay" Matt:"I'll shower when Iraheta isn't cuz she's gonna kill me if Si's not around to protect me... Dan the man can go first" You laughed. You:"Well, no one told you to eat a chunk of her cake. Dug your own grave, there." he hung his head. Matt:"I know"
So it was now you, Matt and Adam in the room. Matt had jumped onto one of the beds and Adam lay on his stomach on the other one. You were going to sit on the chair next to the door, but Adam tugged and held onto your shirt, preventing you to go anywhere. You climbed onto the bed and lay your head on his back, folding your arms under your chin. Kinda like you fell asleep in class... And Adam was your desk. Adam lifted his leg and hit you in the head with his heel. You:"Hey!" you whined and playfully slapped his back. You were going to reput your head onto his back when he flipped over onto his back, putting his arms behind his head. You:"Hey you weren't supposed to do that either" Adam just smiled and cocked his head to the side, motioning for you to lay next to him. you let out a breath and smiled. He was so cute, the way his hair lay perfectly messy on the bed sheets and his eyes staring up into yours. You ran your hand through your hair before laying next to him with your hands folded in front of you. You've had your spurt of courage already today by laying on Adam's back, normally you would've just sat on the chair. And putting your head on or by his arms was much to much courage than you had at the moment. Before anything else could've been said or done, Allison walked into the room and said you could shower now. You reluctantly got up from your spot next to Adam and went into your room to shower.
~~~~~Allison's POV~~~~~
After you were done taking a shower, you walked into Adam and Scott's room to see Si laying next to Adam. "Aww, how cute!" you thought and spoke up to tell her that you were done and that she could go now. You saw her get up and walk past you, she gave a small smile, but you didn't see it untill too late. You were staring at Adam... Well, you were staring at Adam staring at Si, following her with his eyes. You smirked a bit and waited untill you were sure Si was out of hearing range. You:"Isn't it great Si's on tour with us?" you sat on the bed with Matt and looked at Adam. He turned a bit to see if you were talking to him. Adam:"Yeah, it is" he smiled. You were going to continue but it was Adam's turn to shower, so you growled to yourself. But, you figured, you could probably find some stuff about her later and then try to hook her and Adam up.

~~~~~Normal POV~~~~~
You finished taking a bath and went out into the room, Allison had already fallen asleep and you smiled, quietly going into the boys' room since the door was still open. You saw Scott sleeping in bed and you smiled. You went to his bedside and pulled the blankets over him, uttering a silent goodnight. You turned to leave and as you were getting to the door Adam came out of the bathroom. Adam:"Oh hey, I thought you'd be sleeping by now" you blushed ever so slightly and laughed like you were letting out a breath of air. You:"Oh, no. I just got out too" Adam:"Ah, okay." You:"Er, well I better let you go to sleep. Long day tomorrow" you smiled and turned to go into your room. Adam:"No goodnight?" You smiled, and then turned your head so you could see him. He had outstretched his arms, wanting a hug. You chuckled. You:"I'd give you a hug, but you don't have a shirt on" you smiled and cocked your head to the side. Adam took a second to grab a shirt, toss it on, and resume the position he had earlier, smiling. His face saying "Okay NOW can I have a hug??" You laughed because his shirt was on backwards abd went to give him a hug. You:"You're such a character" you smiled. Adam:"You know you love it" you chuckled as your response. You let go of him. You:"Goodnight Adam" Adam:"Night" you smiled and walked into your room. You lay in bed for a little while, thinking. You:"I want to let myself fall for him, I really REALLY do... But I just... I just... I cant..." You sighed and fell onto the bed. You:"Dammit Jon"