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Adam Lambert Love Story
Story published July 13, 2011 · updated July 14, 2011 · 22 pages · 745 readers · 4,825 reads
Chapter Ten
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Chapter Ten

I Trusted You:


I was finally on my way back to New York! you have no idea how much i missed Adam. When i went home, i went straight to my room because i knew he would be waiting for me there. as i entered the room, i saw him standing there with his back facing me "Adam,I'm back!" he wouldn't turn around "baby, what's wrong?" i put my hand on his shoulder and he shook it off. he turned around to face me with an angry expression. "how can you do this to me and come home and talk to me like nothing happened?!" he had never yelled at me before "what are you talking about?" he turned around and turned the t.v on, but didn’t take his angry eyes off of me as i watched: "BREAKING NEWS: sierra was caught seen kissing with another man in Vancouver! who is this man you ask? we don't know yet but we'll let you know as soon as we find out" what?! that wasn't me! how can Adam possibly think that was me?! well she does look kind of like me, but it isn't me!! wait....Victoria! "Adam, listen, that isn't me! her name is Victoria! she came to the studio the day i was filming and the producers made her look like m-" "how can you stand there and tell me these stupid excuses?! how can you stand there and lie right in my face?!" he never talked to me like that before, and i didn't realize i was crying until a tear dropped onto my hand. "you....think....i'm lying to you" "i don't think-i know! for God sake sierra,the evidence in right in front of me!" it wasn't me! it was Victoria! i couldn't make the words come out of my mouth "i trusted you sierra,i loved you,i cared for you,i would have done anything for you but now it's over" i didn't realize the suitcases on the bed. he got them and left. Everything was blurry, i couldn't move, i couldn't talk, i couldn't feel, and worst of all-i couldn't think. “i trusted you sierra.” Those words kept running through my mind over and over again. i fell to the ground, trying to hold myself together,trying to wake up from this horrible nightmare. the problem was, it wasn't a dream at all. he was never coming back... ever again.