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Adam Lambert Love Story
Story published July 13, 2011 · updated July 14, 2011 · 22 pages · 745 readers · 4,825 reads
Chapter Two
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Chapter Two

Adam Lambert:


Well that was a great concert. i forgot how incredibly cute Billy was. i was on my way back to the limo. thank God the driver remembered to pick me up on time. suddenly someone tapped on my shoulder. i turned around and was surprised when i saw the boy that was sitting in front of me earlier. "Umm hi. Your sierra right?” "yes,yes i am" i said. "it's great to finally meet you, I'm Adam Lambert" ahhhh Adam. now i remember! he was the American Idol winner; i saw the show a couple of times but never got to see the finals cause i was too busy filming some other movie but i saw him on the newspaper: AMERICAN IDOL WINNER: Adam Lambert! "well it's nice to meet you Adam" "it's a pleasure to meet YOU" i smiled. "well i have to get going" "wait!" i turned around, surprised. "yes?" "well... are you busy tonight? i was wondering if we could get a coffee or something...?" "umm,no i don't have any plans tonight,where would you like to meet?" "how about Starbucks? at seven?" "yeah,that sounds great" "okay,I'll see you later then" "okay then,bye" i turned around heading for the limo. i just agreed to go on a date with someone i just met...... weird. Well all that's left to do is go home, and get ready because i have a date with Adam in two hours.