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Your Kingdom Hearts Life
Quiz published July 14, 2011 · 4,357 takers
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Hi! Welcome! Roxas will join us in this quiz today!
Roxas: -Nibbles on ice cream- Hi. I'll ask the first question. Umm...Favorite color?
Don't kill me or him if that questions annoying it's necessary.
I'll ask next! Umm....Favorite organization guy?
Roxas: ...
He want's you to pick him. xD
Roxas: Do not!

Roxas: Whats your homeworld?
Nice one Roxas! ^_^ -eats on cookie-
Roxas: Where'd you get that?
My boy ♥
Roxas: Who?
It has an X in his name...


Prefered music genere?
Roxas: I like pop! ^_^ Now tell me who your boyfriend is! -Jumps up and down-
Fine it's Marluxia now sit down!
Roxas: How...? Did he flirt...?
-.-' Yup. And Imma sucker for roses and cheesy poems.


Roxas: umm....i dunno.
Same I guess were done. Hope you enjoyed!
Roxas: One more question?
Umm Sure.
Roxas: Do you like sea-salt Icecream? -huge smile-
...Creepy smile...and dumb question. Well bye!!
Roxas: See ya later, or if you get my result in five minutes we have a mission!!


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