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I fell in love with my own sister!] Japan Love Story
Story published July 16, 2011 · updated August 29, 2011 · 6 pages · 3,574 readers · 10,839 reads
Chapter 5 - Yume..
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Chapter 5 - Yume..? (Dream..?)

"I love you, _____...And I want to be with you forever...."
"Will you....M-marry me..?" Japan knelt down and pulled out a black box and opened it revealing a diamond ring.
You gasped. "J-Japan... I-I d-don't know..."
"Please..I love you. I want t--"

"_____!!! _____, aru!!!"
You immediately open your eyes and looked around.
"Aiyaa!! Hurry up and get ready, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea are probably already there by now, aru!"
"Who?" You asked, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes.
"Aiyaa!! Nevermind that, just get ready, aru!"
China left the room and shut the door. As soon as he did, you started to blush like mad, thank god that was just a dream. 'It would be like incest! Japan honestly wouldn't be into....that....would he...?' You thought. You got off your bed and went to the bathroom to freshen up and change. You heard someone knock on the door, "It's open!" The door opened to reveal Japan, "Ohaiyo, ____ des(u)." "Oh good morning Japan!" You could feel your face start to heat up again, 'I totally forgot! That dream....' You finish brushing your hair and turned around, "S-should we be going now?" Japan checked the clock, "Ah yes.."
"Okay! Let's go!" You say and walk out of the bathroom as fast as you could.

"Aiyaa! That took forever, aru! Where's Japan?" China asked, looking very frustrated. You pointed behind you to a door and Japan came out. "Let's just go.." You mumbled. You weren't really in the mood, you were tired and when you're tired, you're grumpy, or rather just hiding the fact that you liked a certain Asian...
You all left and you slept in the car the whole ride, which was about...... five hours or so? (Maybe less)

_ _ _
I feel like I just wrote a bunch of bull. This is short and boring -.-