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A Mindless Behavior Love Story~Ray Ray's Story~
Story published July 19, 2011 · updated December 8, 2012 · 21 pages · 14,556 readers · 115,154 reads
Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

You: Mom, do I really have to go on tour with Jacob? (a.k.a Princeton)
Mom: Well you can't stay here. I have to go on a business trip for the summer.

You stomp to your room and change into this:

then you pack all your things in your luggage and walk downstairs with them.

Princeton: Ready to go?
You: Am I monkey wearing a tutu doing the jerk?
Princeton: No.
You: Then that should answer your question.
Princeton:Look I know you don't wanna go-
You cut him off by saying: Ain't that the truth.
Princeton:As I was saying, I know you don't wanna go but can you at least TRY to act happy?
You: How can I be happy when I have to leave all my friends here for the ENTIRE SUMMER?
Princeton: I don't know, just do it.
You:*sighs* Whatever.

Then you here the bus parking out front.

Princeton:Well that's our queue.
You:*sighs* I guess it is.

Y'all walk out the house with your luggage. You take one last glimpse of the house and you start walking to the bus.

???: _______ WAIT!!

You turn around to see your best friend Kaila.

You:KAILA!!! *you drop your luggage and run to her and give her a hug*
Kaila:I'm gonna miss you so much. *a tear rolls down her face*
You:Me too. *trys to hold back tears and you both pull back from the hug*
Kaila:How can your mom do this to us? Why can't you just stay with us or the neighbors or something?
You:I don't know. She wouldn't let me! She said that I would have more fun with JACOB then here.
Kaila:Well remember to text and call me everyday.
You:I promise.

Then you hear Princeton calling you.

Princeton: _______ hurry up!
You:*sighs* Coming.

You give Kaila one last hug. Then you pick up your luggage and walk onto the bus. Boy, this is gonna be one long summer...
You:Nice way to start a story.
Me:Yup.Do you like it?
You:I think I do.
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