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A Mindless Behavior Love Story~Ray Ray's Story~
Story published July 19, 2011 · updated December 8, 2012 · 21 pages · 14,406 readers · 113,982 reads
Chapter 3
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Chapter 3

Princeton:*ticked off* Let's play a game now!!!
You:What game?
Ray:Truth or Dare?
Roc:Okay ______, Truth or Dare?
Roc:Okay I dare you to.....

Roc:I dare you to tell us who you like!
You:Honestly, I don't like anyone at the moment.

You looked over to Ray Ray, he looked sad.

You:Ray Ray, what's wrong?
Ray:Nothing. *looks more sad*
You:I know something's wrong, so don't even try lying.
Ray:I'm okay, okay?!?!Just drop it!! *he gets up and walks away*
Roc:Someone's got a tude.
You:I'll go talk to him. *you get up and try to find Ray Ray*

You look in every room,but you couldn't seem to find him. Then you saw him in a small room looking through a window.

You:Ray Ray?
Ray:*looks up at you * Yeah?
You:Look, whatever I did, i'm sorry I didn-

You were interrupted... by a kiss? Yes, a kiss, The most passionate kiss ever and fireworks flew everywhere and this song played in your head: 
then you both pull back.

You:Yeah, Ray Ray?
Ray:Be my girl?
You:*smiles*Oh yeah I will.
Ray:*smiles* C'mon we should probably get back to them, they might worry.
You:Yeah, we should.

You to walk back hand-in-hand to them.

You:We're back.

They were staring at something,you look at where they were looking, which was our hands and you look at Princeton,who was mad/ticked off.And you let go of Ray Ray's hand.

You:So back to the game!

You guys play Truth or Dare for a while then you decide to hit the sack and everyone else do too. You walk to your bunk and which happens to be right next to Ray Ray's. Maybe this won't be such a bad summer after all...
You:OMG! That was so cute!!
Me:Yeah, I know.
You:Me and Ray Ray are finally a couple!!AHH!!
Me:Yeah....Plz Comment Rate and Follow!