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Married with children. (WWE Love story)
Story published July 23, 2011 · updated 5 weeks ago · 184 pages · 6,418 readers · 19,245 reads
Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

 My name is Kaitynn and I became a diva because of my brother. My older brother is Sheamus. Yes I'm Irish. But I'm not pale. I am currrently 25. I have 3 kids. I will tell you my story of my life. I will first start with when I first started in the WWE. I was 17. 
It is Friday.
I'm packing for the wwe. I'm so excited that I was going to be in the WWE. I go to the airport and end up sleepin half way through the ride until I got woken up by two dumb guys. I looked up and saw Ted and Cody. I rolled my eyes.
Me: What are you guys doing here! 
Cody: Your brother sent us here since we finished our match. (My thoughts will be italicesed.)
Me: Oh great! Out of all people he sent these two stuck up jerks!
Ted: I thought you would be pale just like him. He chuckled.
Me: I am part Irish. Was there a reason to wake me up?
Cody: No, We just wanted to meet you.
Ted: That and Cody was annoying me.
Cody: Hey!
Me: Hay's for horses.
The plane lands and I try to grab my bags but Ted takes them.
Me: I got it.
Ted: It's fine.
I just walked off the plane and went to the arena. I went through halways until I passed a door that was glowing.
I got curious and poked my head out the door and heard the crowd roaring and saw the wretling ring.
Sheamus: What are you doing!?
Me: Nothing... I shut the door.
Sheamus: Mhmm.
Me: Who cares about that, I missed you! I hug him.
Sheamus smiles. Sheamus: I'll let you slide this time.
Me: Yay! Thank you!

Now I already talked to Vince so I aready knew I was on smackown. I was a heel. 
Sheamus: Get ready little sis. Your coming out with me for my match against Wade barret.
Me: Right. I dash to his locker room and changed into my attire.
I run to the enterance and fell into someones arms.
Me: I'm so sorry! I tripped. I looked up and saw Ted.
Ted chuckled.
I rolled my eyes and stood up.
Me: Where is Stephen?
Ted: Who?
Me: Opps! I ment Sheamus.
Ted: Sheamus's real name is Stephen!!!? He bursts out laughing.
Me: Wheres Sheamus!
Sheamus taps me on the shoulder.
Me: What do you want! I turn around. Me: Ohhh. Umm hi Stephen
Sheamus: You just told Ted my real name.
Ted: Yea, just right now. He laughs.
Sheamus was about to say something but his music went on.
Me: Oh look at that, time to go!
Sheamus and I hooked arms and walked out.
I walked around the ring and to the anoucer table.
Micheal: Whos She?
Booker: She is Sheamus's little sister Kaitlynn.
Me: Hello Booker T, Hello Micheal Cole. I shake both of their hands.
Micheal: You are so tan! Why are you tan and Sheamus isn't.
Me: I am part Irish, He is full Irish.
Sheamus ends up winning the match. The Corre was going to attack Sheamus but I grabbed a mic and stepped infront of them.
Me: Don't you dare!
Sheamus grabs a mic. Sheamus: Kaitlynn! What are you doing!?
Me: They won't attack a girl. Will you.
Wade calls them off.
I smirk. Me: That's what I thought! I dropped the mic.
Sheamus an I leave the ring.
Sheamus smiles. SHeamus: Good job!
Me: Thanks! I hug him.
Ted: Nice job.
I rolled my eyes and walk away.
Sheamus: You like her don't you.
Ted: Yea, how'd you know?
Sheamus: I see the way you look at her. Do not hurt her! Ya hear me!
Ted: Yes, I would never. You don't have to worry. She hates me.
Sheamus: Good. He leaves.
I get changed into this:
I grab my sweat bag and walked to the bus and sat next to Sheamus and Christian.
Me: Hey Jason (Christian)
Christian: Hi Kaity.
Ted and Cody sat in the seat next to me and Ted kept staring at me.
Me:(whisper to Sheamus) Why is Ted staring at me!
Sheamus sighs. Sheamus: He likes you.
Me: Ewww.
Sheamus leans over to Ted. Sheamus: Would you stop staring at her!
Ted: Sorry.
Sheamus sits back up.
The bus reached the hotel. I grabbed my bags and I shared a room with Sheamus.
I quickly picked the bed by the window.
Sheamus: Kaitlynn!
Me: Oh, your right. You need the sun more than me.
Sheamus: Keep the stupid bed.
Me: Yes! I put my bags by my bed.
Me: Is it just us?
Sheamus: Yea.
Me: Cool! I'm going to bed! I changed into this:  and fell asleep
I woke up to someone shaking me. 
Me: What!
Sheamus: Wake up! You slept long enough.
Me: Ugh! I got out of bed. I took a shower then changed into this:
Sheamus: Do you have any girl friends? Because I don't see you hangin out with any girls.
Me: Yea. I'm going to get a muffin. I go to the elevater and someone held it open for me.
I  rolled my eyes and went on the other side.
Ted: Were you going?
Me: Lobby.
Ted: Okay. He pressed the button.
When the elevater stopped I walked off. 
I grabbed a muffin then tried walking back but someone called my name.
I sighed. Me: What? I turned around. 
Me: Eve?
Eve: Kaity!
I hugged her. Me: How have you been?
Eve: Awesome! I'm dating Evan.
Me: That's great!
Eve: What about you, are you dating anyone?
Me: No, but Sheamus told me Ted likes me.
Eve: Do you like him?
Me: Eww! No! I make a gagging face.
Eve: Who do you like?
Me: John Cena.
Eve: Wow! He is pretty cute!
Evan: You talkin about me? He smiles.
Me: No, We were talking about...
Eve covers my mouth.
Evan: I'm on to you two.
Eve smiles then kisses Evan.
Me: Eve how's Kelly doing? EVE!
Eve: Ohh shes good.
Me: I'm going to talk to her what room is she in?
Eve: In my room.
Me: Okay your no help. Evan what room number is Eve? EVAN!
Evan: 217
Me: Okay, I go to the elevater and there was Kelly.
Me: KELLY! I hugged her.
Kelly: Long time no see! 
Me: Yea! How have you been?
Kelly: Not good. Me and Justin broke up a week ago.
Me: Aww! I hug her. Me: Do you like anyone else?
Kelly: Yea, but I don't think he's single.
Me: Who!?
Kelly: Oh nobody.
I shake her. Me: Tell me!
Kelly: Okay, but I know you love him but you asked
Me: You like John Cena?
Kelly: What?
Me: oh nothin, now spill!
Kelly: I like Sheamus.
Kelly covers my mouth. Kelly: SHHHH!
Me: I'm sorry! By the way he is single.
Kelly: Wait, you want me to date him?
Me: Of course! Your my bestfriend! I'm going to ask him if he likes you.
The elevator stopped and I ran to my room.
Me: Stephen!!!
Sheamus:  What!?
Me: Do you like Kelly?
Sheamus: Why?
Me: Just answer my question!
Sheamus: Fine! Yes.
Me: Okay. I smile
Sheamus: But do not tell anyone! Okay!?
Me: Deal! Oh by the way Kelly likes you. I'm going swimming! Bye! I left leaving Sheamus shocked.
I went with Eve and Kelly. We were wearing this:
We went to the beach and layed on our towels.
Kelly: Kaity, someones looking at you.
Me: is it Ted!
Eve: Yup!
I sigh.
Kelly: Atleast someone likes you.
Eve: Yea, What, Ted isn't that bad?
Me: Trust me, he is!
Kelly: Oh my gosh! Sheamus is coming this way!
I smile.
Kelly: What did you do!?
Me: I told him you liked him. By the way he likes you to.
Kelly smiles. Kelly starts to freak out.
Eve and I laugh. 
Sheamus: Can I steal Kelly for a second?
Eve: Go ahead!
Me: Our pleasure!
Him and Kelly go somewhere else.
Eve an I are trying to read there lips but we failed.
Evan goes behind Eve and puts his hands over Eve's eyes.
Evan: Guess who?
Eve: Ummm Jason!
Evan: Haha! Very funny!
Eve smiles.
Me: She's coming back!
Evan: Who?
Me: Kelly you idiot!
Kely comes back smiling.
Kelly: I dont know....
Eve: SPILL!!
Me: What am I doing? I can just ask  him later.
Eve: Well I can't so spill!
Kelly: Fine! He asked me out!
We all screamed.
Evan held his ears. Evan: OWWW!! I'm leaving. Bye babe. He kissed her then left.
Me: I'm so happy! My bigbrother is dating! Kelly, what do you see in him?
Kelly:  He's sweet, funny, and cute!
Me: EWWW!! He's really pale! Yuck!
Eve laughs.
Just then we all get tossed into the pool.
We come out soakin wet. 
Me: Who did that!?
Kelly: I think I know who! She points to Sheamus, Cena, and Evan who was laughing.
Eve: Let's kill them!
We run after them.
They dashed in the water.
Me: Their going to drown them selves!
They keep running.
They come back stil laughing.
Eve: That was mean!
Me: Yea! You couldn't see  me! I did the hand thing.
Cena smirks.Cena: That's my line!
Me: Whatcha gonna do about that!
Cena chuckles.
I run into the water. I look back and Cena is chasing me.
He finally caught up to me and grabbed me.
Me: Let me go!
Cena: Why?
Me: This isn't fun for me anymore! I turn around still in his arms and look into his eyes.