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Forbiden Love. a Kakashi love story!
Story published July 23, 2011 · updated July 30, 2011 · 9 pages · 624 readers · 1,040 reads
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Goodbye...Kayra!! (the final and sadest chapter)

        Kakashi's Side
  He slammed her to the ground and disappered with her heart! I ran over to her. She was barly hanging on to her life. I dropped to my knees beside her i grabbed her hand>
Me: Oh god Kayra!!!
Tears streammed down my face as i held her in my arms. She just looked up at me and smiled at me.
Kayra: K-Kakuzu may have ran away with my heart but....It will always belong to you!!!  Kakashi I love you,despite what people would have thought about us. and i cant think of a more perfect way to die then right here in your arms.   
I just held her closer.
Me: please d-dont leave.
She was her last breath!
Me: NO! Kayra!!!
It began to rain. The thunder made me jump a little bit.

                                         ~The End~
    Hello,its me. The writer. I know you may have been wanting a happy ending but dont worry. I might write a part two! So if you would be so nic as to comment and rate? that would be awesome! and please tell me weather or not i should continue this!!! Thank you so much for reading hope you enjoyied!!! : D Oh and sorry for any typos!!!