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Seven Minutes in Heaven (emo/scene style)
Story published July 26, 2011 · 2 pages · 2,542 readers · 9,359 reads
Alex (the musician
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Alex (the musician)

You read the keychain.
"This Good Robot keychain?" you read aloud.
A hot guy with snakebites half-raises his hand in a quirky fashion and smiles at you with flawless lips.
You both walk to the large closet across the room.
I slam the door with a dirty grin.
"Have fuuun!" I scream.
"We will!" you shout back.
The boy next to you in the dark closet laughs.
"I'm Alex," he introduces.
"_____," you reply.
"So you're into This Good Robot?" you ask.
"Yeah, they're from around here so my band used to play with them at some local bars and stuff."
"That is so cool! I saw them live once. Can't f***ing wait for their new EP," you exclaim.
He gets closer.
"So what other stuff are you into?" he questions.
"Anything loud."
There's a pause.
"Well I'm kind of into you," he says sweetly.
He bends down and kisses you. It keeps getting faster and faster until you are both almost completely naked.
"TIMES UP!" I yell and throw open the door.
You both look up.
"Oh... I see" I sneer and close the door again.
"Sorry guys, but they're a bit buzy," you hear me say in the other room.
When you finally come out, you're shirt's on backwards and Alex asks you out.