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Time for Miracles *A Tommy Joe Ratliff love story*
Story published July 27, 2011 · updated February 2, 2013 · 103 pages · 2,559 readers · 37,239 reads
Chapter 14
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Chapter 14

When I woke up the next morning, the sunshine was pouring in the window, and I could feel Tommy's warm body against mine. I was wearing his t-shirt to cover my body, with stuff underneath as well. I could feel that he had boxers on. I turned over and buried my head in his chest. 
"Good Morning" He whispered, and I felt his lips on my head. I smiled and kissed his bare chest. He sighed, rolling onto his back, and pulling me with him, so my head was on chest. I looked at the clock. Ten. Not too late, and not too early. I didn't want to leave this bed, ever. I listened to his steady heartbeat, even though mine was pounding as thoughts of last night filled my head. "You're quiet this morning. Lose your voice last night?" He teased, and I blushed a deep shade of red, glad he couldn't see my face. I felt his fingers in my hair. "I'm teasing you. I love the way you say my name..." He whispered, and then groaned. He gently pushed me off his chest, and sat up. He shook his head, making his blonde hair fall back into place. I wished it was that easy for me.  
"Where are you going?" I asked, and he grinned. He leaned over and kissed my cheek, and my head filled with the musky-citrus scent of him. 
"Studio. I've got songs to play." He smiled, and lifted my hand and kissed it, before standing up, and stretching. I watched his almost completely bare body, as he made his way over to his closet. He took out a pair of dark jeans and a dark shirt, and made his way to the bathroom. I only realised I had been holding my breath when he closed the bathroom door, and I let it out. I snuggled back into the pillows and blankets, hoping to catch more sleep. 
"I see you've found someone better." I opened my eyes, to see Justin sitting at the end of the bed. I pulled the blankets up, trying to cover my body as best I could. 
"Justin? What are you doing here? How did you find me?" I whispered quietly. He shook his head, a cocky grin crossing his face. He pointed to the floor, and thats when I noticed the pool of red on the carpet. My heart pounded, scared of what I would find. I looked further, and saw it. Tommy's dead body, sprawled out on the floor. I gasped, as my heart stopped.
"Tommy?" I whispered, and it was so silent I could hear my heart breaking. I had lost Tommy....and was stuck with Justin again. No one to save me again... Justin grinned. 
"Poor thing. But that's what he gets, trying to take you away from me." He opened his arms. "Are you alright? He didn't hurt you, did he?" Justin started laughing, as I stared, petrified at Tommy's dead body. I could feel the wetness on my cheeks, as the tears poured from my eyes.
I gasped and sat up, to see Tommy's dark brown eyes staring into mine. 
"Lyra, Lyra? Are you alright?" I wiped my eyes, realising they were wet with tears. It must have been a dream. But it felt so real...
"Yeah...Yeah I'm fine." I whispered. His eyes told me he was unsure. 
"You kept whispering my name like you were in pain....I tried to wake you up." Tommy said, gently caressing my face. I smiled lightly.
"I'm fine, it was just a bad dream." I smiled. He kissed me softly, and I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling his face closer, remembering the feeling I had when I thought he was gone. I pulled away. "I love you Tommy." I whispered, and he looked at me, his brown eyes full of love. 
"I love you too Lyra."