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Time for Miracles *A Tommy Joe Ratliff love story*
Story published July 27, 2011 · updated February 2, 2013 · 103 pages · 2,546 readers · 37,030 reads
Chapter 3
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Chapter 3

I ran into the house, only to see Justin sitting on the couch.  "How was the concert?" He asked, turning to look at me 
"Great." I smiled. He smiled back and stood up.
"I'm glad you had fun." He gestured, lifted up my chin. He kissed me softly and warmly, like he did sometimes. I just stood there. He pulled me into his arms, and sniffed. "Why do you smell like cologne?" He asked. I silently cursed. Tommy. That must have been why Justin was holding me, just to see if I smelt different.
"I don't know." I said looking up at him, trying to keep my voice steady. His eyes filled with anger.
"I think you do." He growled, and leaned his face closer to mine. I closed my eyes, not sure what he would do. I felt him grab my shoulders and pin me up against the wall. I felt him slap me, and the left side of my face stung. He punched me this time, then threw me to the ground.
"No...not on the ground." I thought, instantly filled with fear. I couldn't protect myself here. I cowered and he kicked me, anger filling his eyes. I heard him reach over and grab something, and then glass hit my head. I screamed out in pain and he laughed, then went and sat on the couch.
"Out of my sight." He snarled, and with my head bleeding like crazy, I ran up to my room. As soon as I was in my room I ran into my bathroom, and sat down and cried. I picked up a wet cloth and held it to my head, which was pounding. The one thing on my mind right now was Tommy. If I had stayed with him, would this have happened? I wanted to say that maybe if I would have just left Tommy, none of it would have happened, but meeting Tommy had been the highlight of my day. When my head stopped bleeding I went into my room, and looked out at the stars. My window showed me a forest, with a path that I like to walk down when Justin wasn't home. I had one of those flower/vine holder things beside my window, since Justin locked the doors from the outside. In the far right you could just see some sand and water, since Justin had beach front property. I also liked to walk along there sometimes. There were people coming 
out of the path in the forest, which I excpected, even this late at night. What I did not expect was to see a blonde head walk out, a blonde head that belonged to Tommy Joe Ratliff. He was staring at the house, and he looked at my window and ran. He ran until he got to the vine thing and started climbing up it, making my heart jump for two reasons.
1. Tommy Joe Ratliff was climbing in my window.
2.Tommy was climbing in my window, and if Justin found out, I was dead. And so was Tommy. I walked away from the window and onto my bed. Luckily I kept my room fairly clean. It was painted turquoise and silver, and everything else were those colors to match it. Tommy's head appeared through the window, and he climbed in with ease. As soon as he had both feet on the floor, he ran over to me and pulled me into his arms.
"Tommy, what are you doing?" I asked, but he didn't answer.
"Your head is bleeding...."
"Tommy, you're going to get killed!" I urged. But he just repeated what he had said before.
"Your head is bleeding."
"Tommy, you have to go."
"Lyra, your head is bleeding!" He yelled. I brought a finger to his lips.
"Shhh. I know."
He just looked at me. His big brown eyes made my insides melt. He smelled like cologne, but not the strong stuff. It was actually pretty light. His blonde hair was brushing my face, and smelled like forests. It was comforting.
"He hit me over the head with something made of glass." I whispered. Tommy's arms tightened around me.
"What kind of asshole abuses. Abuses anything!" He whispered angrily. 
"Why are you helping me?" I asked. He looked down at me.
"I don't like the fact that you're getting abused." 
"Oh." I said, kind of dissapointed.
"Plus, there's something about you, I don't know, it makes me....want to be near you." He whispered, softer than ever. I looked down, blushing, and I felt him let go of me, and lie down. He patted the spot beside him. Out of instinct, I obeyed. I laid down beside him, and he pulled me towards him. I moved closer, until my head was resting on his chest. I felt his chest go up and down as he breathed, and his heartbeat was steady against my face. The cologne was more distinct. He was running his finger through my hair. 
"I just met you, and I already feel like I've known you my whole life." He whispered. 
"I just can't believe Tommy Joe Ratliff is laying in my bed, and I have my head on his chest."
He giggled, and then thought.
"Lyra, is the only reason you like my because I'm...famous?" I breathed deeply. I didn't want to be all, clingy, but I wanted him to know the truth.
"No, I like you because you are an amazing bassist. You are caring, and kind and even though I met you today you are lying in my bed trying to figure out a way to get me out of this hopeless mess I got myself stuck in. You love being yourself and you don't care what others think of you. Also, I love your hair." I looked up at him, and ran my fingers through his hair. He closed his eyes and smiled.
"You were amazing tonight." I whispered, and the smile slipped off his face. His eyes were still closed though. 
"I have to go." He urged, and I pulled my head off of his chest. He sat up too, and leaned in and kissed my nose. My heart was pounding. 
"I'll....come back when I can." He said, staring into my eyes. I nodded. And with that, he was gone.