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Time for Miracles *A Tommy Joe Ratliff love story*
Story published July 27, 2011 · updated February 2, 2013 · 103 pages · 2,559 readers · 37,262 reads
Chapter 4
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Chapter 4

I woke up in the morning, my head pounding. All I really remember was the concert, Justin hitting me over the head, and....Tommy. Tommy Joe Ratliff had talked to me. Had been trying to help me. Had been lying on this bed! Why had he wasted his time trying to save me? I was just a normal girl, and he was a famous bass player. For Adam Lambert, my favourite singer. I picked up my laptop and searched Tommy. I did this almost everyday. I was in here most of the time. I went straight to his twitter page and saw his first tweet.
Tommy Joe Ratliff
Met really sweet girl last night who's stuck in a 
situation. Trying to figure out how to help.....
I smiled to myself. I tweeted at him, hoping he would know it was me.
Lyra Mikney
@Tommy Joe Ratliff I don't think you can help her.
I closed my laptop and got up. I made my way down the stairs and into the kitchen, then I made breakfast. I knocked on Justin's door and heard a female voice.
"Justin, who's that?" And he said his usual.
"The maid." I sighed as he opened the door. "What?" He asked angrily.
"Oh" He responded, smiling now. He grabbed the girl's hand, and they headed down to breakfast. So much for me eating. I made my way back to my room, and opened up the laptop. Tommy had tweeted back at me.
Tommy Joe Ratliff
@Lyra Mikney I'll try my best, and I think I can.
I couldn't help but smile to myself. I just couldn't believe I was talking to Tommy. At all. Let alone he was trying to help me. I closed my laptop as soon as I heard the door close. The girl must be leaving. I jumped out of bed and got dressed, and just threw my hair into a ponytail. I headed downstairs to see Justin sitting on the couch. I went into the kitchen and cleaned up breakfast. I had just finished when I heard Justin walk into the kitchen.
"Eat something." He suggested, gesturing to an apple. I picked up, but didn't bite it. He glared at me.
I wasn't really hungry, but I learnt from experience that if you tell Justin you aren't hungry, he assumes you mean for the rest of the day. I took a bite and swallowed, and he smiled and walked over to me.
"You look nice with your hair up." He smiled, wrapping his arms around me. He leaned down and kissed me lightly. 
"Thank you." He nodded his head and let go of me.
"I'm sorry about last night." He whispered, then walked out of the room. I wanted to jump on him, grab him and push him to the ground and hit him and see how he liked it. I went back up to my room, only to have another tweet from Tommy.
Tommy Joe Ratliff
@Lyra Mikney Is he gone at all today?
As soon as I read it, I heard the door, then the car. Apperently, he was leaving. I listened to it rumble off into the distance.
Lyra Mikney
@Tommy Joe Ratliff Right now.
I sat back on my bed and sighed. I would give anything to just...leave. To just walk out of the house and never come back. To tell the cops about this, to not have to worry about my life all the time. I washed my hair and was blow drying it when the bathroom door opened. Tommy was standing there.
"Come with me." He urged, and I put down the blow dryer.
"Where?" I asked, and he just took my hand and pulled. He started climbing out the window and I followed him. when we hit the ground he started pulling me towards his car.
"Get in!" He said, and I shook my head and backed up.
"No. He'll find me, he'll do something, he'll....he'll...." I started to cry and Tommy pulled me into his arms.
"Please Lyra, just get in." I shook my head.
"I can't." I said through tears. He kissed my head and pulled me closer.
"I called them." He whispered, and I tried to pull away. He was too strong though.
"I told you not to!" I yelled angrily. When Justin found out, he was going to kill me. "He'll kill me!"
"He'll go to jail Lyra. Please, get in the car."
"He'll send someone else to kill me then." I cried and Tommy pulled away a little, so he could look at my face.
"I won't let that happen."
"Yeah right, you're just going to drop me once the press gets bored with your hero story." I screamed, and immediatly regretted it. 
"I would never do that. I'll stay until you don't want me to." He said,eyes hurt, and I nodded. 
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean that...."
"Please, just get in the car." And I did as I was told. I got in the front seat and he got in the drivers. He leaned over and kissed my cheek, then sighed. I blushed and my heart started racing. He started the car and drove away. We were just getting onto the street when I saw Justin in the car pulling up to the house. My heart started racing way more than before.