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Friends? Or more then that? *A Zak Bagans Love Story*
Story published July 29, 2011 · updated August 3, 2011 · 5 pages · 1,247 readers · 3,145 reads
Meet and Greet
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Meet and Greet

You had passes to a meet and greet with the Ghost Adventure Crew!
Jessica: Dude I can't Believe you got tickets to that!
Me: Oh I know! So you ready?
Jessica: Just gotta put perfume on!
This what you guys are wearing.
(Pretend the sweat shirt is a t-shirt. Jessica has the white pants on.)
Jessica: Dude we look hot!
Me: Haha Let's go!
With that you guys got down to the meet and greet.
Me: I can't believe were actually here!
Jessica: I know! Oh I see them!
So we calmly walked up to them and introduced our self's
Me: I'm Destiny! Nice to meet you!
Jess: I'm Jessica! But everyone calls me Jess! Nice to meet you guys!
Zak: Well I'm Zak! And thi- *Aaron cut him off*
Aaron: I'm Aaron! Man Jessica Your hot!
Nick: Smooth bro. I'm Nick!
Me: Well Jess is loving this after that comment!
Jess: Dude shut up!
Zak: Haha you guys are funny
Me: Well thank you very much kind sir!
Aaron: So Jessica-
Jess: Just Jess.
Aaron: Well Just Jess, You wanna go talk alone?
Jess: You gonna be ok here Des?
Me: I'm sure I'll manage.
Before you even finished Aaron took Jess around the corner.
Me: Well that was fast!
Zak: Haha they will be fine.
Me: Oh I wasn't worried and besides she probably loving it. She has a huge crush on him.
Nick: Is that right?
Me: You have no idea! Some times it's just like Really?
Zak: I bet haha.
Nick: Well I'm gonna go set up for tonight.
Zak: Alright I'm gonna stay here and get to know Destiny.
Nick: Alright Bro.
Me: And then there was two.
Zak: So do you believe in ghost's?
Me: Hell Yea!
Zak: Haha has anything ever happened to you?
Me: One time when I was younger I felt someone play with my hair and then I saw something walk around the corner when I turned around. (That's Actually true).
Zak: Wow  that's crazy! So you like saw it?
Me: Well not like it's face or anything it was just like the side when it walked around the corner. I was so scared but it was an amazing adrenaline rush! I have been trying to look into joining a crew ever since but they say women can't handle it.
Zak: Really? That's stupid!
Me: I know right?!? I was pissed!
Zak: I'm sure! Well have been looking for  a new crew member........
Me: No Way! Well I mean I'm always here!
Zak: ......................................
What is he gonna say?
Tell how I'm doing please! :)